I was actually so close to going to school on the last day before winter break because I had nothing else planned for today (I clearly have a life!!!) ...until I found out that my sister's boyfriend had no work! :-) We spent the day together driving around and running some errands! I've known him for 6 years and I have never visited his home and I finally understand why!!!!

 He's ashamed of where he lives because he lives on a farm!

Just kidding! :-) He actually lives in wonderful, cozy home!

Aww, Little Ryan!!! So precious!

We had to pick up some stuff from his home

before we went over to his brother's place to see baby Keyaan! :-)

I'm so happy I'm finally cured from the ugly disease that I had the last time I saw her! I was able to finally hold her and I don't think I ever held a four month old baby in my arms before. She's so small, cute and fragile! Ugh, I wanted to squeeze her until she couldn't breathe. I don't know if it's just me, but when I see something cute, I have this urge of squeezing their ....neck. (Oh god, I don't know what would happen if I had my own kids!) Hahaha

I wanted to throw her in the air and catch her... or so I hope I would! (Things never happen the way I picture they would in my head!!!) Afterwards, we ran about seven more errands... (like choosing the perfect bag of white chocolate chips and browsing at candle holders) before we picked up my sister from work! It was a very productive day, indeed! :-)

I'm off to bake some sweet goodies now! :-) One more thing, let's all do the happy dance because it's finally winter break!!! The happiest time of the year! I hope everyone has a safe and awesome holiday! There would be many frequent updates this break, so stay tune!!! :-)

Random fact: I actually cannot pronounce the word "cure." People claimed I couldn't because I had braces at the time but guys... I don't have braces anymore and I still can't pronounce it!!!