I forgot to put my charged battery in my camera so I had to resort to my iPhone to capture a few memories tonight! On a happy note, I walked through my front door and as cheesy as it sounds, I just thought to myself how great tonight was!! Maddy just dropped me home from Jess' house and it really made me miss our late night car rides during the summer!! We went over to Jess' house tonight and helped her mom decorate the Christmas tree before spending hours on her couch just talking. I love how there were no awkward silences and we even interrupted each other a few times because we had so many things we wanted to share!! It's funny because you would think that we would run out of things to talk about... considering that we talk to each other daily through Facebook! I seriously can't wait to see them once our finals are done in two weeks because I can't do this internet relationship! I want unlimited access hereeeee!!!! Hahaha


I really didn't think I would be able to blog until Tuesday night because...

the technician was supposed to come over to fix my router! I decided to take a risk and unplug the cable because I knew I had nothing else to lose since my internet had already stopped working! Who knew that it would actually be the solution?! SO HAPPY!!!

The whole family got together tonight for a pot luck dinner to celebrate my grandma's 80 something birthday! Honestly, no one still has any clue when her birthday is or how old she is... so we had just decided to stick to November to celebrate her birthday ...and pretty much picked a weekend in there!!

Ethan brought over his Rainbow Loom box and all the cousins were pretty much fascinated with it... Ok fine, I was!!! I've always been into this kind of bracelet making stuff! Check out my cousin Jenny's attempt at making Spiderman! Hahaha

We all got interrupted with our bracelet making to sing Happy Birthday to my grandma and Ethan did not look amused because of that...

Once my grandma made a wish and blew out her candles, my little cousin wanted to do the same!

Out of all the grandchildren, I really think that Ryan is my grandma's favourite because he's the one who always gets her McDonald's chicken nuggets!

Before anyone departed, we all wanted a group photo with the entire family ...but we had no idea who was able to take it for us! Everyone bursted out laughing when they saw me running in with my tripod!

Happy birthday, Grandma! Although I don't show you that I love you often, just know that you have a very special place in my heart.


As I have mentioned, every Monday, a group of my friends and I share the same break between our classes! The funny thing is... the only time we ever hang out together is at school, so you could pretty much say...

this friendship thing we got going on has been non-existent outside of school! We made plans numerous times but it's really hard trying to make it fit into the schedule of the eight of us! With that being said, instead of trying to make it work for all of us... 

we just decided to make plans from now on and whoever could make it could just join in on the fun!

Besides going out for dinner tonight, Jaey and Madelle suggested that we visited Value Village during our usual Monday break today! In all honesty... I have never purchased a single thing in there...

so Madelle and Jaey were super eager to show all of us how to thrift!

Who knew that I would actually find a sweater in there... and in the MEN SECTION?!?

Afterwards, the five of us made our way back to school for our afternoon lectures!

Since I finished my lecture after 20 minutes because of an in-class quiz, I spent the rest of my afternoon in their lecture before...

we made our way to pho for dinner!!!

We shared spring rolls, ate some authentic Vietnamese noodles and basically sat in there for an extra hour just sharing all the important things that has happened in our lives so far!

 I'm sure we could've talked for hours if the boss hadn't looked so unamused with us!!!

Since Jasmine and Kim couldn't join us earlier in the day for the Value Village visit, we decided to walk in there for the last 15 minute before closing for them to explore!

After tonight, it just made me realize that yeah.. academics are important...


Eli's 3rd Birthday

My cousin Linda texted me this morning to ask me to be the photographer for my little cousin's birthday today and like c'mon let's be real now...

I was gonna take pictures regardless!!! Hehehe

This year, Eli had a joined birthday party with his cousin, Alexis at Woodbine centre!

 I have to admit, the party actually felt like a blur today because time just flew by so quick!

These painted faces reminds me of the make up video I made with my brother last year because today he asked me if I wanted to make a part two to it! He says he knows the difference between mascara and eyeliner now... UMMMMMM...

Eli's birthday theme last year was Elmo and I had no idea what this year was until I saw...

Jenny's Iron Man nails! 

She's the same person who did these and these and I suggest following her on Instagram to see more!!! :-)

Baby Eli did not look happy at his birthday at all! I'm sure he had no idea what was going! Hahaha

Yup... Eli still had no idea what was going on! Hahaha

I think this picture pretty much explains why I like taking pictures of kids blowing out their candles...

So cute!!! HAHAHA

Yup... baby Eli was still not having a great time until...

the cake cutting begun!

During the whole party, I was basically waiting for the gift opening part!!! This year, my sister, brother and I decided to go BIG AND GOT HIM A....

All the kids were going crazy and hitting the box! Hahaha

I hope you had a wonderful 3rd birthday Eli (even though you had no idea it was all for you!)! Hahaha

Thanks for asking me to be the photographer Linda and Charlie, I always have such a great time taking photos of your cute kids!!! If you want to read more, check out Eli's 2nd birthday celebration!

The day couldn't have ended better than with cookie dough dipping dots!

Time to do a bit of scrapbooking before bed!
Until next time!