I remember one day in class, my teacher showed us a list of the top 10 most well paid jobs in Canada -

and with all the hard work my sister put in and the experiences she had obtained over the years, she has rightfully earned one of the top positions!!!!! SO PROUD OF MY LIL' GRASSHOPPER.

With her new position and early work shifts... it was time to get her her FIRST CAR!!!

I actually think I'm more excited than her..... no... I AM MORE EXCITED THAN HER! We looked at cars from the mini cooper to ya... I don't really know cars so I can't really give a list here... but out of all the cars, she was feelin' the Fiat the most!

This car is supa popular in Europe right now and I can see why, it's so compact and cute!!! I can't tell you guys the colour of the car my sister had chosen in the end since I'm not comfortable with people around my area knowing what colour she's driving! Hahaha

I actually think that the sales rep who helped us had some sort of algorithm when it comes to selling cars... like first they try to be all friendly by remembering your name so they can throw it in the conversation here and there to make you feel special and like a "friend."

Afterwards, they would show you all the awesome things about the car and the special add-ons you could include... while trying hard not to bring up the price that comes a long with it!

The next part was the negotiation of prices and my parents were already aware of how this would end... :-) They tried negotiating for a lower price and the sales rep refused and started mentioning how he helped us for an hour and if we don't buy... he ain't gonna get paid...

 and my dad quickly shot back, "I didn't ask you to be the one to assist us though..." Oooou.. Hahahah

My parents refused to pay the price until a reasonable one was offered and as they were about to get up to leave, the sales rep QUICKLY offers a lower price...  like my parents predicted that he would!!! Hahahaha

We decided to think about it for a week or so to see if we could find better deals...

 and my parents did!!! Boo ya.

My parents were just going to get my sister the basic model with no special add-ons but the first sales rep that helped us had convinced us it would be better to upgrade to the sports model if we wanted a bit more functions!

 My sister thought we were going to settle on that level up... but in the end, my parents found an awesome deal for the same price the other dude was offering us and not only that... the same price for the LOUNGE!!! I don't know what happened from just going for the basic.... Hahahaha

 There are SO MANY cool add-ons that were included - like a sun roof and A SEAT WARMER? We didn't exactly needed those but with the price they were willing to sell us with it - WOO HOO!!!

We picked up the car at the dealer today while my sister was at work and... check out how eager my dad was!!! Hahaha!

I think the only reason I'm excited is because... I have hopes that I will be able to inherit this car one day... Hehehehe!!!!! My sister acts like she's not enthusiastic but gurrrl actually gave her car a name...

 meet PHOEBE! (Pronounced: Fee-bee.)

My parents did some last minute finalizing before we drove the baby home!


So in love with this car,

Yesterday I had some fun bonding time with my older cousin! The afternoon consisted of dim sum, checking out Target for the first time and being treated to Starbucks from her! Thanks a lot Jen!!! Next Sunday again??? Hehehe :-)

 The night ended great with me treating my mom and family to dinner for Mother's Day! Since I didn't have time yesterday to blog, I just wanted to take the moment to wish my mom a happy mother's day one last time!

I love you to infinity and beyond mommy!!!
Mwuah! x
Christina Solovjova said...

Nice car! ;)))

Christina Klein

Unknown said...

Such a cute car! lovely photos doll, thanks for sharing


ahoymichelle said...

OH MY GOSH THAT INTERIOR. I would literally die of happiness if I got a car with that sort of interior. I have a hatchback and I love it, haha.