I generally avoid discussing controversial topics, but this is basic human rights we are dealing with now. I can’t bear to sit in silence on here when Black people made me who I am.

It was my Black elementary teacher that pushed me to be the best version of myself and inspired me to pursue teaching. It was my Black friends that made me believe in my limitless potential. It was my Black brother-in-law that made me realize that I should not be settling for anything. It was my (half) Black niece that made me realize that I must continue standing up for equality and justice if I want her to grow up in a society where she feels like she belongs.

I’ve spent these last few days embracing this change, seeking resources and having uncomfortable conversations with friends. I do want to emphasize that this isn’t a productivity contest. We are all processing this differently and we cannot shame others for not advocating how we want them to—especially when they’re on the same team.

Further changes need to be made for a complex and systemic issue, but we will make strides if everyone takes action online or offline to advocate for anti-Black racism.

Be kind.
Be open to listen.
Be the person your baby (or dog) thinks you are.