Too Cute to Eat

When Monica told me that she has never tried Indian roti before, I knew I had to take her to one of my favourite spots! Since this restaurant was also near one of my favourite macaron shops, I knew I had to take her there too! 😀

We thought it was a bit too early to eat dinner, so we went to get macarons first. It was so hard having to eat these little treats. I'm not talking about the texture here, but the cuteness! Oh who am I kidding.. we actually devoured each one in two bites!! 😄 We really liked the flavour of the Winnie the Pooh one!

For some reason, I just assumed that if they're this cute, they wouldn't taste as good. (It's like cake fondant. I don't know anyone who actually likes the flavour of that?!) I'm still surprised by how tasty these macarons are. They're just the right amount of chewiness!

After we devoured these babies, we went to pick up our Indian food. We took advantage of the nice weather and had a picnic in front of Casa Loma! So peaceful and scenic.

And we obviously couldn't end our day without grabbing bubble tea too. 😏

I Got a New Camera!

After 19 years of school, it feels a bit weird knowing that Labour Day doesn't mean anything anymore. I remember I used to get butterflies or felt bummed about going back to school the next day. It really felt like my life was on pause whenever classes were in session. 😢

Now that summer is over, I realized that my routine isn't going to change! No more reading textbooks, doing assignments or studying for exams... and I am super ok with that!!! 😀

It honestly wouldn't feel like summer is ending, if I didn't pay a visit to CNE with Daniel! This year, we went with Alpha and Dillon! Funny thing is, Alpha texted me asking if we wanted to join them, while I messaged her on Facebook asking if they wanted to join us! It was a very last minute plan, which is why I coincidentally wore the same outfit when I went a year ago. 😢

Daniel and I got there before them, and played games while we waited. I somehow convinced Daniel to wait in line for 40 minutes with me to get a free bottle of ketchup with our FACES on it!!! I'm going to use this bottle and pour new ketchup in it every time I run out. I know y'all are judging me but I KNOW YOU WOULD DO THE SAME!!! Don't lie!

There were two games that Daniel couldn't get enough of. It was this bottle up game and basketball shooting game. He told me that he could careless about winning a toy and just wanted to know that he could actually do it.

He ended up not getting me any toys this year, but I was able to win myself TWO toys!!! Who needs a boyfriend, am I RIIII? Just kidding! 💞

I'm still shocked that I won a giraffe for my niece! I only had 1 in 24 chances to win this dice rolling game, and I somehow chose the winning number!!! 😄

I also won a Captain America toy by tossing a ball in a basket. Luck was clearly on my side that night! Dillon also got Alpha a Spiderman with this game and Alpha won a toy by herself with the water gun game!

Since Daniel has been winning me a toy every year, I gave him my Captain America! 😄 He'll always be a winner to meee!

I actually shot all these photos on my work camera, the Sony a7R II, because I wanted to carry something smaller and lighter. It took me a while to figure out how to work this thing, but I'm quite impressed with the quality! You'll definitely be seeing more photos from this camera. 😎

Mya's Moments

There has been so many times where I questioned if my little niece is even real! I just can't get over how adorable she is and how she is already nine months old!! Where has the time gone?!

For the month of July, she...
  • learned how to crawl
  • passed her swimming test
  • started babbling
  • said her first word ("daddy!")
  • is still jamming to the Baby Shark song
  • started giving high fives
  • got the flu
  • liked to hear the song, "You Are My Sunshine" when she was sad
  • still loves bread
  • learned how to wave!
You can read more fun facts over here!


I'm so happy that Monica and I are still super close, even though we're not working together anymore. 😢We have been seeing each other almost every other week this summer and we're constantly sending each other memes and restaurants on Instagram! 😄

We visited Khao San Road for the first time last month and became obsessed with their Thai iced tea! I even went back with Daniel a week or two later, because I wanted him to try it too! Besides the delicious food, the decor and staff also left a great impression. This place is truly a gem.

A few weeks later, we checked out the Clay Room and designed our own ceramics! I have been wanting to go to a pottery class for some time now, but all of the classes I came across on Groupon were always fully booked. This workshop was less messier and cheaper than an actual pottery class, which was great! 😉 I did a watermelon design for my rice bowl, and Monica decorated her jewellery dish with cute little strawberries. 

Two weeks later, we had brunch at Maha's first, before picking up our ceramics. I already knew Monica's piece would turn out great because of her strong attention to detail. The instructor even featured it on their Instagram! Me on the other hand.. I coated mine with so many layers of paint that I'm surprised it turned out decent! 😄

Creepy Dolls

Hey, hey, hey guys!!! I'm still here! I haven't blogged lately because I'm just so overwhelmed with how backed up I am. I realized that if I don't start somewhere, I will be even further behind. (Whoa. I just realized that line can be applicable to other things in life! 😄) With that being said, let's rewind back to one month ago!

Last month, my friends and I rented out a huge Airbnb!! This property had a pool, hot tub, sauna, indoor squash court, BBQ grill and eight bedrooms!

A couple of guys got there earlier than the rest of us, so we let them assign the bedrooms. When Daniel and I saw ours, the first thing we noticed was this creepy doll sitting in the corner. We were told that every single room had one in it...

I got the heebie jeebies, so I shoved ours in the drawer! 😄 Some of us took advantage of the pool right away, while others played beer pong and prepared dinner. Now that I think of it, we partied pretty hard on Friday night. 😄

The next day, we tanned by the pool, drank fancy sangrias, had water gun battles, took a bajillion photos, played squash, and ate lots of pizza and chicken wings. It was the perfect lazy Saturday.

I ended up leaving my giant camera at home that weekend, so all of these memories were captured with my iPhone and disposable camera! I'm actually really happy with how my film turned out. I'm debating if I should buy an actual film camera now. 😄

Our Saturday night was definitely more chill, in comparison to Friday. Most of us knocked out early!

So creepy story, remember how I mentioned that there were creepy dolls scattered all over the house? I noticed one sitting in the corner of the washroom on Friday night, so I shoved it in the cabinet under the sink. The next day, I told my friend about this doll in the washroom and tried showing it to her. When I opened the cabinet door, the doll wasn't there anymore!!! BRUHHhhh.. why!!!

This weekend honestly went by so fast though. Before we knew it, we all had to get packing and cleaning on Sunday morning. We apparently cleaned up so well, that the host is offering us one free night stay in the winter!

However, with this doll situation, I will have to weigh the pros here... 😬 Special thanks to my friend, Tyler, for planning this trip for almost thirty of us!!!

Mya's Moments

I can't believe my niece turned 8 months old!! Now that I'm working full-time, it's a little hard seeing her more than once a week. I always get excited when my sister sends me a photo or video of her and tells me what she has been up to. So without further ado, here are some more facts about lil' Mymy!

  • visited the zoo for the first time last week! 
  • just started taking swimming lessons
  • loves her lion stuffed animal 
  • went on her first cottage trip 
  • still finds peekaboo hilarious 
  • knows how to shake her head no
  • likes to jump all over the place when you carry her
  • was christened 
  • does not like sitting in the stroller
  • tried garlic bread for the first time and loves it!!
You can read more fun facts over here

I Finally Graduated!

I have so many exciting things I want to share with you guys, but I have no idea where to start! I guess it would make sense to go all the way back to early April and tell you guys my reasons for not updating my blog frequently.

Around that time, my school was (and is) still on strike. I was low key panicking because I had no idea if I would finish my classes on time to graduate in June. On the bright side, this unexpected hiatus gave me more time to look for a full-time job, take driving lessons, spend time with my 6-month-old niece and catch up with my girlfriends. ☀️

Although I was keeping busy, I found it hard to enjoy myself and be fully present in the moment. My mind would just focus on all the job rejections I got and I started to believe that this was some sort of karma that I deserved. I soon realized that giving power to these bad thoughts and comparing myself to other people was not going to move me further ahead or improve my situation.

I decided that the best thing to do was to change my mindset. I started thinking, "What if it DOES work out?" instead of, "What if it doesn't work out..." every time I questioned my qualifications for a job or felt uneasy after an interview. I started to push myself to apply to at least 20 jobs every week. I started seeing every interview as a learning experience. I started thinking about what employers valued and wanted to see on my cover letter, instead of what I thought sounded good. I started realizing that asking others for help doesn't mean that I failed. I even considered other paths, like pursuing a master degree, because I didn't want to disappoint my parents for not finding a job right away.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, I realized that all of these rejections did not define my worth and were actually leading me to something even greater than what I had imagined for myself. Having said that, I'm SO excited to tell you guys that I'm now working as a digital strategist for one of the top ranked schools in the world!!! 🎓

This job is all of my interests wrapped into one - web design, social media, digital marketing, blogging and photography! Who knew this type of job existed?! Every week flies by and I'm having so much fun! I'm truly grateful for all the work experiences and connections that have led me to this job.

On top of that, I got my full driver's license two days after I was presented with this job offer and my convocation happened last Thursday!!! 😀✨💪🏻 I definitely want to give credit for all of my achievements to my strong support system, who were there for me every step of the way. I am endlessly thankful for my sister, parents, Mya, Vaish, Monica, Daniel, Alpha and Fab 4!!!!!!! 💛💛💛

Before I end this post, I just want to remind those of you who are still figuring it out that...
  • It is OK to not have a job lined up right after you graduate! 
  • Heck, it is OK to get a job unrelated to your degree! What you're into now is obviously different than what you liked when you were 18. You're changing, learning and discovering more about yourself with each passing day.
  • It is OK to travel first and find a job after!
  • It is OK to not know what you want to do for a living yet, but you still won't know until you work different jobs, talk to people in your interested field, or try out a new hobby.
  • Lastly, it is OK that you're not following the same timeline as your friends. There really is no correct path.

Doors Open

So one month ago, Monica and I checked out Doors Open for the first time!! It's an annual event that grants the public FREE access to many buildings across the city. I first learned about this when I worked for the TTC last summer and was helping them edit photos from it.

Monica and I wanted to make sure that we were taking advantage of our time, so we created an itinerary! We ended up having more than enough time and took detours, like buying swimsuits and grabbing bubble tea! 😄 I was going to take photos that day, but I decided to change things up and vlog about it on my phone!! 😄

Here's a list of all the places we checked out that day!
  • Osgoode Hall
  • Spadina Museum: Historic House and Gardens
  • Native Child And Family Services of Toronto
  • 1 Spadina Crescent
  • Simit & Chai Co.
  • Kensington Market Art Fair
  • Sukioshi
  • Rosalinda

New York (Part 2)

Daniel and I tried to make the most out of our last full day in New York! By that I mean waking up at 4:30am to really seize it!

We were determined to see the sun rise behind the Manhattan Bridge! Unfortunately, there was a heavy rainfall the night before, so the sky wasn't as colourful as how we had envisioned it.

On the bright side, there was barely anyone awake in the wee hours of the morning, so we pretty much had the Brooklyn Bridge all to ourselves!!!

Once we crossed over to the other side of the bridge, we went to check out The Oculus! It was then that I realized there were so many Starbucks in New York. Literally one on every few blocks!

Can you believe this building is a train station??? Beaaaaautiful!

Our bellies started to grumble, so we took it as a sign to move along and go for brunch! As we made our way to Jack's Wife Freda, Daniel recognized one of the buildings we were passing by. It was Casey Neistat's office.

I still remember seeing Daniel add this address to our itinerary and I'm like, "Really Daniel? We're just gonna stand outside and wait for this YouTuber to come out....?" He responded with, "Fine, we'll just go IF we have time." It's actually weird how we ended up passing by it, even though I was reluctant on going. Or maybe Daniel was actually scheming... 😄

We had brunch at Jack's Wife Freda, because I noticed so many articles, blogs and vlogs listing it as a must-do thing in New York. We didn't make reservations, but the waiting time wasn't bad at all!

I really enjoyed their rosewater waffles and Daniel devoured his dish. He also ordered a drink and was ready to take a nap after chugging it down, but we still had so many things left to do!! Like c'mon bwoi, snap out of it!

We made our way to SoHo next, and I remember Georgetown Cupcakes had a store there. I used to watch their show on TLC in middle school and remember feeling inspired to open up my own bakery!

They had so many flavours to choose from! We didn't want to carry a box around with us, so it was hard trying to choose only two to eat there. We were surprised by how dense their cupcakes were and how fluffy the frosting was!

After window shopping, we made our way to Washington Square Park and ended up taking a power nap on the bench for one hour. We took a couple of photos in front of the arch, before visiting the High Line.

I obviously couldn't leave New York without trying their bubble tea. They only offered one size for the flavour I order and it was huge!!! Oh why am I playing, I easily finished it allll. 😋

I actually had no idea what the High Line was, but it was listed as a must-do thing when I was researching online.

From what I've experienced, you basically go up these stairs and walk along this super long path to see views of the city!

Once Daniel and I reached the end of the path, we sat on a bench tickling.. and insulting.. and hugging.. and back to insulting each other. Our flirting got interrupted by Daniel's need to go to the washroom. 😂 We figured that it was time to get dinner too.

We knew we couldn't leave New York until we tried Shake Shack! I'm not a milkshake fan, but their strawberry shake converted me into one!!! I still think about it till this day. 😄 We scarfed down our meal, because we didn't want to miss seeing the sunset at Top of The Rock.

The Top of the Rock is basically New York's version of our CN Tower! You get a beautiful view of the whole city! This sunset definitely made up for the sunrise that we didn't get to see in the morning. 😄

Oh yeah, story time!!! A lady started to push this guy because she wanted to take a photo from his angle. The both of them started to bicker, until the lady bit his arm! The security guard didn't even do anything!!! 😐

Ohhhh New York, you were truly memorable! 😄 Until next time!