New York (Part 2)

Daniel and I tried to make the most out of our last full day in New York! By that I mean waking up at 4:30am to really seize it!

We were determined to see the sun rise behind the Manhattan Bridge! Unfortunately, there was a heavy rainfall the night before, so the sky wasn't as colourful as how we had envisioned it.

On the bright side, there was barely anyone awake in the wee hours of the morning, so we pretty much had the Brooklyn Bridge all to ourselves!!!

Once we crossed over to the other side of the bridge, we went to check out The Oculus! It was then that I realized there were so many Starbucks in New York. Literally one on every few blocks!

Can you believe this building is a train station??? Beaaaaautiful!

Our bellies started to grumble, so we took it as a sign to move along and go for brunch! As we made our way to Jack's Wife Freda, Daniel recognized one of the buildings we were passing by. It was Casey Neistat's office.

I still remember seeing Daniel add this address to our itinerary and I'm like, "Really Daniel? We're just gonna stand outside and wait for this YouTuber to come out....?" He responded with, "Fine, we'll just go IF we have time." It's actually weird how we ended up passing by it, even though I was reluctant on going. Or maybe Daniel was actually scheming... 😄

We had brunch at Jack's Wife Freda, because I noticed so many articles, blogs and vlogs listing it as a must-do thing in New York. We didn't make reservations, but the waiting time wasn't bad at all!

I really enjoyed their rosewater waffles and Daniel devoured his dish. He also ordered a drink and was ready to take a nap after chugging it down, but we still had so many things left to do!! Like c'mon bwoi, snap out of it!

We made our way to SoHo next, and I remember Georgetown Cupcakes had a store there. I used to watch their show on TLC in middle school and remember feeling inspired to open up my own bakery!

They had so many flavours to choose from! We didn't want to carry a box around with us, so it was hard trying to choose only two to eat there. We were surprised by how dense their cupcakes were and how fluffy the frosting was!

After window shopping, we made our way to Washington Square Park and ended up taking a power nap on the bench for one hour. We took a couple of photos in front of the arch, before visiting the High Line.

I obviously couldn't leave New York without trying their bubble tea. They only offered one size for the flavour I order and it was huge!!! Oh why am I playing, I easily finished it allll. 😋

I actually had no idea what the High Line was, but it was listed as a must-do thing when I was researching online.

From what I've experienced, you basically go up these stairs and walk along this super long path to see views of the city!

Once Daniel and I reached the end of the path, we sat on a bench tickling.. and insulting.. and hugging.. and back to insulting each other. Our flirting got interrupted by Daniel's need to go to the washroom. 😂 We figured that it was time to get dinner too.

We knew we couldn't leave New York until we tried Shake Shack! I'm not a milkshake fan, but their strawberry shake converted me into one!!! I still think about it till this day. 😄 We scarfed down our meal, because we didn't want to miss seeing the sunset at Top of The Rock.

The Top of the Rock is basically New York's version of our CN Tower! You get a beautiful view of the whole city! This sunset definitely made up for the sunrise that we didn't get to see in the morning. 😄

Oh yeah, story time!!! A lady started to push this guy because she wanted to take a photo from his angle. The both of them started to bicker, until the lady bit his arm! The security guard didn't even do anything!!! 😐

Ohhhh New York, you were truly memorable! 😄 Until next time!

Mya's Moments

Ever since my niece was born, I've been sharing fun facts about her every month. So without further ado, this is what she was up to for the month of May!!!

  • had her first lick of ice cream
  • loves to listen and dance to this song and this song
  • enjoys wearing her sunglasses
  • still thinks peekaboo is so funny
  • enjoys sleeping on her belly
  • played with bubbles for the first time
  • sat through one storybook, even though she ripped a page out
  • still prefers to be fed by hand and not utensils
  • smiles when you smile at her
  • visited the beach for the first time
There was a whole lotta firsts for this month! You can read more fun facts about her over here!!!

New York (Part 1)

So for the May two-four weekend, Daniel and I visited New York!!! ✈️ I was planning our itinerary a month in advance, because I was so excited about our trip!!! I'm actually glad that Daniel is always down to do anything I plan for us! 😄

I visited New York when I was in grade three, but all I remember from that trip was seeing the Statue of Liberty and yellow taxis. Daniel had also been there before, but he told me that he didn't do much sightseeing!

We were able to find an Airbnb in the Upper West Side, where Central Park was literally our backyard! It rained all day on our first day there, but we tried to make the best of it by doing a lot of indoor stuff!

Since it was only drizzling in the morning, we decided to check out Central park first, before making our way to the Met! I couldn't contain my excitement when we got to the museum, because the Met Gala just happened a week ago and I felt like I was breathing the same air that Rihanna was breathing in!!!

This museum was huge and we were overwhelmed. Since we had a bunch of things on our itinerary that day, we didn't get to thoroughly explore each exhibition.

When I saw Daniel yawning and heard my belly grumbling, I knew it was our cue to get going. He said we had to see Van Gogh's paintings before we get going though! I was so giddy when we found it, because I remember studying about his work in high school!

It started to pour when we made our way to brunch, so we ended up spending half our time at the restaurant drying our feet, socks and shoes with their washroom hand dryer... 😂

I tried the "Impossible Burger" at vegan fest last year, and Joycelyn and I were in complete awe because it really did taste like meat. When Daniel watched a video of Casey Neistat trying this burger in New York, he wanted to try it too! Surprisingly, a lot of restaurants served it here!

We decided to go with Wahlburger because it was a 10 minute walk from the museum. Daniel inhaled it!!!!

After lunch, we took an uber to the New York Public Library. This place certainly felt more like a tourist attraction, than a library. They were very strict and did a bag check every time you left a room. I have no idea how people were able to focus in there, because tourists were entering in and out and taking photos of the study halls.

We also paid a visit to Grand Central Terminal, before making our way to Times Square! There were tourists left, right and centre, when we got there. Every store was bustled with people! I really feel for the retail workers.

I was looking forward to dinner because we were going to check out this Indian restaurant that was highly recommended online, Milon! Not gonna lie, it was very cramp in there, the food was mediocre and our server was inattentive. It did feel like we were eating inside a Christmas tree though, so that was really cool!!!

The final place we wanted to check out was only a 10 minutes walk from the restaurant! I first heard about the Egg House installation on Facebook and was so happy that we were able to snag tickets to it! This pop-up shop was literally made for Instagramming!

It was certainly an eventful day, but we couldn't wait to get home and dry off our pruney toes! Stay tuned for part two!!! It's gonna be a long one friends. 😄

Meet Monica

I visited New York this past weekend and just got back early this morning! I spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep, cleaning out my closet, and editing photos. I can't wait to show you guys all the fun things Daniel and I did!!! ☺️ Before I get to that, I still have a bit of catching up to do on my blog! So let's just jump right in!

Two weeks ago, Monica and I went to Paint Nite together!!!! 😀 I've been to Paintlounge in the past and it's pretty much the same concept. The only difference is that this workshop lets you drink wine while you're painting!

I've briefly mentioned Monica on my blog before, but I feel like I didn't properly introduce her to you guys! We worked together at my school and sat right beside each other in our little office. We immediately clicked when we first met! She loves photography, enjoys exploring the city and gets excited about bubble tea too!!!!!

She was there for me through my highs and lows this past school year and became one of my very good friends inside and outside of work! ☺️

So back to the workshop, the painting instructor was moving along very quickly! Monica and I barely had time to make sure everything was blended properly! 😢 At one point, I was low key panicking because all of my cherry blossoms looked like chicken feet! Hahaha

And here's a look at our final masterpieces!!!! 😄

Mya's Moments

I know I'm a little late on this post, but have no fear, I've kept notes of my niece's milestones for April! 😀 So here's a quick recap of what she was up to last month!

  • became obsessed with her pacifier
  • tried crackers for the first time and loves it
  • is not a fan of bananas, avocados and eggs
  • still enjoys looking out the window
  • took her first sip of water
  • giggles when I say or whisper, "Boo!"
  • touched Jell-O for the first time
  • likes to hold the spoon and feed herself
  • doesn't need the swaddle to fall asleep anymore
  • went on the swing and slide for the first time!
You can read more fun facts over here!!!