The things I'm currently obsessed with is my colour block blouse! I have an obsession with the colours nude, white and black in my closet, so when I found this top...

it was like the best of both worlds! :-) I was actually indecisive with this purchase last Summer, but who would have thought it would be my go-to top now!  :-) I'm also obsessed with the new seashells my sister brought back for me from Bahamas last week! I have a thing with clam shells, especially. :-)

With that being said, my sister brought me back 26 clam shells!!! The colour gradient on each shell is beautiful! I really like these but...

I love these big ones!!!

I think I will refer to the seashell above as ... Ashy. Yeah, that works!!!! It looks like it has some flakey white skin on its exterior! Hahaha This one below can be Fluffy. I think I will dedicate this pretty one to my fish who passed away last week. Is that creepy if I named it after my deceased fish... Wait! That's not creepy at all.

Let me show you what's creepy!!!!

Do you see what I see?

That. WHAT THE !@#$ IS THAT .....face.

I don't even know what's going on there! Out of all the seashells my sister brought back for me... this one below is my favourite! It's texture and colour really makes it stands out. :-)

Besides seashells, my sister also brought me back... Patrick!!! Hahaha


I'm also obssessed with the Marina and the Diamonds' album. My friends have been showing me her songs and now they're starting to grow on me!!! Everytime I hear Primadonna...

this is basically me.

I will add my favourite songs by her in my December playlist, so stay tune! :-)

I'm also obsessed with Christmas lights! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the holidays are so soon!!!

My obsession with glitter has led me to use it for my manicure this week! Glitter always adds such a nice touch! The glitter nail polish I used is basically from the arts and crafts section at Dollarama! A little dab of base coat and a sprinkle of glitter goes a long way!!! :-)

I'm currently in love with this Essie nail polish, Going Icognito. It's such an Autumny colour but at the same time, it's perfect for the changing season. :-)

 ...Pretty deep there, eh? Hahaha

Nutella cupcakes! I'm sure everyone is obsessed with Nutella and if you are, you will enjoy these! They're so chocolately, moist, mouth-watering, sweet and super quick to make! I actually felt bad for teasing my friends and giving them only one!!! Hahaha

The big one is obviously for... me! Heh.. Heh.. Heh :-) Here's the recipe! (Check out my recipes page for a list of successful things I baked!)

Did you guys know that Arizona also makes tea bags?! New obsession!!!

There are so many exciting things happening this month!!! Can you believe that I'm actually going to my school's semi next week? I've never been to my school's semi formal in all my years there... :-) After much convincing from my best friends, I've decided to break this virginity and go!

Wish me luck on being able to find an outfit tomorrow!!!


If you knew me, you would probably know the one thing I've been wanting since forever. I told people I don't want anything for Christmas and then I remembered.. I do. I really do. I use it but I don't own it. I created a money jar to try to get donations and save up for it... which just failed miserably! I go to electronic shops and I basically hold each one in my hands. (I sound really depressing here!!! Hahaha)

Today... I finally got it.

I finally own my first DSLR and I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!

 I am beyond happy right now. I've been fantasizing this day for the longest time. Most of my best friends and family own one and they've been so kind, so so so kind to always let me use theirs when we have a get together and I want to thank them for giving me experience with it and basically torturing me too!!! Hahaha

Here comes the questions, how? How did I get it? Who got it? Why this one? What about your other camera?

Yesterday was Cyber Monday and my cousin Nancy texted me telling me that camera prices are going down. I thought, "Woo hoo!!!! ....Wait.. why would that even concern me... not getting one anytime soon!" I was totally believing that I wouldn't be getting one anytime soon but for some reason, I was oddly intrigued to know what the prices were. Instead of studying for two tests that I had today... I .. sorta.. went on the Future Shop website... and then Best Buy and then.. Wal-mart.. and y'know... I went to eat... and started negotiating with my parents. :-) My mom straight up said, "Are you dreaming here Cindy?" Ouch!!! Hahaha

My dad actually jumped backwards when I told him I wanted one. He said, "No. I don't have that money on me right now." I didn't question him. I just smiled and accepted it and went to my room and just told myself I would keep saving up ...slowly.

He absorbed it in in 20 minutes and then he asked me when the store was closing but it was too late, they were closing in half an hour. The next morning, my mom came in my room and told me that my dad said, "Cindy would forget about the camera for a few months until she sees something that triggers her to remember, like someone else having it or if she sees a sale. She's been wanting this for five years. I'm going to get it for her."

Tonight, we went and bought it and my dad was insisting I don't have to owe him back. My parents said this would be my Christmas present. Are you kidding me?!

This as a Christmas present?! I told them this is my Christmas present + Birthday Present +  Chinese New Years Money + Next year Christmas too!!! They said, "Ok! That's fine!" I'm so content right now!!!!! What I've been wanting... I finally have!!! :-) I couldn't decide which DSLR to get but I got the Canon T3i because I think it suits what I need it for right now! :-) Plus, the things they're offering for the bundle pack!!! WOO HOO

I, in no way, believe that a camera makes for better photos. It's the man who makes the photo and not the camera. I do think that the camera enhances the quality of the photos and as I'm getting older, I do want to capture memories with better quality!!! Hehe :-)

Oh yeah! The camera I had before was the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS and it's so convenient so I will definitely still use that camera when I'm out and about. :-) I can't believe I still kept the stickers my co-op kids had stuck on it from from last year!!! Hahaha

I just wanna go off right now and take pictures of anything and everything that fascinates me.

All photos were taken with the Canon Rebel t3i.

Is this really mine.. like forreal forreal...


In the Memory

Here's a quick update for my week! This week I had my share of ups and downs, but I'm totally fine!  There was way more ups actually. :-) So the things that made me happy this week was ...finding my way home!

Okay... how is it possible for me to get lost when I've been walking down the same route for three years??? Well... I decided to turn down this street today and my only explanation for that is.. I don't like routines, I really don't. :-)  I didn't freak out or anything, I was actually singing along to Rihanna and admiring at things! You have no idea how many things I'm inspired or fascinated by. Hahaha :-)


The other ther things that made me happy was being surprised with sweet pastries, my friend Maddy ,

with my siblings in Bahamas,

and learning new techniques for water colour painting! Not going to lie, I only looked forward to this class this week!!! I'm so excited with the new assignment we're going to be doing! (More details on that soon.) :-)

My teacher told us not to draw any specific objects and... I don't really follow her rules. :-) My belief is that art has no rules, so I drew a snowman.

 Hah! :-)

It also made me happy to see how happy my friends were! (Cheesy Cindy! Hahaha)

 I helped my friends set up for their English presentation and they paid me with cupcakes and sugar cookies! That's totally cool with me!!! Those were basically my ups for this week! :-)

Here comes the down. I only had one down and just sucks! Basically... Fluffy is not so fluffy anymore... (If you don't know who Fluffy is, click here.)

He passed away today after school!!! I sat there for a good twenty minutes and stared at my fish bowl. This blog is supposed to be a keepsake of all the happy stuff I want to remember. Fluffy made me happy during those two months (ONLY TWO MONTHS. WAH!!!!) so I want to take the time to remember him. Here's a short clip of my siblings and I gathering together to eat almonds and sharing our favourite moments of Fluffy!

Rest in sweet peace, Fluffy. You'll have a great time with my cactus up there. I will always cherish the memories we had together. XXX