I'm a big fat perfectionist - even when it comes to shopping!!! I mean, if I was going to pay for something, I would examine it like crazy to make sure there are no open ended threads or stains 'cause I gotta get my money's worth! Ya feel me guys!?!!

With that being said, I was totally scrutinizing these white converses! I asked for another pair when I found two little marks on them but the lady told me that I was so lucky to get the last one in stock but she said she was willing to give me 10% off for it!!! SWEET! Be picky like me, ok!!!  You will get little discounts and they will eventually add up! :-)

My mom and I went shopping on Monday for some ♥ bonding time and my sister couldn't come 'cause she had to finish packing for her Dominican trip the next day! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

 THIS GIRL IS GOING ON VACATION LIKE EVERY FOUR MONTHS... which basically means more seashells to add to my collection and I get her closet for the week!!! Boo ya! My mom and I just wanted to hang out with each other and we had no intention of buying anything... well actually, I intended to buy the white converses! Hehehe

Besides that, we were perfectly fine with going into stores, touching some items a bit, eying things.... and basically... window shop! :-)

Everything changed once I walked into Coach...

I was just hovering over their glass case until a sales associate came over and asked me if I wanted to try it on.. and Y'KNOW.. I like to touch things that I don't intend on purchasing just to... feel it...

and torture myself. :-)

Once I wore it, I wanted it... especially since I don't own a basic watch! I'm so in love with the woven details, the size and the weight of the watch!!!

I didn't purchase it right away though because I still wanted to explore all my options! We left the store and walked around the mall to look at other watches and.. said goodbye to window shopping to actually look for a watch for me! Hahaha!

These were actually the watches I was eying throughout last year! The Gucci one is absolutely gorgeous... but the price is not at all!!! I tried on other watches and they all didn't feel right which made me realized that I already found a good one!!

The sales associate let me try it on again and she told me that Modova was the company that created their watches and I was surprised. Not only is Modova known for their amazing quality watches... the starting prices for their watches are pretty high! Once the lady told me it was the only one left... I KNEW IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

When I wear it now,
I just feel the need to wave at people!!!!!!

Now I'm off to bake some cookies to feed these boys tonight,

ahoymichelle said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't touched a pair of white sneakers in forever. I would also scrutinize every little bit of blemish if I saw one! I love the watch that you picked out. One of my favorite watches (which happens to need new batteries) is a dainty gold one too!


nice compromise said...

love this watch.. <3

I'm jealous of your sisters trip;p!

Christina Solovjova said...

Like your sneakers.

Christina Klein

Anonymous said...

I love your photos :)
xx http://leblogdelizzy.blogspot.com