Christmas Market

This past weekend, Daniel and I checked out the Christmas Market at Distillery District! I can’t believe it’s our second time going together!!! I really do hope it continues being a tradition for us!

When we arrived, it was hard for us not to bust out our cameras right away! As we were making our way to the gigantic Christmas tree, we noticed someone holding a giant pretzel, so we quickly diverted to the food vendors! (Priorities people!!!) I’m so happy we got there in time for the last pretzel!

After devouring it, we made our way inside for even MORE food! LOL

Daniel overheard a woman asking the cook, at The Sweet Escape Patisserie, the ingredients in their tuna wrap because it was “the best tuna wrap” she has ever had. Daniel and I wanted to know what the hype was all about, so we ordered one too!

Who knew adding green apple would taste so good with tuna?!

We weren’t ready to brace the cold yet, so we continued browsing the stores inside. Just like last year, we fooled around with the cool toys and gadgets at Bergo Designs!

We were having a seriously fun time with the selfie stick that we found on a shelf! OkayYyy fine... it was more like me who was having a lot of fun! LOL

We eventually made our way to the store's exit and headed outside…

...just in time to witness a cute proposal!!!

There were so many pretty neon signs to take photos with and free samples to try! Thing is, many vendors were only willing to give away goodies if we were willing to upload a photo of ourselves kissing onto our social media page... c’mon.. FREE chocolate??? PUCKER UP DANIEL!!

Before we left, we got a free bag of Lindor milk truffles!!! And yeah… I pretty much went home with lots of chocolates ...and Daniel cooties. :'(


So back in the day, I didn't understand why people would go out to eat a bowl of ramen when they can easily make it at home with a pack of noodles from the chinese supermarket?!

After trying Kinton Ramen for the second time with Jeremy and Vivian last week, I realized that it doesn't taste the same as making it as home -- just like how it isn't the same as eating my mom's pho or homemade sushi! In other words, I know I wouldn't go that extra step of putting corn and seaweed in my homemade bowl!

With that being said, now I understand why people would go out and eat ramen... 'cause you either find that it tastes better ...or you're just lazy like me!!! :)

After catching up on each other's lives and filling up on noodles, we all groaned about how full we were ...BUT LET'S BE REALLL, there's always have room for dessert!!

The three of us checked out this asian gelato place for the first time! There were so many exotic flavours to choose from (like red bean white chocolate and whisky green tea) that I wanted to try all the flavours they had!

Oh yeah, Jeremy thought he was so clever with his pose because he's holding a bottle of gunpowder tea leaves! Hahaha

Rock Climbing

This summer, my boyfriend and I made a list of date ideas! Since we didn't finish everything on our list by the end of August, some of the activities were carried over to our autumn list! And one of those things was rock climbing!!!

I was actually expecting to wake up the next day with t-rex arms 'cause man oh man... it was a nice work out for the arms!

Most of the walls at this place required you to pass a test to use, so we just hung around the walls with the mounted harnesses and the walls without the harnesses. It was both of our first time bouldering and Daniel actually reached all the way to top!! As for me.. I was always three rocks shy from it. LOL

I'd looked down, get freaked out and thought "NOooOPE. NOT TODAY!"


So this year, I work with a grade six class for my teaching placement! I'm SO happy a classmate of mine was also assigned to the same grade because we get to plan and teach lessons together!!! We have just started introducing the students to their first science unit on flight!

I ain't gonna lie... when we were creating the first lesson for them, all of the material was new to us too!! We didn't know what the four forces were either... or the three laws of flight... or the basic parts of an airplane... LOL

Last month, I had shown all of my students how to set up their very own blog to support and share their learning!! (And here's a link to my other blog that I've designed for my students!) With that being said, you can actually check out one of my student's blog to read more in detail about what I taught them last week!! ;)

As for this week, we wanted to extend on what they had learned so far and wanted to make our lesson more hands-on! We asked the students to make a particular airplane, predict how it would fly when a certain flap was folded, go outside to test their model and record their observations! My friend and I were so shocked at how much these kids enjoyed our lesson on Friday and how they even applauded and acknowledged us for all the effort we have put in!

Teaching can be sooo rewarding!

Throwback: CNE

Now that I've finished all of my finals for this semester, I can dedicate more time to blogging!!! As I was sorting through my photos on Lightroom tonight, I've noticed that I didn't share any of my CNE photos yet!

This year, I went to the exhibition twice! I obviously went with Camille, Thiya and Joy because that's our annual tradition. I also went with Daniel because it was on our summer to-do list! :-) I just realized I didn't take that many photos, on the both days I went, because I was either holding food ...or stuffed animals. Oops! LOL

Since the carnival games were a little pricy to play and difficult to win, my best friends and I spent most of the day eating food from the trucks or yelling on the rides! Ok, it was more like me who did all the yelling... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the other hand, when I went to the exhibition the following week, Daniel and I spent most of the time trying to win the unicorn for me!! I was so ecstatic when he won me a little minion, that I told him he didn't have to get me the bigger prize anymore! He still wanted to push the envelope, so he placed more money down!

He told me he only wanted to prove to me that he could get it... oh boyyy. Y'know what game we betted on the most?! That water gun game!

And who knew Daniel would be so good at it... NOT US!!! Hahaha