More Parks

Today I went shopping with my mommy and bought some cute summer apparels! After shopping, I went home and Jen came over to play with me! We ate noodles, sang Britney Spear's songs, and then we sat outside on the new swing set / couch that my parents bought last week! :-)

We got bored so we went and rode bikes to the convenience store to buy some chips and slushie! After we were done eating chips, Jen wanted to ride around my neighbourhood! We rode down this very long street that had many hills for us to go up and down on! We kept riding until we saw this bridge over a pond and decided to stop and take some pictures!

We continued riding on that path and crossed another bridge and saw a kiddie park!!! :-)

Before we rode back to the park we found in the beginning, we took some pictures at the nearby field and at the bridge!

We took some on the slide at the first park we discovered, before we left!

We felt soo icky when we came back to my house, but it was definitely worth the two hours of fun!!! :-)

Podiatrist's Office

Today I went to my sister's part time job that I'm going to be working at in September! My sister will be too busy with her last year of university next year, so I'll be working there to make some money! $$$ She works as a receptionist at a podiatrist's office! I went in after school to get an idea of what I have to do in September! When I arrived there, I met the doctor! He was so kind. :-)


I learned how to read and file the charts, how to book appointments etc. That's me looking so professional while writing on papers! :-) Other than filing and writing on papers there, there's also some good stuff! Hehehe :-)


Here are some more photos of the office!


Here is the waiting area


and here are some cute art on the walls! :-) I'll be going back there in August to train!

Alessia's Birthday

I just came home from Alessia's birthday party! I arrived at her house at 5:30 and then we were all off to Swiss Chalet! :-)


My dish had so much fries! I felt so bloated after I was done.


After, we went to the washroom for photos. We spent like an hour there and then we went back to  her house to watch a horror movie! :-)


My parents came when it was time to cut the cake, so I had to leave. I got a slice though! :-) I'm so happy my parents came, because they were going to continue to watch the horror movie after the cake was cut! I still have the chills from the horror movie we were watchingg - Silent Hill! Happy birthday Alessia!!! :-)


For my Spanish summative, I had to pick a Spanish country and make either a collage of photos of the country, a brochure about the country or a pinata! I chose Puerto Rico for my country and I chose to do a pinata! :-) I decided to make a fruit bowl, because Puerto Rico is mostly known for their delicious fruits! I decided to take pictures of the whole process of me making it!

#1: Gather the equipments and cover a bowl in foil so you could stick newspaper onto it, without sticking on the bowl!

#2: Use newspaper and scrunch it up! I tried to make it look like edible fruits! :-)

#3: Cover it in paper mache!

#4: Cover it in colourful tissue paper! I introduce you to my ...FRUIT BOWL! :-)

The last process took me so long! I made these steps seem so simple but each step took me a while! It was 10:30 and I wasn't finished yet, so my parents came in and helped me out!!! :-) Everyone loved my presentation today! I can't believe I finished!!! I'm finally done all my summatives, time to relax!

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

Today cindynguyenxo turns one year old! I still remember my first post today! Hehe :-) I actually didn't think I would keep this blogspot going for so long!!! Special thanks to all the people who have been following my blog to this day and the days that have yet to come!!! :-)

In the morning, I went to the doctor's with my grandma! My uncle dropped us off early before he went to work but the doctors didn't open until 10:30! We just chilled in a shop beside the doctor's office.


After bringing my grandma to the doctor's, Jen came over to celebrate this wonderful day! We went to Metro to buy something to eat with our five bucks! :-) We rode our new bikes that my uncle gave us! It saved us so much time!!! :-)


We didn't know whether to buy wedges or onion rings, so the lady gave us half of each in a large box! We used our left over change to buy some sour keys! :-) After that, we headed to the park to have a picnic!


After we were done eating, we started using my camera to take a photo of us with Jen's camera! Hahaha :-)