Based on some study, they say that when your friendship lasts for 7 years, you’re more likely to become friends with them for a life time. (Source) Well then! I don’t know if it’s true or not but on Saturday, I hung out with my best friend …for life!!! Hahaha

We were finally able to exchange our belated Christmas presents for each other! We really didn’t tell each other what we wanted but we seemed to have a good idea of what we liked…

The first thing I opened was this dainty bracelet and oh my gosh, I would be satisfied if she got me this only! (If you ever went shopping with me, you would probably know that I have mentioned or you have seen me hanging near the jewelry section looking for a dainty bracelet and ugh… she remembered.)

She also remembered how much I enjoy drinking tea, so she got me another tea cup to add to my collection! To top it off, she got me this sweater to add to this “theme” she was going for! She said I mentioned in my “Bucket List” that I would like to visit Paris and this was the closest thing to Paris. So sweet!

She knows me so well and I think I know her so well too… like I got her cereal. Not just any kind… my favourite kind!!!

Gosh, I just know my best friend so well. Hahaha

I didn’t actually.

She said she would be happy if I got her pajamas …so I did!

I also got her my favourite mint cookies and this girl was already satisfied and ecstatic! Hahaha She finally unveiled the one item that she has been wishing for…

I thought I hit jackpot when I finally found it! WOOOo!1!

She changed out of our original outfit into this ….and I felt like a proud mama!

After we ate our brunch, we went on our usual adventures around my neighbourhood!

The weather was not bad and I would probably say… it was co-operating for the most part!

I love how my friends claim this as “Cindy’s fence” when they spot it. I have so many photos in front of it and …I just find it so lovely.

I guess you could say we pretty much had a photo shoot!

I’m so obsessed with her leather leggings. Gimme.

Okay, the weather stopped co-operating at this part!


We warmed up at my place, drank tea, talked about girly things, admired these boys and then I got a phone call from my sister, asking if I liked the smell of laundry detergent?

“Um.. yes.”
“Okay, bye!”


She came home with this and this! Gosh, my wish list is getting checked off slowly and surely!


Thank you so much Susan, Ryan and Jen for the lovely gifts!

Gosh, my favourites never cease to amaze me! I'm so grateful. Now, I’m off to visit my best friend Megan to cheer her up before celebrating for New Years!!! Hell yah, hell ya!


I don't know what got into me tonight... maybe it was boredom or maybe I'm feeling uninspired??? (I'm sure it was boredom.) I've decided to join Tumblr again after quitting last year! :-) I'm not sure how long I'll keep this site running but in the meantime, you could (should) follow me at

(source: 1, 2)

Speaking of quitting, I've decided to close down my Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Youtube, Gifboom, Stumbleupon, Blogskins, Grooveshark and Lookbook account because of my infrequent updates (or maybe I'm starting to find other hobbies instead of joining SO MANY social networks! Heh..heh..) Just giving you guys a heads up in case you find any imposters of me! (A girl can only wish she has, right?! Hahaha)

I've also changed my Twitter username to @cindyadores. I don't think I'll share my Facebook link because I'm only accepting friends and family requests.

I have a feeling I will be quitting all these social networks sometime in the future and the only thing I'll forever keep will be this personal blog. :-)

The Perfect Ice Cream Weather

You wanna know what a shopaholic loves more than buying clothes ...buying clothes on Boxing Day!!! They also like blueberry waffles.

Well, I know I do! Hehehe :-)
I had some before my cousin, Nancy came over for our annual winter break sleepover!!!

Since Nancy and I didn't know what to get each other for Christmas, we decided to go shopping on Boxing Day and spend a certain amount on each other. Ok... we realized that what we spent on each other was actually what we would ultimately spend on ourselves???

In other words, it gave us permission to spend money on ourselves. Hah! :-) I'm so in love this pajama-inspired blouse I found. !@#$%^

Thanks for getting me this and these for Christmas, Nancy!!! :-)



After a wonderful day of shopping, we always end it with Marble Slab! Yeah... ice cream in this kind of weather. Like my sister said, "At least it won't melt!!!" :-)

Today consisted of sleeping in, watching movies, eating, napping ...and eating more! After dinner, we were like, "Yeah, I'm full. No more food. No more."

"Wanna go to Spin?"

Gosh, Spin never fails to disappoint me! (Oh! Nancy said, "Same here!!!")

Okay, we lied. We were disappointed when we saw our ice cream melting when they brought it to the table! Like gosh, we could've each gotten two extra bites of ice cream, y'know! Ya feel me!

In the end, we didn't even finish the frozen ice cream, so there was no point of complaining about the melting ice cream... :-) We did express our anger by giving them only 13% tip though. (Not 15%, shh.)

It was sweet of my parents to offer to pick us up but nah...

we would rather spend time with old creepy men on the bus. :-)

We just didn't want my parents to go out of their way. :-)

We're such angels, right??? Hahaha :-)

Werk it gurrl!

When we got back to my place, we decided to play around with some of my camera modes. :-)

It's always fun when my favourite cousin / best friend sleeps over! She's the type of person I could just think out loud in front of. She's sitting here while I typed that and I feel the need to delete what I just wrote but I think I'll give her that little bit of happiness... :-)

 "Girl, I love when you sweet talk 'bout me!!!" - Nancy

I wonder what adventures we'll be up to tomorrow! :-)