Two days ago, I was looking back on my blog posts which had the most views and I noticed that one of them was the one where I wrote about my blog's 4th birthday! I looked at the date of that blog post and realized that my blog's birthday was actually coming up again in two days and it was also the same day I invited Camile, Joy and Thiya over for dinner!!! What a coinkadink! With that said, we celebrated my blog's 5th birthday tonight with my classic banana cake!! LOL

Before I end this, I just want to acknowledge and thank all those who have been following along on my adventures!!! I still find it funny how I started this blog without the intention of committing to it! Seriously. I just looked at it as a tool to share photos that I took of my friends during recess in grade 8! I really didn't expect anyone else besides my middle school friends to read it.

Now that I'm looking back, I realized that my blog has given me opportunities, encouraged me to enjoy my youth and it actually captured all the happy memories I made since I was 14 years old! Blogging has became ...a really big part of me and I love it -- which I realized is pretty obvious since I've been sticking with it for 5 years now! LOL xx
Anonymous said...

aw your blog is how I keep up with you cindy, glad you still have it