Wow, I don’t even know where to begin! Rosa and I met through our boyfriends four years ago, and immediately clicked when we first met. As we grew closer over the years, I was convinced that Shawn and her were the perfect match. He knows how to cook her a mean steak and she knows how to keep his hair looking sharp. Together, they’re unstoppable!!! 

When Shawn called Daniel and I two months ago to ask us to capture the proposal, it was so hard keeping this surprise away from Rosa since we talk so often. Now that I think of it, it must’ve been way harder for Shawn since he started searching for the ring back in February.

Over the past few weeks, he shared more details as he figured out how his plan would unfold. He decided to do it at a golf course they frequented at and invited all of their close friends and family. The week leading up to the big day, the forecast predicted thunderstorms all afternoon and evening.

On top of that, I found out 12 hours before showtime that I forgot my camera charger at work. With the ongoing pandemic, I was unable to retrieve it or find a place that had it in stock. Thank god for my best friend, Monica, for coming clutch with extra batteries. This day wouldn’t have been possible without her. To add to that, the weather held back during the proposal!!

After all these hiccups, it was so comforting to hear Rosa’s side of the story and know that she did not suspect a thing.
As I walked towards my last putt of the day, I noticed figures gradually appearing over a hill and approaching us with face masks on. I’m not easily scared, but this felt like a scene out of a zombie movie. While freaking out to Shawn, I soon realized that it was my mom in her bright pink golf hat that she had on earlier in the day and Bobby’s lengthy figure. In that moment, everything clicked—the golf course marshal changing our pace frequently, the drone that was following us for a “commercial”, and the missing golf balls that Shawn and Jesse claimed they were searching for at every other hole. I looked over and there’s Shawn preparing to get down on one knee to propose. I’ve always wondered how our proposal would go down, but this was way beyond my imagination. Thank you to our friends and family for being part of this day, and meeting my fiancé’s demands to make this all happen and so special.

After the proposal, Shawn invited all of us back to Rosa’s place to surprise her with an engagement party! He really planned and executed everything to a tee, all the while raising the bar for my man!!! 😄

These two really do bring out the best in each other and those around them.

They know how to make everyone in the room feel comfortable and let loose, and can be count on for turning any party up a notch. And with that said, I feel like their engagement was only a TASTE of what their wedding will be like!

Congratulations to my favourite couple!!!! I have so much love for you two and so happy I got to be a part of your special day. I will forever be your guys’ biggest fan.