Tropic Like It's Hot

With the help of the bridal party, we threw Alpha a bachelorette party yesterday! As I was sorting through the photos this morning, I couldn't help but laugh at how turnt everyone looked!! LOL

So yesterday morning, we called Alpha an Uber and she had no idea that it was going to take her to the Ritz for High Tea! The service was great, the sandwiches were delicious and they even surprised her with a special dessert!

Since we had time to kill and Tina's office was nearby, we hung out there in the meantime. We couldn't believe how cool her work was!!! Oh man, if my work had a hammock, a ping pong table, showers and free food, I don't know if I would even go home. LOL

We soon changed into our second outfit, painted our nails, put on our tattoos and made our way to meet the rest of the girls at Cabana! And with that said, I feel like the rest of the photos are pretty self-explanatory on what happened once we arrived... :)

After Cabana, we had a feast at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. Honestly guys, if you're hosting an event for a large group, I wholeheartedly recommend this place, and I'm not even sponsored to say that. You definitely get your money's worth!

Now that Alpha's bridal shower and bachelorette happened, it's really starting to sink in that her wedding is so close! We are officially 26 DAYS away!!!

Lavender Farm

Daniel and I were a lil' late in checking out this lavender farm, but it's better late than never right! 😀 This place was all the rage for the past two years, so we were excited to see what the hype was all about!

I think it's almost harvest time because the lavenders weren't as vibrant, fragrant or plentiful as we had hoped. Nonetheless, they were still beautiful close-up!

We got bored after 20 minutes and that's when I realized we like to get something tangible if we have to pay an admission fee. This is probably why we enjoy apple picking. There wasn't much to do here, besides taking photos for Instagram.

People were even willing to line up in this hot weather to take a photo with this yellow door! Daniel was smart and just took a photo of it on the other side! LOL

Their lavender ice cream was definitely the highlight of our trip though!

To keep up with our outdoorsey day, we went kayaking afterwards! We enjoyed our experience here so much more. It was our first time, but Daniel acted like a know-it-all because he watched one YouTube video on how to paddle! LOL

He also sat behind me in our shared kayak, so he could see when I wasn't putting any work in. LOL I thought I could get away with it, like how I did with the tandem bike we went on in Vancouver.

Speaking of Vancouver, we're going back next month!!!

Say Aloha to Alpha

With the help of the other bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, fiancé and Pinterest, we threw Alpha a tropical bridal shower last weekend!

We brainstormed ideas back in January, discussed the decor and budget in March, checked out Alpha's backyard and basement in May, and started crafting last month!

It was so cool to see everything come together the night before. Can you believe we got a tiki bar too?!? Hahaha

Since there was a chance of rain, we decided to host the event indoors. I'm actually so glad we did because it was very humid that day too!

I took charge of the games, and came up with different activities for the guests to do!

They were asked to figure out how old the bride was in each photo, guess who said the following sentences (also known as, He Said, She Said) and leave advice for the bride.

As we waited for Alpha to arrive, guests sipped on mimosas, had photo ops with the decor and mingled... or should I say FLAmingled. ;)

When her fiancé messaged us that she was on her way, we all waited by the door anxiously. Once she arrived, we loudly greeted her with, "ALOHA!"

Alpha had no idea that over 40 guests would show up and that we used her Pinterest board as our inspiration. We were so happy when we saw how surprised she looked!

She kept saying, "Wow!" as she walked around the room. Her reaction made all of our hard work worth it!

We got the lunch buffet started, and had dessert afterwards. I was shookie by how big the slices of cake were!

I'm also impressed with how the donut wall came out! This is a perfect example of our team effort. Dillon built the peg board. Tina designed the signage. Dillon's mom created the leaves stencil. Antonette and I cut the leaves out. Nneka glued the leaves on the toothpicks. Alpha's mom bought the donuts!

Speaking of desserts, I couldn't get enough of this Filipino steamed rice cake that Alpha's mom made! It's called, "puto." I feel kinda naughty when I say it because it's apparently a bad word in Spanish!!

Following dessert, we played musical bouquet and announced all of the winners for the activity cards.

Everyone moved towards the couches afterwards for the gift opening and was in awe when Dillon showed up and surprised Alpha with roses!!! Too sweet!

Next up, Alpha's bachelorette! We gonna tropic like it's hot!!!!