This year, my husband hit the big "3-0," and I was on a mission to make it unforgettable. I stumbled across a TikTok for a Costco-themed party, and I instantly knew it was the perfect fit for someone as devoted to Kirkland as Daniel. 

For those who know him, he's the guy proudly rocking Costco's branded gear, sharing promotions in group chats, and always ready for a spontaneous Costco trip.

Staying true to the theme, I created personalized "membership cards," assembled a balloon arch, organized sample stations, purchased red aprons and red trays, designed an “Employee of the Month” sign, printed a colossal banner, and ordered pizzas and fries straight from Costco's food court.

To top it off, I lined up eight group games to keep the festivities rolling. 

From guessing prices and playfully snatching ramen cups to teaming up as a "human centipede" and testing flexibility limits, these “Gold Star members” brought cartloads of laughter.

This party wouldn't have been possible without a bulk of our friends who not only helped with the setup but also embraced the theme, helped me capture these "priceless" memories, assisted in the cleanup, and happily took home the leftovers!

Wishing the happiest birthday to my Costco connoisseur, frisbee fanatic, bubble tea enthusiast, chips lover, skilled lens artist, board game enthusiast, finance whiz, and eye mask devotee. May your day shine as brightly as the dishes you always conquer. Here's to many more “mega” moments together!