Hey guys!! Hope you're all safe and healthy. I've just been here keeping myself occupied by playing a lot of Catan with my friends (literally in the middle of a game right now as I type this), doing online jigsaw puzzles with Daniel, hanging with my two-year-old niece almost everyday, watching a whole lotta TikTok videos, following workout videos, browsing condos and baking a banana cake every week.

The only times I really get fresh air is when I go to the backyard with my niece to blow bubbles, swim in the inflatable pool or hang in her playhouse. Oh yeah! I did start going on bike rides with Joy almost every weekend. 

I've been meaning to blog more during the quarantine, but there's really not much happening in my life when I'm mostly indoors. Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to through my camera roll. 

My sweet friends and boyfriend surprised me with face masks, bubble tea, snacks and fresh flowers. Daniel even surprised my mom with a durian cake for Mother's Day!

And speaking of my friends, two of them recently launched their business! I highly recommend checking out Terra Terra if you're looking for minimalist decor for your home. For delicious baked goodies, Bite Size Boutique offers a wide selection and makes everything with love.

My niece and I have been creating a lot of things out of Play-Doh, magnetic tiles (here's an affordable version to the popular Magna Tiles) and watercolour paint during this time.

I love how she always ends up making my photos look better with her photobombing.

Daniel and I dabbled in tie-dying last weekend. This is the kit and t-shirts we used. It has been on our bucket list every summer, and I'm so happy with my results! I can't wait to rock it while I ride my bike. ;)