I just came home from my cousin Linda's annual Christmas party with a baby...

a food baby, ya silly! :-)

Linda threw her first Christmas party last year and ever since, we have decided that it should be an annual tradition! She told us it would be a pot luck dinner so I decided to make the Oreo truffles I made last week! :-)

Since my parents left for Vietnam this holiday, we didn't really Christmas-fy our home so seeing Linda's home all decorated made it finally feel like Christmas was near! :-)

She's actually the biggest Barbie fan I know. You don't understand and ...I don't think I could help you understand... but all you gotta know is that, she has a great amount of collectibles!!! I wish I collected something cooler than...


When we arrived, we all mingled

and ate

...and mingled

and ate a bit more. :-)

Oh gosh, I was so nervous for people to try these! My sister told me I should've made double the amount but I was so scared of disappointments!!!

Whoever tried it - either took more to stash away or told someone else to try it! :-) Whoever did share my truffles eventually stopped... and stashed the rest away for themselves! Hahaha

I was dying of happiness! Thank you so much guys!!!

We mingled again and then it was time for...

cookie decorating!!! :-)

I was probably more excited than the kids!!! Hah!

Alexis didn't want like the perfectly cut cookies, y'know... like the snowflake or Christmas tree. She totally insisted for the gingerbread cookie

...with no head! Hahaha

After watching these boys

enjoyin' their cookies...

it was MY turn! :-)

At first I thought I was putting too much icing...

NOPE! Hahaha

Cookie decorating totally stopped once this Chocolate Tuxedo cake was pulled out!!! Have I mentioned how exquisite this cake is?! It was definitely a partay in my mouth!

We played some Quelf aftewards! I chose Queen Spatula for my character because


who don't like a big booty?

We all finally gathered around to watch the boys open their Christmas gifts!

Ethan had so many and he was totally pooped!

Look at him trying to drink water out of his gift! Hahaha

Oh! Eli saw. Hahaha

Thanks for having me over Linda and Charlie!!!

Please continue this tradition because I love these family gatherings since

it really brings the family together

and there's just so much love around!!! :-)

Maybe too much love.

P.S. I only collect the pretty kind of clothespins!!!