Mya's 1st Birthday

It's just crazy to think that Mya turned one year old last week!!! How is this even happening?!?! Before she was born, I've always wondered what it was like to have a niece. Now that she's born, I wonder if I'll have any love left for my own kids!

I used to think life was great, but Mya made me realize that life can definitely be BETTER! She gives me something to look forward to every week, made me appreciate the small things, taught me that there's more to life than just work, and encouraged me to embrace my inner weirdness. I still don't know why she finds my dancing so entertaining to watch???

We planned a party for her and her little friends at an indoor playground yesterday. I was low key just as excited as the kids, and wanted to go in the jumpy castle and do the zip lining too!

It was no surprise that Mya loved going on the swing and seeing bubbles, because we did those activities a lot this summer!

Like father, like daughter...

Oh Mymy, you have no idea how much joy you bring everyone. I love how you're always willing to share, like giving the toy you're playing with away or stuffing a piece of cracker in my mouth. I love watching you discover new things, like rocking horses, jack-o-lanterns, and staircases. I love how you start wiggling or clapping whenever a song comes on. I love how excited you get over inanimate objects, like curtains, blow dryers or tissue boxes. I love how you try to be independent by feeding yourself, but always end up getting it in your nose and shirt. I love how you perk up excitedly whenever I come over. Lastly, I LOVE BEING YOUR AUNT.

Thank you for being so kind and loving to me. Happy 1st birthday, Mya! We love you so much!!!

Happy Place

Whoa, I still can't believe that Daniel and I celebrated our FOUR year anniversary last week! We definitely had our ups and downs throughout, but (just like that cheesy saying goes) it only made us stronger!!!

He has been with me since I've turned 20 years old! I mean, I'm only 23 now. But I gotta say, those years in between was a very indecisive and overwhelming stage for me. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life around that time.

I was finishing up two degrees I wasn't really passionate about, but he was always there cheering me on. He really has been my rock and is supportive in everything I do. He also listens to me, pushes me to be the best version of myself, encourages me to take risks and the list just goes on.

Speaking of risks, I think this is the year that I will finally take him up on his offer in teaching me how to snowboard. Stay tuned for that...

Although I don't like how he plays ultimate frisbee more than he sees me (*sigh*), I do appreciate the fact that I still get to be my own person and have time for my own hobbies and friends! I think that's all I'll share about our relationship for now. I don't want to tell you guys too much, in case we ever get married and I need some words for my vows! Hahaha

To celebrate our special day, we were going to have dinner at this bougee sushi place, but then I found out about this art installation, Happy Place, that was having its opening day on the same day as our anniversary! I visited their site, saw a few Instagram photos, and knew I wanted to check it out with Daniel. 

Since this art installation was taking place downtown and the restaurant was uptown, we decided to change our dinner plans and eat at our favourite Indian restaurant.

Happy Place was magical! It was definitely designed for Instagram photos and so much better than the Egg House installation we went to in New York. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are tryna up your Instagram game, looking for a fun date idea or in need of a little pick-me-up!

4 Years

This year, we kept up with our annual traditions and visited the Distillery District, Blue Mountain, night markets, and CNE, watched my baby niece learn how to crawl, tried out new restaurants, spent a long weekend in New York, went on several double dates, celebrated my new full-time job, new drivers license and new degrees, missioned to a pizza restaurant (worth it!!), chased waterfalls in Hamilton, celebrated our friends' engagement, rollerbladed for the first time together, attended one of our friends' weddings, got tickets to Infinity Mirrors, went on a cottage trip with our friends, munched on lots of appleswent to your first baseball game, dressed up as an Oreo for Halloween and didn't finish any Netflix series that we've started together.

Thank you for all of these amazing memories babe!!! Four years down... and maybe forever to go? 💘

Mya's Moments

I almost forgot to give you guys a monthly dose of my cute little niece! This is what she was up to after she turned 9 months!


  • got a new rocking horse and loves it!
  • likes playing with feathers 
  • visited CNE for the first time
  • was a flower girl
  • can now wear her hair in pigtails
  • likes taking things out of drawers, bags and boxes
  • sleeps through the night 
  • loves tugging on people's necklaces  
  • enjoys drinking water 
  • likes pulling on my baby hairs...
You can read more fun facts over here!

Still the Apple of My Eye

Daniel and I went apple picking for the first time last year! We had so much fun that we decided to make it our annual tradition. 😀

We visited the same farm this year, because we found that the prices were reasonable, apples stayed crisp for a while, place wasn't overly crowded and drive wasn't bad!

We went a little earlier this season because we wanted to take advantage of the warm weather! Plus, we thought that they would have a wider selection for us to choose from!

And they did! We got to try Macintosh, Cortland and Ginger Gold apples this year.

When we came last time, Honeycrisp and Royal Gala apples were the only ones left for us to pick. To be honest, I didn't even know the names of all of these apples until I started visiting this farm. 😄

After trying all of these apples, I still don't know which type is my favourite. What I do know is that butter tarts will always have a special place in my heart.

Oh! Daniel too. 😋

Too Cute to Eat

When Monica told me that she has never tried Indian roti before, I knew I had to take her to one of my favourite spots! Since this restaurant was also near one of my favourite macaron shops, I knew I had to take her there too! 😀

We thought it was a bit too early to eat dinner, so we went to get macarons first. It was so hard having to eat these little treats. I'm not talking about the texture here, but the cuteness! Oh who am I kidding.. we actually devoured each one in two bites!! 😄 We really liked the flavour of the Winnie the Pooh one!

For some reason, I just assumed that if they're this cute, they wouldn't taste as good. (It's like cake fondant. I don't know anyone who actually likes the flavour of that?!) I'm still surprised by how tasty these macarons are. They're just the right amount of chewiness!

After we devoured these babies, we went to pick up our Indian food. We took advantage of the nice weather and had a picnic in front of Casa Loma! So peaceful and scenic.

And we obviously couldn't end our day without grabbing bubble tea too. 😏

I Got a New Camera!

After 19 years of school, it feels a bit weird knowing that Labour Day doesn't mean anything anymore. I remember I used to get butterflies or felt bummed about going back to school the next day. It really felt like my life was on pause whenever classes were in session. 😢

Now that summer is over, I realized that my routine isn't going to change! No more reading textbooks, doing assignments or studying for exams... and I am super ok with that!!! 😀

It honestly wouldn't feel like summer is ending, if I didn't pay a visit to CNE with Daniel! This year, we went with Alpha and Dillon! Funny thing is, Alpha texted me asking if we wanted to join them, while I messaged her on Facebook asking if they wanted to join us! It was a very last minute plan, which is why I coincidentally wore the same outfit when I went a year ago. 😢

Daniel and I got there before them, and played games while we waited. I somehow convinced Daniel to wait in line for 40 minutes with me to get a free bottle of ketchup with our FACES on it!!! I'm going to use this bottle and pour new ketchup in it every time I run out. I know y'all are judging me but I KNOW YOU WOULD DO THE SAME!!! Don't lie!

There were two games that Daniel couldn't get enough of. It was this bottle up game and basketball shooting game. He told me that he could careless about winning a toy and just wanted to know that he could actually do it.

He ended up not getting me any toys this year, but I was able to win myself TWO toys!!! Who needs a boyfriend, am I RIIII? Just kidding! 💞

I'm still shocked that I won a giraffe for my niece! I only had 1 in 24 chances to win this dice rolling game, and I somehow chose the winning number!!! 😄

I also won a Captain America toy by tossing a ball in a basket. Luck was clearly on my side that night! Dillon also got Alpha a Spiderman with this game and Alpha won a toy by herself with the water gun game!

Since Daniel has been winning me a toy every year, I gave him my Captain America! 😄 He'll always be a winner to meee!

I actually shot all these photos on my work camera, the Sony a7R II, because I wanted to carry something smaller and lighter. It took me a while to figure out how to work this thing, but I'm quite impressed with the quality! You'll definitely be seeing more photos from this camera. 😎