Exactly one week ago, Daniel and I decided to make our nine-year anniversary very memorable... by getting officially married! Surrounded by our parents, we found a last-minute officiant, chose our outfits, ordered a heart-shaped cake and mini bouquet, and said, 'I do.'
During the initial stages of our wedding planning, we contemplated a destination wedding, elopement, and a traditional wedding.
I knew I'd want my parents to walk me down the aisle, see my niece and nephew in their little outfits, and travel far for our honeymoon, so we opted for a traditional wedding in the city. Meanwhile, Daniel was content with any decision I made.
We'll be having a formal ceremony and reception with our family and friends next summer, but we loved how we had this special and intimate moment between the two of us on our anniversary.
I'd like to give a special shout-out to my colleague and friend, Krisha, for stepping in last minute during her lunch hour to help us capture these moments.
Most importantly, we'll still only need to remember one anniversary date from now on. :)