When I was fourteen years old, I basically started this little blog for fun!

I mean, I was in grade eight and my parents had just bought me my first 7.0 megapixel digital camera and this was basically an outlet for me to share my photos! The only visitors I really had were my middle school friends who wanted to see the photos I took of them! I averaged at 10 visits a day! :-)

My initial url was cindyrellaaa.blogspot.com. After two days of blogging, I had convinced my best friend, Joycelyn to join me in the blogging world and we decided to create a blog together, tootie-rootie.blogspot.com. We thought it was a great chance for us to catch up on each other lives that way if we both blogged on the same website! After a week of running that blog together, I realized I blogged way too often and it was probably better if we both owned our separate blogs, so I went back to my original url!

After a year of running it... about four of my other friends joined in on the fun too!!! I taught all of them how to do html coding and we all spent the summer blogging about our lives and sharing each other's links on our sites! As school came around, most of them left... and eventually all of them left. I continued blogging for three more months until I stopped blogging as well. Within those six months I stopped blogging... my life was not the same at all!

I lost interest in taking photos... I had no creative outlet... I did not hang with my friends as much... which was probably why I had so much time to start this crazy exercise regime. 

I mean, I was happy I lost 20 lbs but at the same time, something was still missing in my life. I missed doing other things... like hanging with my friends... baking... and most of all, taking photos.

I realized that blogging gave me sanity. I think the main reason which motivated me to start blogging in the first place was to use it as a way to record all the happy moments in my life. It encouraged me to spend more time with the people I love and do the things I love!

 After realizing that, I returned back on my blog and changed my url to cindynguyenxo.blogspot.com. 

I haven't really shared my website with anyone besides my close group of friends... until last Summer where I publicly shared my link for the first time on Facebook to my 900 friends! I was literally SO nervous. From then on, my blog just... it basically felt ...unreal!!!

 I never thought people would read it... and to this day.. I still don't believe people do or would... and maybe that's why it always makes my day when I get a compliment on it! It really means a lot.

Besides that, I never thought my parents would find out about it (and also tell their co-workers to check it out!)... or my relatives from my home country would read it!!! Hahaha

I simply want to say thank you... thank you to all the people who read my blog, who find joy in my blog, who had shared my blog with their friends and family and most of all, those who continue reading it!!!

If you read my blog and enjoy it, please let me know! I would seriously love to meet and hug you for taking your time to read about my lil' adventures!!!

I couldn't have celebrated my blog's 4th birthday any better today than spending time with my best friends who have made up most of my blog's content!!!!! :-)

Happy 4th Birthday, Bloggie!
There are many, many more years to come,
I promise. x
ahoymichelle said...

Happy fourth blogoversary! Blogging is definitely a way to ease out feelings that we can't describe elsewhere. Don't stop blogging!


Christina Solovjova said...

I like you read very much!
And for me as for you blog means very much ;)

Christina Klein

Delia. said...

beautiful pictures :X
Happy 4th birthday for your lovely blog

Cindy Adores said...

I'm definitely not planning to stop anytime soon!!! :-) Thanks so much for always taking your time to leave sweet comments, Michelle! x

Cindy Adores said...

Aw Christina!! I like you too! Thank you! Hahahaha x

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much, Delia! :-) x