I have been spending so much time with my friends lately that when my daddy asked me...

if I wanted to go to Niagara Falls on Sunday morning, I definitely wanted to! It was my chance to spend quality time with my parents since I practically see them an hour each day!

Little did I know that we would be leaving the house at 5 in the morning!!!!! We basically went there early to eat Burger King for breakfast, 'cause you know.. it's not like there's one near us??!? My parents laughed when I ranted in the car and they told me my dad just wanted to avoid traffic!

We took a nap in the car while we were waiting for my cousins to join us later that morning for a shopping spree!

My parents and aunt and uncle were so busy with shopping while my cousins and I were so busy with...

trying to devour all the sweets we saw!

I was so excited to try candy apples for the first time!!! I have been waiting to get my braces off for these babies!

Not only that, I ordered salad for the first time at a fast food restaurant... 

just to save room for Jelly Belly ice cream - so creamy and luxurious!

After our bellies were stuffed, we finally went sight seeing near the Falls!

My parents had to leave early because they had errands to run so I stayed with my cousins 

and that was when the real fun started!!!!!

We visited Ripley's Believe It or Not museum,

and saw amazing things,

trippy things,


famous things,


and left behind cool things!

The day couldn't have ended better with cold Timmies and a sweet nap home! x