Hey guys! I'm back with another (monthly) update! I've been meaning to blog more, but I really haven't left my house during this pandemic, until today!!! I was looking up things to do in my neighbourhood and stumbled upon a disc golf course at a nearby park.

If anyone knows Daniel, they'd know that he loves—like LOVESSS—ultimate frisbee. It even got to the point where he had so many practices that he barely had time to hang with meee!! Thank god we're in quarantine now and I don't have to share my time with an inanimate object.

Even though I really suck at throwing... OH and catching, I knew he'd be excited to do this activity! I was also hoping I'd improve my skills, like guys check out that grip I have on that disc!! Whewww

Daniel would be so hard on himself with all of his throws, but got so hyped whenever my disc didn't land in a tree or bush. HAHA

After completing all 18 holes, we decided to stop by Double D's to try our first deep dish pizza! It was saucy, cheesy and thiccc.

It made me so happy when my frisbae said he had a fun day!!!!!