I'm super stoked that it's finally reading week!!!! I have been looking forward to this since school started!!!! 😄  I went MIA last week because I had so many things due for school. But I'm finally back with anotha blog post, so let's jump right into it!

On my birthday, Daniel surprised me with flowers and took me out to dinner at a new vegan restaurant in Yorkville, called Planta! I discovered this place through my Instagram feed (the usual!) and was captivated by their interior. Initially, I was going to host my birthday brunch there, but most of my friends voted for a house party instead. Either way, I'm still so happy I finally got to try this place out!

It's seriously worth all the hype and I would definitely go back again. After reading several reviews on Yelp, we went with their cauliflower tots, shared their "Italian Job" pizza and split their classic burger. They gave us five pieces of the Cauliflower tots, so I was low key ecstatic when Daniel said I could have the last one!! I still offered it to him ( just to be nice) but y'know, I had mentally claimed it already. 😉  This appetizer was so good that it had us scraping the truffle parmesan off the plate!

Once our mains arrived, we were really curious about this "fennel sausage" on the pizza and if the burger would be better than the one we tried at Doomies. Daniel was actually confused at first as to why I would want to try a pizza with meat on it. He completely forgot that we were at a vegan restaurant! Aiiii yaaaa. 😂

The pizza was good, but it was just something I couldn't eat more than two slices of. Meanwhile, their burger and fries were really filling and flavourful. We both agreed that it would be even better if it was as saucy as Doomies' version of the Big Mac!

After dinner, we went back to his place and he showed me the special montage video he made for me. Thanks again Daniel for trying so hard to make every birthday memorable for me!!!!!!!! ☺️💘 You make me just as happy as that french fry does in the photo! 😂

I actually just came back from Vancouver this morning and I'm SO excited to share all the photos from my trip! Before I can get to that, I still have some catching up to do on here. So stay tune for more guys!!!

Happy birthday Susie!

Happy birthday to my big sister, Susan!!!! You're my voice of reasoning, my confidant and my biggest supporter. I still can't believe your birthday is a day after mine! I still think I was the best birthday gift you've ever received, even though you told me you were traumatized when you saw me for the first time at six years old. 😂

You're the only person who knows how to get under my skin and how to embarrass me real good in front of others. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade you for anyone else!!! I can always count on you to be honest with me and tell me if I'm dressing like a potato sack, if my big toenail is too long and if my eyebrows are looking like cousins, instead of sisters.

I have always admired your work ethic, maturity, sense of style, wisdom and big heart. You're a living proof that hard work pays off!!! I've seen you get knocked down many times, but you've always held your head high and kept moving forward. You're everything I strive to be, from your poise to your accomplishments (i.e. finding a stable job, having a loving hubby, owning a beautiful home before hitting 30!).

I'm forever grateful to have someone like you in my life and I can't wait until the day you start popping out babies!!! I hope Ryan treated you like a queen and spoiled you like silly today, like he always does. ☺️

Happy Birthday to Me!

I still cannot believe that my boyfriend was able to pull this off and get so many of my close friends and family in this birthday montage!!! I'm so thankful for all those who took time out of their day to make this for me and to those who wished me a happy birthday today! 💘 Also, thank you Daniel for putting in so much effort to make sure my day was special and memorable! I feel soooo blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

BUT HOLY SHNITZEL GUYS!!!! I can't believe I'm turning 22 today! It's crazy to think that I had this blog since I was 14 years old?! Most of you watched me grow up on here, saw me as I went through my different phases for my teeth (from braces, to a missing tooth, to getting a crown and now a permanent retainer!), celebrated with me as I graduated from middle school and high school, followed my adventures with my best friends and saw how my very first relationship unraveled!

Okkkk.. this is starting to sound like I'm about to announce that I'm going to quit blogging for life or something... but rest assured that I ain't going anywhere! 😄

Happy Birthday Joy!

Oh Joy!!! I don't even know where to start with this post. You entered my life in grade two and literally shaped me into the person I am today. I can still vividly remember us dancing on top of my furniture to Kelly Clarkson's break up songs and re-enacting Lindsay Lohan's music videos with my stuffed animals. I also remember how we used to be neighbours and would talk to each other outside our windows. I'm pretttttty sure everyone heard our conversations!! 😂

Once I moved away and changed schools, our friendship didn't change one bit! You visited me almost every weekend in middle school. We would always bike to Metro to pick up a box of mac & cheese or to the convenience store for coca cola slushie and beef jerky.. or BOTH! We would explore all the parks in my neighbourhood and carve our names on a tree or fence to mark our territory. We also took lots of silly pics while we were at it! We would get so creative with our photos by hanging my digital camera on a tree branch, balancing it on a bench or finding a way to prop it up in the grass. This blog was a keepsake for all the memories we made.

Once we entered high school, we still remained super close! Instead of exploring my neighbourhood, we were now exploring the city together! We were constantly on the hunt for the best macaron. If we weren't out and about, we would be making tents in my bedroom and trying to take artsy photos with my camera's flash. 😂

After all these years, it's so amazing how strong our friendship still is! Despite all the new friends we've made along the way, we're still the bestest of friends! You're literally my favourite person to do anything with and also... nothing with! Even though we don't see each other as often as we used to, we both already know that we're going to be here for each other no matter what and that we are welcomed at each other's houses any time!

Joycelyn, you're still the same outspoken, kind hearted and adventurous person from the first day we met. The only things that really changed... is your hair length and height! 😂

I'm forever grateful to have someone like you in my life! Happy 22nd birthday biffle! Can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!!!!!! 💘

Last Friday Night

Last Friday night, I hung out with Joycelyn, Camille and Thiya to celebrate Joycelyn's birthdayyy!!! Her birthday is actually next week, but she will be busy tanning in Punta Cana by then! So lucky like!!! I still have five more months until it's my turn! 😪

The four of us had dinner at Lbs.! When I first suggested this restaurant in the group chat, they were a little confused as to what I was referring to. They eventually caught on and realized it was pronounced "pounds." I just found out that lbs. is also an abbreviation for lobster, burgers and salad... nowww it all makes sense why their menu was so limited! 😂

We all had a great experience at this place, and I can see myself going back there again for some lobster corn donuts! Once we stuffed our bellies with lobster, we made our way to Sweet Jesus to let Camille and Thiya see what the hype was all about.

Our night ended with us taking a bunch of pictures in front of the theatres on King Street. I was actually surprised at how much work we all put in to get these shots...  We were squatting low and leaning backwards. We even went the extra step and held our iPhone flashlights in the air to get more brightness! 😂

I think it was all worth it though, because I finally have an Instagram photo to upload!!! Daniel still can't stop making fun of me for not having enough photos to do a "best nine" collage for 2016. 😢

Afternoon Tea

So three years ago, my friend Claudia found a Groupon for afternoon tea at Ruelo Patisserie! She immediately told me about it because she knows how obsessed I am with macarons!!! 💘  We visited the cafe the following week and were really bummed to find out that they were still under renovations..

We completely forgot about this deal, until I logged onto my account a few weeks ago! I saw that it had expired, but was super ecstatic to find out that the Groupon was still worth the value we paid for. In other words, we basically had credit to use towards the cafe. ☺️

Claudia and I finally got around to making reservations for last Saturday! We spent hours catching up and devouring the sweet pastries. To be quite honest, I think I can do without scones for a... while... 😂  We both wished they gave us more macarons than scones!

What I love about hanging with Claudia is how non-judgemental she is when it comes to me taking photos. Better yet, she even joins in on the fun and helps me with my flat lay! 😂💕 I'm so glad that we finally got around to redeeming our coupon three years later - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

But actually, this place was such a mission to get to! 😄 ✨


It's almost 3am right now and I should probably be asleep, especially since I have an early shift tomorrow. But.. I unintentionally took a two hour nap this evening. 😢 Daniel came over and told me that he wasn't feeling so well. We had some spaghetti, he popped a Tylenol and I tucked him into bed. I ended up dozing off with him after I played chubby bunny with my blueberries. Now I'm up and feeling super motivated to blog!! 😄

Last weekend, I had brunch at Wish with my friend, Madelle!!! I literally haven't seen her since second year, because she took a year off and went on vacation last year. (You might remember her from this post or this post!) I don't think I've ever shared the story of how we met! We met during frosh week. That's basically the story ..or all I can really remember. 😂  I can't recall what our first conversation was about or how we even started talking.

After not seeing each other for months, our friendship hasn't changed one bit! We easily picked up from where we left off and talked non-stop. Now that I think of it.. it took us two hours to finish half of our meal. 😄

We also found out that we have a class together this semester and talked about all the adventures we will go on after our lecture! I have a feelin' it's gonna be a gooooOod year!!! 😎

Calii Love

HEY GUYS HEY!!! ✨ I hope your new year is going well so far! I still have some catching up to do on here, since I barely blogged during the holidays. With that said, you can expect another post before this week ends!

So after I got over my food poisoning, Daniel and I checked out this cute little restaurant on King St. West, called Calii Love! I was really digging the beach theme they had going on and thought it was an Instagram-worthy place overall! I'm a little bummed that I didn't get photos of their interior, since the gloomy weather wasn't helping the lighting in there and... I WAS JUST TOO HUNGRY for that. Ok, I said it. 😂

Since they're known for their acai and poke bowls, we had to try both! I thought it was really cool how they named their menu items after feelings. The cashier was like, "DANIEL IS FEELING LOVED TODAY," as she's handing off the tray to the assembler. To be honest, I think he did feel that emotion after I told him that lunch would be on me that day! 😂

We shared their popular smoothie bowl, called Love, and ordered our own salad bowls. Now I'm not gonna lie, our expectations were pretty high for this place after we really enjoyed the last poke bowl we had at Pokeh.

Guys, I actually spelled out my name for the cashier when I ordered.. but I guess she couldn't hear me. Ruining ma aesthetics. Just like Starbucks!! Hahaha 😪

I ordered their "hopeful" bowl because I was curious about the sweet potato noodle they put in it. I realized after that it was just raw potato shredded (like zucchini noodles) and not doughy, like spaghetti. 😭  The portion was also pretty small (or maybe I just eat too much! LOL) compared to Daniel's "grateful" bowl. We agreed that the bowls did not measure up to what we had in Hamilton. 😕

On the other hand, their acai bowl was delicious!! I could totally picture myself eating this every morning in Hawaii. ✨ Some dayyyy.✨  Even though I didn't enjoy my poke bowl, I would still give this place another chance and try something new on their menu!

So.. I think I know what my resolution for this year is. It is to find a way to tame these baby hairs!! Ok, they're more like "teenager" hairs at this length. 😂

Annual Christmas Dinner

Ahhhh!! I can't believe I didn't blog at all this month! Once I finished studying for my finals, I just had no desire of touching my laptop for the next few days. I also got hit with food poisoning, so my hiatus was a little prolonged... But long story short, YOOO GURL IZZ BACK!! ✨ Hopefully, I can squeeze in a few more blog posts before the new year begins!

This year, the annual Christmas dinner was held at my aunt and uncle's place! My cousin, Jenny, started a group chat on Whatsapp for us to discuss who brings what on the day of the party. We've decided that it would be more fun if each person wore a festive Christmas sweater, brought a unisex gift for the "White Elephant" game and made a dish for the potluck!

I was so tempted to just buy this Christmas sweater online, but I was afraid it wouldn't arrive on time. Since I'm sucha procrastinator, I've decided to make my own using Dollarama supplies the night before! Big thanks to my boyfriend for driving me around town and helping me scope out these materials. ☺️

For my sweater, I glued on Christmas lights, sewed on a plush toy, attached a cow bell, sprinkled some fake snow, and wrote a punny line in gemstone stickers. I got a lot of mixed reviews on the day of the party! 😂  The comments ranged from, "That's so ugly and looks very homemade" to "Omg! It looks so good, I want to make mine next year too!!!"

Here's a few photos of other Christmas sweaters worn at the partay!

I thought I was being super original with my glued on Christmas lights, until I saw that a lot of my cousins had the same idea! Dammit. 😂

The potluck dinner was a huuuge success!!! My sister brought three dishes because she was afraid there wouldn't be enough food. We ended up having so much leftovers and decided that next year, each family should just bring one dish!

Once we inhaled all of that food in, we brought out my Oreo truffles and all the presents for the White Elephant game!

We gathered around the Christmas tree (LOL) and pulled out numbers from a bag to determine the order.

If you haven't played before (like most of us!), you basically choose and unwrap a gift from the pile OR "steal" a gift from someone who has opened one. The best number to get is the last one because almost all the gifts are revealed by then! Unfortunately, my sister got the first number...

The hilarity ensued when people started opening gifts they already had...

...and getting gifts they want stolen from them! My cousin, Nancy, got her gift stolen twice! 😂

The virtual reality head set was definitely the most desired gift that night!

I'm so sneaky and chose my own gift that I brought for the game!! Woo hoo!!! 😂  The other gifts that were opened, and not pictured, was a La Senza gift card, S'well bottle, candle, travel mugs, David's tea set, Starbucks mug, steamer, electrical toothbrush, gift card to the Keg, fondue set, radio and iPhone lens kit!

Once everyone received their gifts, we decided to make things more interesting by having everyone choose a new number to determine their order! This time around, gifts were able to be stolen twice before it became off limits!

My brother-in-law and cousin, Lisa, kept swapping the VR set, before Ryan finally got to own it. I kept swapping my S'well bottle with Jenny, before I finally got to own it!! ☺️

My sister and cousin, Linda, swapped the fondue set, until Linda was finally stuck with it! 😂  We've decided to not share the names of who got what to avoid offending anybody.

After the gift exchange, we gathered around and played games on my phone! I've recently downloaded the free app, "Unspeakable," similar to Taboo, and it was sucha big hit at the party! We also got a kick outta the free holiday pack in "Heads Up."

At one point in the game, the screen showed "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth," and Jenny pulled Eli aside to use as a clue. DEADDD. 😂

Oh how can I forget!!! We also got a cute group photo after six tries! I hope you're having a great holiday with your loved ones and DON'T FORGET TO ALWAYS...

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