I love this time of the year because most of the stores I shop at are having sales! Woo!!! With that said, my sister and I had some lovely bondin' time at the mall where I was able to find a pretty maxi skirt at Brandy Melville! I think the only reason I love it a lot is because it covers up my ugly mosquito bites on my legs!!!

In the evening, David picked me up to go to the movies to celebrate Maddy's belated 18th birthday! We watched a cute movie starring Dave Franco (So dreamy!!!) and went to Spin afterwards where I treated everyone to dessert! The night basically ended with us being reckless and laughing so hard on the concrete floor... :-)

I hope you had a wonderful time Mads!!! We love you! I also want to give a special thanks to my friend Hen-wee for letting me pay only $6 for a popcorn combo last night! You da best. x
ahoymichelle said...

Aww! Yeah, there are tons of sales going on around this time. I hope you rested up for your road trip!