From the engagement party to the bridal shower, Rosa and Shawn officially tied the knot this summer! Daniel and I attended their intimate wedding ceremony in Niagara last month, surrounded by their close friends and family. 

With Rosa's great taste in design, and Shawn's great taste in food, there's no doubt that we would have a great time. 

Looking back, there were so many highlights, like their tearful vows, first dance, signature drink, ramen bar, and heartwarming speeches.

Similar to Alpha and Dillon's wedding, I only brought along my film camera, so that I can be present.

And thanks to my friend, Peter, for stepping in to capture the special moments I missed when my roll ran out, like when Shawn and his groomsmen broke out into a dance after the bouquet toss.

Speaking of the bouquet toss, I found out afterwards that you're supposed to get married within a year if you catch it or it's considered bad luck in their culture. I always told Daniel that I can't play frisbee because I'm not good at catching. Who would've thought this would work in my favour now!

I can't imagine a more perfect partner for each of them. Anyone that has met Rosa and Shawn can easily see their chemistry and compatibility. They always push each other to strive for more and hype up those around them. I can always count on them to give me the pep talk I need, whether it's swinging that golf club or asking for a raise. 

Congratulations, cuties! I have so much love for you two, and think you both deserve the world! Wishing you lots of love, happiness and hole in ones.

All b&w photos by the talented @peterxtreme.