Normal Heights

Here's a little update on my life ...through the photos I took on my iPhone! :-) This week consisted of a lot of glitter, like too much. I love using glitter and all but seriously... 

if you plan on working with glitter - be prepare for the clean up!!! While I was working on my assignment, my sister came prancing into my room to ask me what flavour of fruit by the foot I wanted. While she was proceeding to my bed to sit down.. her foot did the unbelievable.


My first instinct was to keep calm ...while my sister's first instinct was to grab the vacuum. Oh hell to the no!!! I am not vacuuming all this pretty stuff!!! I keep anything I find pretty! I even keep my clothes' tags and tissue papers from stores and boutiques... :-)

My sister apologized and sat there eating her candy while I cleaned up the mess. Come to think of it... thanks sis!!! Hahaha When I only had one more scoop left to do... MY FOOT KNOCKS IT OVER AGAIN. OH. MY --- I knew I couldn't even get mad because I had to clean it up eventually! Fml - forreal. That was basically a half an hour wasted when I could've been working on my economics board! I eventually finished though. :-)

 Our task was to research an economist and basically discuss their contributions. I was going to do John Maynard Keynes because I thought he created the Maynard candies but ....he didn't...

I chose John Stuart Mill instead because he stood for freedom and truth be told, I just wanted to use my cute scrapbook paper filled with peace symbols! Heh..heh..heh... Even though my sister do some wonky things, she's actually one of the most kindhearted people I know. Last week, I bought a hole puncher which made a cute border. My sister started playing with it ...until it jammed. The following week...


She got me a whole set of crazy scissors to make all sorts of cute borders - a scrapbooker's dream come true!!! :-) I honestly didn't expect her to replace my puncher at all! Thanks Susie!!!

Last weekend I stacked up on Michael's cute boxes because they were having a sale! I finally found a new home for my paper scraps and scissors. :-)

I also just came home from more supplies' shopping! I had to go to Walmart today to purchase some art materials and I was able to develop some photos for my collage! I also picked up some chicken nuggets for my grandma. :-) Ryan usually supplies my grandma with her nuggets every weekend so she was super happy to get it a few days earlier! Hahaha

I asked my grandma to take photos with me after dinner! I swear I didn't tell her to kiss me guys!!! Hahaha

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention how my mom offered to kick down the bottle of glitter again after I finished cleaning it up.

Hanging On

Joycelyn had a half day at her school yesterday and I had a presentation last period. I asked her if she wanted to come to my media class to see me present, since we were planning to hang out after school anyways!!! :-)


I just told my media teacher that she had a free period and she wanted to see me present - he was totally fine with it!!! Heh..heh..heh.. :-) I think the class enjoyed the presentation that Alexandria and I did on the micowave! I'm sure they enjoyed the bag of popcorn more though! Hahaha :-)


It felt unreal to see her in my school and sitting in my class! We always imagined together what it would be like if we were in the same school and gosh, it would be amazing!!!

I showed her my locker, my homeroom, art class and ...the girls' washroom! Hahaha

After school we walked back to my place and the breeze was perfect! We made dinner together... like an actual meal!!! We're finally upgrading from Kraft Dinner's macaroni and cheese...

....Yeah right... :-)

We made creamy chicken Alfredo pasta with broccoli and a sprinkle of garlic - future chefs in the making. :-) We caught up on each other's school lives,

laughed a lot,


watched Pretty Little Liars and took some Autumn pictures, of course!

It's always great seeing one of my favourite person ever. :-)

Lots of Love

I'm sorry for the delay of this blog post my little followettes! Lately, I've been adding the ending "ette" to many words in my vocabulary. I even call my pimples "pimplettes." It makes pimples sound so much cuter.. even if they're not. :-) Yesterday I tweeted that I would post it last night but this blog post didn't feel complete yet, until today! So here it goes... this week, there were many things that made me really happy


like finding the perfect backdrop for photos with Jessie,

and baking sweet cinnamon rolls!

Look at my wittle babies glowing! No wait! I mean look at them glistening!! :-)

It also made me happy to find pretty roses in my backyard,

(even in the midst of Autumn!),

getting sweet goodies at the end of peoples' presentations in class (Aw ye!),

finally finding the missing photobooth photos I took with Joycelyn this summer,


finding new red roses to replace my dusty sunflowers,

and having English with one of my favourite people - Maddy!!! (We both have matching pearl rings which is actually considered an emblem in our families!)

I swear Maddy makes class so much more fun. I'm weird. She's - which makes us so compatible!!!


I'm also happy I get to work with Alexandria for our media assignment! We're both so driven.. and picky. Hehehe :-) Look at me working hard guys...

or hardly working... :-) After we were done, we started looking through the photos we took in the beginning of high school and let me tell you.

I changed a lot... probably the most out of my group of friends! High school changed a sista!!! You can take a look for yourself... :-) This was from the beginning of grade nine to now.

I just came home from probably one of the best surprises ever! My best friend Thiya had a spare last period today so she decided to wait at the park near my house with one of my favourite things ever...


I was smiling so big. My heart was smiling so big. I was just so happy! The littlest things really makes my day!!! :-) We even decided to share some with Mr. Squirrelee! She totally made his day too!!! Hahaha

These were by far the biggest macarons I ever had and they were good.

Oh who am I kidding? These are always good!!!

She also got me Arizona! I used to be so addicted to these until... until... my mom stopped buying it because it wasn't on sale anymore. :-) Thank you sooo much, Thiya!!!

She also helped me take a photo of my outfit of the day! Hehe :-)


Cardigan - Mango, Dress - Talula, Shoes - DV, Bag - Rudsack

The last thing that made me smile was receiving a new sketchbook from my art teacher! Do you want to know why she gave it to me...

it's because I'm not going to school for a Bachelor of Education anymore. In other words, I woke up two days ago and realized what I wanted to do with my life... :-)