My Birthday

Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes guys!!! πŸ’ž I kept my birthday low key this year and celebrated with Daniel last week! There were so many things that worked in my favour that day! In the morning, I almost missed my bus for work, but the lights magically changed on time and I was able to sprint to my bus stop. πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜€ Later on the day, I found out that my four hour lecture got cancelled in the afternoon ...but seriously, what are the chances?!!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€

Daniel picked me up for dinner and we only waited 90 minutes to get seated at the Cheesecake Factory! πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜€ I've heard horror stories of people waiting up to four hours??? At that point, it's like..

The manager also gave us a free slice of cheesecake. πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜€ Daniel got me a full-sized bottle of Kiehl's face oil and a box of LadurΓ©e macarons for my gifts! The two things that I could never justify buying for myself. I actually used to reblog images of LadurΓ©e macarons on my Tumblr and made it my life goal to try them in Paris one day! Dreams really do come true. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜±

Thank you for making this birthday so memorable babe!!!!! πŸ’— 

Mya's Moments

Last month, I started a new segment on my blog called,

This is where I share all the fun tidbits that I've learned about my niece for that month!! So in the month of January, Mya...

  • Enjoyed watching Paw Patrol on Netflix
  • Discovered her hands (and likes putting them in her mouth) 
  • Liked the person to be moving while she is being held by them 
  • Liked to listen to music loudly 
  • Liked when her double chin was tickled
  • Was happiest in the morning 
  • Smiled when you stuck out your tongue 
  • Hated being inside the car seat 
  • Liked to play "Simon Says"
  • Liked to listen to "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"
You can read last month's list ova here!!

Tea-rrific Day

So last weekend, my cousin had a tea party with her friends to celebrate her birthday! She shared photos of the occasion on her Instagram and I was immediately intrigued about this high tea place that she visited.

I messaged my friend, Alpha, and asked her if she was down to check out this place the following weekend. She told me that she actually went by this tea room the day before and saw a huge group of girls taking photos outside of the place. I showed her my cousin's photos and she told me that it was those girls that she saw!!!! Whatta small world!

We also asked Tina and Rosa to join us for afternoon tea yesterday!! It was actually our first time hanging altogether without our boyfriends. πŸ˜€

Time flew by so quick! We chatted about our career paths, discussed possible names for our kids, devoured finger sandwiches, sipped on tea and took a wholeeee lotta pics!! πŸ˜„

Speaking of sipping on tea, I drank SO MUCH tea yesterday. After I hung out with the girls, Daniel and I went for pho in the evening ...and I had tea there. Before he dropped me off home, we went to Chatime ...and I had (bubble) tea there. I guess you can say that I had a tea-rrific day!!!!! πŸ’›✨

New Clothing Brand

I went on a quadruple date last month thinking that we were just gonna play darts, but ended up doing a mini photoshoot for my friend's clothing line! πŸ˜„  I finally got a hold of these photos and realized that I don't know much about modelling... πŸ˜‚  There were so many outtakes of me laughing, talking and (unknowingly) covering up the logo!

But if you think I rocked these well and you wanna look as stylish as me, check out my friend's website for more designs! πŸ˜€

Mya's Moments

My adorable little niece turned two months old today!!! And I don't know how I feel about that. Like I'm kinda emotional, but kinda excited?? I see her at least twice a week, but she's growing up so fast that I feel like she's a new person every time! I've decided to start a new segment on my blog called,

This is where I share all the little tidbits that I've learned about her for the month! So without further ado, here we go!!! After Mya turned one month old, she

  • Gets scared of looking at her own reflection in the mirror. 
  • Always sneezes twice in a row.
  • Likes to nap to this R&B playlist.
  • Can't get enough of the songs, "Bingo" and "Wheels on the Bus."
  • Enjoys staring at bright things, like chandeliers, windows and spot lights.
  • Loves staring at the artwork in her living room. 
  • Enjoys cuddling with her dada.
  • Has a lot of fomo when her auntie comes over.
  • Likes to be held upright.
  • Doubled her birth weight!! She was born 4lbs 12oz!!
That's all friends, stay tuned for next month's update!!!!


Daniel and I celebrated our three year anniversary this year!!! ❤️  We certainly had our ups and downs, but I've learned that it's easier to forgive people when you separate their actions from their intentions. He made this year truly memorable and has been there for me through everything. I'm so fricken excited to make more memories with my best friend in 2018!!!

I went into my final year of university this year and I still haven't grasp the idea that I'm graduating this coming year!!! I can't wait to show you guys my final project in April!

I landed two internships this year!! I worked as a photography intern for TTC and currently work as a web and marketing assistant for York University! The little old me, who couldn't find a job two summers ago, would've never thought that she could add these work experiences to her resume. ☺️ I'm excited to see what job opportunities there are for me in the new year!

This year, I took my workout regime more seriously and fell back in love with jogging! Finding the motivation to work out can be hard, but I've learned that you never regret doing it once you're done! I am determined to be in the best shape of my life this year. πŸ’ͺ🏻

This year, I've learned that you make way more friends when you stop trying to be interesting and started being genuinely interested in people! I had the chance to meet (and got closer to) so many new people this year! I also feel so lucky that I still have a core group of girlfriends to turn to and that the Fab 4 convo is still going strong 5 years later. ❤️

This year, we got a new addition to the family! Baby Mya! I didn't think it was possible to love someone so much!!!!! I'm so excited to watch her grow up! 🌸

I had the chance to visit Vancouver and Punta Cana this year!!! These trips made me realize that I should travel more while I'm young. I really hope that I'm able to save up and treat myself to a nice graduation trip in 2018! I also want to start getting out of my comfort zone this year and try out new things, like vlogging and swimming!!! πŸ˜„

• • •

My blog turned 8 years old this year!!! ✨ For those that have been following along on my adventures this year (and the previous years), I want to say thank you!!!! I'm so grateful for each and every one of you because I know I'm not the best blogger out there. I do not post consistently, I'm not good at taking photos of everything that happens in my life, I don't post frequently on social media and I don't blog about relevant topics. With that said, I'm always shocked when someone tells me that they read this little ol' thing!

I always hope that you guys leave my blog feeling uplifted or inspired in some way. Can't wait to see what 2018 brings and to continue sharing more with you guys!!! πŸ’›✨😜  

Blue Mountain

So ever since I dated Daniel, I've tagged along on his Blue Mountain trips with his friends, even though I had no idea how to ski or snowboard. This year, I decided that it was time to learn how to do something! I was so glad when I found out that I wasn't the only one who had no idea how to ski or snowboard and became great friends with one of the girls on the trip - Jen!

Since she wanted to learn how to snowboard, and I've heard how fun snowboarding is from my little cousins, I decided why not!!! We waited in line for over an hour to rent equipment. Just when we thought we only had to wait 20 more minutes, the fire alarm went off. We couldn't believe this was happening!!!!!

After all the chaos, we realized that it wasn't worth it to pay so much for only a few hours. Jen and I went for lunch, rode a rollercoaster, visited a candy shop and spent the rest of the afternoon tubing!! πŸ˜„  I guess we'll try again next year with snowboarding...

(And that's just me fooling around with Daniel's snowboard. πŸ˜„)

Catching Up

Camille, Thiya and I met up this week to have dinner at the newly opened Cheesecake Factory at Yorkdale! Once we saw the super long line, we decided to eat at Pickel Barrel instead! πŸ˜„  We still had to wait 30 minutes to get seated, so I jokingly suggested that we go take a photobooth picture while we wait. And to my surprise, they were down!!!

It was such a struggle trying to fit in that booth altogether. πŸ˜‚  Once our photo printed out, I got a call from Pickel Barrel to let us know that our table was ready. We seriously couldn't believe that it took us 30 minutes to figure out how to take these shots!!! LOL

Annual Christmas Dinner

This year's Christmas party was much more low key compared to last year's gathering, but it was still memorable because my baby niece joined us for the first time!!! Even though she was there, she wasn't really all there.. this girl napped through the whole thing!!!!! πŸ˜‚

We started off with our usual potluck dinner, had dessert and played Telestrations! For those who haven't played before, it's pretty much like broken telephone. You draw whatever it says on the card, pass it off to the person beside you and they have to guess what you drew.

Once your notebook is returned to you, you reveal what your card said and show all the guesses that were made. My brother-in-law had us all cracking up with his drawings!!! Just look at this drawing of a plate of jerk chicken... bruhhhhh..

After playing two rounds of this game, we moved on to the White Elephant game!!! The rules were the same as last year's party, where everyone had to buy a unisex gift worth $50.

If you haven't played before, you basically choose and unwrap a gift from the pile OR "steal" a gift from someone who has opened one. The best number to get is the last one because almost all the gifts are revealed by then!

My older cousin, Simon, ended up getting my gift!! Speaking of Simon, him and his girlfriend dropped the news that they're expecting a baby next year!!! I'm so excited for them!!!!! πŸ’—

The other gifts that people received was an oil diffuser, Lush set, Snuggie, fidget cube, board game, Android charger, massager and $50 bill!

Daniel stole the massager from my cousin Nancy, which meant she had to choose another gift. She ended up getting ANOTHER BODY MASSAGER! Hahaha

I was so excited when I unwrapped my gift and saw a Google Home Mini!! I just got Daniel one for Christmas, and didn't think I would get one this holiday too! As soon as I snapped this photo, my older cousin stole it from me.. savage. LOL 😒

Speaking of getting gifts stolen, my little cousin Lisa had her gift stolen twice! πŸ˜„ She ended up with a David's tea set and revealed that she doesn't drink tea. Her older sister was like, "Welllll you can start now!" πŸ˜„

And I ended up getting the present that Lisa brought for the game, which is a Body Shop gift set!!!! I'm actually so in love with the sugar scrub and have been using it daily. My feet is almost as smooth as baby Mya's, if I do say so myself! πŸ˜‚

Life Lately

Hey guys!!! It has been a little quiet over here because I've been studying for my exams and picking up extra shifts at work! I'm so happy that it's finally the holidays though and to be able to sleep in for the next few days. Claudia and I hung out last Friday and checked out Dazzling Cafe for the first time! We couldn't get over how cute their chairs were!!!

This week is going to be so exciting!!! We had a Christmas dinner at my Aunt Cindy's house yesterday and tomorrow, I'll be going over to my other aunt's house to do Santa steal with a bunch of my cousins! I'm also going Boxing Day shopping at 7am with my parents tomorrow morning, so that's gonna be fun ...and chaotic.

At the end of this week, I'll be going to Blue Mountain with Daniel and his friends and trying snowboarding for the first time!!!! My aunt Cindy gave me a bunch of stuff to borrow, but the only thing I'm still missing are body pads ..more specifically, butt pads. I'm really hoping that since I'm shorter .. and closer to the ground .. the falls won't hurt as much!!!

Merry Christmas!

I designed my sister's Christmas card this year and it's crazy to see how much my niece has grown since that photo was taken, but she's still as cute as everr!! πŸ’• I'm so obsessed with her little toes, beady eyes and chubby cheeks! Her dad always gets super annoyed when I kiss them, buhhh I do it anyways!!!! It's just too hard to resist!

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, that's filled with lots of love, joy and FOOD!!! 

First Look at Baby Mya

My baby niece turned one month old today!!!! πŸ’— It still doesn't feel real whenever I carry her, like even my dad still hasn't come to terms with the fact that he's a grandpa now. πŸ˜„  I've tried to picture what the baby would look like before my sister gave birth, and after seeing her.. I realized that my imagination could've never came up with something this adorable!!!

I'm so excited to finally give you guys a first look at baby Mya!!!!! 🌸

Christmas Market

I finally submitted my last assignment for this semester and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!!! πŸ˜€  This assignment literally took over my life this week, where every waking thought revolved around figuring out how to code a food delivery application from scratch.

It got to the point where my dad came in my room looking for a brown marker this morning, and I was still half asleep and responded with, "I don't know. If you can't find my markers, I can just code it for you." LOL WHAT 😐

After making this application, I realized that I really enjoy designing user interfaces and this could be a possible career path if teaching doesn't work out for me. πŸ˜€ Now that I've handed everything in for school, I feel like I can relax and breathe a little bit (before exams creep in) and update my blog without feeling any guilt.

With that said, let's jump right in! πŸ˜„ Daniel and I have attended the Christmas market every year since we've started dating, so it just didn't feel right if we didn't keep up with our tradition this year! Plus, I feel like the market gets better and better every time we go, with new installations or vendors being added!

This year, there is a lot of hype around their light tunnel! I feel like my photos didn't do any justice for it, but I totally recommend checking it out if you go and visiting the market on a weekday to avoid huge crowds.

The new Ferrero Rocher booth was also all the rage this year because they were giving away free samples!!! Daniel and I obviously had to jump in line and try out their new flavours! We actually spent more time eating, than exploring the shops, this time we went! πŸ˜„

You can read about our other visits herehere, and hereeee! Daniel literally looked like a fetus when we first started dating.