I met up with Joycelyn after work last night for a toodles dinner since she's going to be visiting her parents in North Carolina this winter break! Speaking of having work last night... my boss found out that I took off work last week for my school's "semi"...

he doesn't mind though! :-) He even insisted on seeing pictures... helppppp meeeeee!

That's Joycelyn showing me the "flakey crusty" scar someone left on her from semi. I like to think that she got it from partying too hard that night!!!! Yup, yup! :-) We ate and caught up on each other's lives! Y'know, the usual. :-) She reminded me that I should hang with people who makes me happy, especially since it's my senior year and I really needed to hear that!

We ate dinner @ the Green Eggplant and I thought I would like the salmon most of all but damn, why they gotta fool us by having it on that sizzling plate!!! My favourite was their sweet potato fries and I'm not gonna lie,

when Joycelyn refused my offer of having some...
I was happy.