I really didn't think I would be able to blog until Tuesday night because...

the technician was supposed to come over to fix my router! I decided to take a risk and unplug the cable because I knew I had nothing else to lose since my internet had already stopped working! Who knew that it would actually be the solution?! SO HAPPY!!!

The whole family got together tonight for a pot luck dinner to celebrate my grandma's 80 something birthday! Honestly, no one still has any clue when her birthday is or how old she is... so we had just decided to stick to November to celebrate her birthday ...and pretty much picked a weekend in there!!

Ethan brought over his Rainbow Loom box and all the cousins were pretty much fascinated with it... Ok fine, I was!!! I've always been into this kind of bracelet making stuff! Check out my cousin Jenny's attempt at making Spiderman! Hahaha

We all got interrupted with our bracelet making to sing Happy Birthday to my grandma and Ethan did not look amused because of that...

Once my grandma made a wish and blew out her candles, my little cousin wanted to do the same!

Out of all the grandchildren, I really think that Ryan is my grandma's favourite because he's the one who always gets her McDonald's chicken nuggets!

Before anyone departed, we all wanted a group photo with the entire family ...but we had no idea who was able to take it for us! Everyone bursted out laughing when they saw me running in with my tripod!

Happy birthday, Grandma! Although I don't show you that I love you often, just know that you have a very special place in my heart.
Lilyconstancee said...

lol 80 something birthday sounds funny (in a good way)
Your grandma is so cute and such a warm-hearted grandma, Happy Birthday to her!
And can I just say wow, you guys have a huge family! I never seen so much people gather around in a photo like that.
It gives this little nice touch to it... Unity! :)

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Susan! I know right and this isn't even the whole family in the photo!!! Haha xx