So last month, one of my favourite yoga instructors asked me if I could be the photographer for the yoga event she was hosting for all the Power Yoga Canada teachers! I had so much fun photographing Yoga in the Vines for her last year that I was really excited to be a part of something great again!!

I don't think any of these teachers had any clue what they were in for when they registered in the morning!! The event started off with welcome speeches, followed by a three hour yoga session.

It was pretty sweaty and intense. Although I was just photographing the whole time, I found myself sweating as much as them! I was even drinking a lot of water too. LOL

It was also these two yoga teachers' birthdays and at PYC, it's a tradition to sing the happy birthday song while doing the wheel pose as a class! :-)

So after lunch, all the teachers were split up into three different workshops on three different floors. The intention of these workshops were to essentially help them build upon their skills.

The great thing about being the photographer was that I got to go in and out of each workshop to see what everyone was up to!

I will admit, I spent quite a bit of time at the acro yoga session! I was just so intrigued with all these poses they were doing.

I can barely hold the locust pose on the ground but here you have people holding this pose while balancing on someone else's feet!!! Cray, crayyyy!!

These workshops also provided me with great insight. I didn't know how much thought was actually put into the music playlists they played during the jam classes!

I used to think they were just top 40 hits but now I realized they do take the number of beats into consideration. They also strategically play certain songs to help us with our breathing when we do tough poses. Who knew??!

While I was photographing them, I realized that everyone just looks so genuinely happy - which makes it that much more fun (and easy) to take pictures!!

These workshops took place all afternoon until dinner time. Afterwards, there was another three hour yoga session planned for them!!

I had no idea how many photos I snapped until I got home on Saturday night. It was so hard choosing just a few to share!!

The last yoga session was super sweaty!!! There were water guns being squired, people blowing bubbles and just a lot of sweating! It was a really great time though! Hahaha

This event seriously couldn't have been possible without Natalie! I'm so glad she got all this recognition because she's such an inspiring and charismatic individual. Thanks again for such a fun opportunity Nat!!! :-)

And of course they had to end the event with a twerk fest! LOL

For more photos, check out their Facebook page