I had to cancel plans with Cammy yesterday because I was so screwed.


Okay, so this was what happened. On Friday, I hung out with Kalene even though I was sick... and I got Kalene sick!!! She didn't come to school on Monday and when I called her, she sounded awful. She told me how she had a presentation this week and she was hoping she would be able to present on Friday. Since I felt really bad for getting her that sick, I was willing to switch my presentation date with her, which was on May 23rd. :-)


The next day, I told my teacher that Kalene and I would be switching dates and my teacher asked me, "So you're presenting tomorrow right?"

"TOMORROW? Are you kidding me.."
"Kalene's presentation date is tomorrow."


I read over the text message again and I realized Kalene said she hoped she was able to present on Friday. Oh gosh. I could not even - I mean, I didn't get mad at my friend, like how could I??? I couldn't cry either because that'll waste even more time!! There was no way she would give me an extension if it was a part of our 30% final grade. 


My teacher told me the only way to change my date is to switch with someone else... but who was really prepared for a presentation that was the next day??? I called Cammy and she laughed at my reaction but kept reassuring me that I'll be fine! Hahahaha

My classmates were freaking out for me too and well... I didn't know where to start!

All I knew was that I wanted to take a nap first!! :-)


This presentation is basically us presenting our results for the research topic we had chosen in my Family Studies' class! We have been working on this assignment for months now and this presentation is the second last step before completing it. I had chosen to research mine on the correlation between our numerical birth order and the personality we are expected to have!

Since I have a really short attention span (even this lady who was trying to decipher and interpret my penmanship told me that she could read from my writing that I do too),

I tried to make my presentation as engaging as possible... by y'know... throwing in an episode of That's So Raven before the start of the presentation! :-)

We had to have some sort of activity at the end to test everyone's knowledge....

and the prize was my homemade peaches n' cream oatmeal cookies! :-)

I don't think I was as freaked out about completing this since I consider making PowerPoints as every scrapbooking opportunity!!! Hehe :-)

After spending nine hours on it, I finally finished it and I couldn't be happier!!!!! I think the only reason I had the drive to stay up was because of that nap I took for two hours and the fact that I had good music to keep me company!

May 7, 2013 by New User on Grooveshark

Although I had to present today, I'm happy that I got it over with... which also means I have May 23rd free... and do you remember what MAY 23RD is??? :-)



Since I worked hard yesterday, I played even harder...

well... more like shopped, ate and caught up with my best friend! :-)

She was one of the first people I started this blogging adventure with and she went on a hiatus for a few years BUT NOW SHE'S BACK! You gotta click here to check it out!!!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely blog! I love your photos :) xx


ahoymichelle said...

Oh my gosh, you are like a god at PowerPoint. All of that was on PowerPoint? I swear they don't have those sort of templates anywhere nor do they have such amazing borders either.

If you don't get an A on that presentation, I may have to pull out my own hair haha.


Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much, Lucy! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!!! :-) x