My nephew, Levi, recently turned one! Since his birthday falls on May 4, it only made sense that we did a space theme for his first party!

It's been so much fun watching him learn, play and discover. 

He's a mama’s boy, and his sister sees him as a toy. He's curious, yet mischievous. He loves to be fed, especially bread. Wait, one more, guys! He’s giggly, and super cuddly!!

And you already know that my sister always goes above and beyond for birthday parties, so we expected nothing less for baby. 

She rented out an entire indoor playground for three hours, invited over 30 babies and toddlers, booked a live animal show (I was so hyped about the snake and porcupine!), had a wagon full of Happy Meals, served award-winning tacos, fried chicken sandwiches and nacho fries, wrapped each cupcake and sugar cookie individually, handed out kites and glow-in-the-dark stars as favours, and even let us take leftover food home!

Oh Levi, thank you for letting me smother you in kisses and cuddles all the time. You surprise me everyday. 

You were able to hold the bottle on your own as soon as you were born. You're not scared of reptiles. You figured out how to climb up the couch and stairs, before you could even stand. You always seem to know how to use your cute baby face to your advantage.

You have no idea how special you are to the family, and we already know you’re going to make us be active this summer, now that you learned how to walk on your own this week...