Daniel and I wanted to take Mya tobogganing today but noticed the grass was already peeping through. We decided to stay in and open one of the Crayola kits we got her for Christmas!

I knew Mya would be excited to create these jelly stickers because she’s always drawing happy faces or leaving handprints on my windows. Even though the kit says age 8+, I think Crayola underestimates how smart a three-year-old is! 

However... after making three of them, she took my camera and started snapping photos of me and made me put in work. LOL

It was so cute to see her face light up when we took them out the moulds and stuck them on the window. We watched a movie afterwards and every now and then, she’d pause and look at the window clings to say, “Wooooow.” 

Our day ended with my sweet friends, Rosa and Shawn, dropping off two pints of ice cream. Thanks so much for the surprise guys!!!