When I found out there was a sunflower field only 30 minutes away from me, I told Daniel we had to check it out before the summer ends!! Like am I really a blogger if I haven't done a photoshoot here yet?! 

I’m actually so glad that Dan is always down to do anything with me. 🥰 

We were a bit underwhelmed when we went to the lavender farm last year, but we were in complete awe this time around!

The sunflowers were in full bloom and towered over us. We didn’t know the extent of how vast this field was, until Daniel secretly flew his drone. 

It was our first time seeing a real sunflower, and they’re just as pretty as we had imagined. Daniel was mindblown that sunflower seeds came from... sunflowers. I had no words for this guy. 

The weather was also very temperamental. It would be sunny one minute and then the next thing you know, the wind would start picking up as the clouds started to roll in. 

This was Daniel's stance the whole time as he searched for bees to photograph. Now that I think of it, he did seem way more excited to see those than the flowers! Hahaha 

I couldn’t resist picking up butter tarts on our way out. I was saying to Dan how I wish these came in a bigger size, but at that point, are they considered... pies? We checked out Burger Factory after and I was looking forward to their tornado potato the most, especially since the annual night market is cancelled this year. That meal really did hit the spot. 

And just like that, August is over. I can’t wait to get into Fall mode now! 🍁