Joyceyn came over today and we ate chicken nuggets, went to the convenience store to get delicious slushies, twizzlers and beef jerky! :-) These are some of the pictures we took with Joycelyn's new red Canon camera, they're so clear!!! :-)

After that, we sat around in my backyard and took some pictures!

We started making thumb people! Hahaha :-)

Out of nowhere, the rain started pouring!!! We ran in my house as quickly as possible and took some webcam pictures! Hehe :-) Gosh, we haven't taken webcam pictures in so long!

Then we went on and took some pictures!

Before we end this, we made a little game for you guys! Hehehe :-) Here are the rules: try to find Cindy's lil' finger in each of these photos!!!

Grade 8 Yearbooks

I'm so !@#$%^& happy that today for my homework we have to do an essay and this essay is gonna be the last essay for this year!!!  I signed yearbooks again today and people signed mines! Ifrah's message was sooo sweet, I always thought she hated me for some reason! Hahaha :-) "CINDY ♥ friends are like a box of chocolates, u search really hard for the good ones well guess what i've been finding really hard to find a person like you ♥ iffy" I was going to cry when I read Subie's message: "Cindy... you know how I say everyday you surprise me. Well you do. I will miss your huge smile and funny laugh. And I will be sure to call you in highs chool. 2 years passed by so fast. I will miss our awkward moment, foolish argument, our long walks home, and how you scream for no reason. I guess the last surprise you can give me is you leaving. love you bestfriend xoxo ♥ SUBIE"

Spring Photos

I don't think I did that well on my science test! I never do, even if I study!!! Happier things... I actually like my spring photo that we got back today! :-) I also signed so many yearbooks today! I also took up about 3/4 a page of some people yearbooks with my big heart around my little message! Hehehe :-) I just want them to remember me when they're in high school!!! Omg, three more weeks of hardwork, then montreal and then graduation!!! It's all going by too, too fast!


Yesterday my sister and I went to this high school track and we ran the track together! :-) I ran the track once, that's like 400 meters while my sister ran it twice. We went home early because she started coughing alot!!! 

I also got my yearbook today, I was nominated as the MOST TALENTED in my class! :-) There's gonna be a talent show at my school and I wanna audition!!! I have no talent, even though I was nominated as most talented! Hahaha

Anyways, wish me good luck on my science test tomorrow!!! OMG!@#$ I JUST REMEMBERED, THE HILLS IS ON TONIGHT !!!!!@#$%^ :-)

My Car Failed

Today was a very sad day! My car didn't move during my presentation. I think it only moved 10 cm?! I got a D, better than an R right?! :-) I think it didn't move much because it was nervous, from all those eyes staring at it so hard!!! I should've placed my science car on the ramp for my 2nd attempt but instead I chose to use my pulley on the flat surface which I already tried with my 1st attempt and it didn't work! I guess I was being too optimistic!!! On the bright side, I got some Coca Cola slushie after school with Subie at the convenience store! :-)

Stinky Tables

My blood clot looks like a small seed! Today was sucha sunny day! So hot, hot hot! What sucked today was that my class was the class to set up the lunch tables! The tables are so disgusting, the janitors don't even wipe the chocolate milk that had been spilt on it from months ago! Eeek!!! I had fun walking home with Subie today, we were gonna race each other down the sidewalk with these rolley chairs that people had left in front of their yard with a paper sign over it saying FREE! :-) Instead, we decided not to because the chairs were dirty and it didn't seem to roll very well when Subie tried it out. I'm working on my science car at the moment - trying to make it run! It runs at times but then the wheels would go lopsided!

My First Bloodclot

Today, I got this nasty, small blood clot on the tip of my right ring finger from wood shop! My wood shop teacher suggested I should burn a needle to kill the bacteria then use it to pop my beetle-looking blood clot but on the internet it says that it'll heal overtime, I'll just wait until it heals then! :-)