The second I stepped out of the change room in a pinstripe shirt at Aritzia, my mom told me to take it off because it did my body no justice! Sucks man. I pretty much gave up on the idea of finding one until I came across one at Urban Outfitters this past weekend and... it's just perfect. Gosh, I just want to wear this over and over again until someone tells me I'm an outfit repeater and then I would simply thank them for being an outfit rememberer. :-)

There were so many other things that made me smile this weekend too! Look, that's me smiling up there! (Hahahaha that was really cheesy of me! Sorry y'all.) Ryan surprised me with the ChloƩ perfume I wanted...

or a sample of it! I was so ecstatic either way!!! I just want to hug everyone when I put this on so I could claim my signature scent. Free hugs for everyone this week!

More things that made me smile was finally finding my knitted leggings in my closet,

finding a sweet note my nephew left for me,

purchasing the first thing off my Christmas wishlist,

and also stumbling across an owl cup while I was in Indigo!

It just makes me wanna drink lots and lots of tea!