I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on the look out for this Oreo mini cookie house for over a year now. It was sold out everywhere when I first came across it, so I made a Kit Kat house instead.

But then... I was casually searching for a sled for Mya last weekend and somehow stumbled upon it on the Canadian Tire's website! You bet I added it to my cart quickly and not one, but three! 

Safe to say, this kit did not disappoint. Even though our house didn't turn out looking like the one on the box, it was still made with lots of love! I just found out that Michaels also sells a bigger version

Daniel doesn't really like Oreos, so I think this was the perfect size for us. Wait, for me. I did find that the icing tasted weird, so I passed on that. I also found it fascinating at how well it kept our broken roof pieces together, so I am a little suspicious of what it's made out of.

We were so happy with the end result, which made me wonder how we'd feel when we finally own a home together! Here are a few more fun gingerbread houses that I came across: