Last Friday Night

Last Friday night, I hung out with Joycelyn, Camille and Thiya to celebrate Joycelyn's birthdayyy!!! Her birthday is actually next week, but she will be busy tanning in Punta Cana by then! So lucky like!!! I still have five more months until it's my turn! 😪

The four of us had dinner at Lbs.! When I first suggested this restaurant in the group chat, they were a little confused as to what I was referring to. They eventually caught on and realized it was pronounced "pounds." I just found out that lbs. is also an abbreviation for lobster, burgers and salad... nowww it all makes sense why their menu was so limited! 😂

We all had a great experience at this place, and I can see myself going back there again for some lobster corn donuts! Once we stuffed our bellies with lobster, we made our way to Sweet Jesus to let Camille and Thiya see what the hype was all about.

Our night ended with us taking a bunch of pictures in front of the theatres on King Street. I was actually surprised at how much work we all put in to get these shots...  We were squatting low and leaning backwards. We even went the extra step and held our iPhone flashlights in the air to get more brightness! 😂

I think it was all worth it though, because I finally have an Instagram photo to upload!!! Daniel still can't stop making fun of me for not having enough photos to do a "best nine" collage for 2016. 😢

Afternoon Tea

So three years ago, my friend Claudia found a Groupon for afternoon tea at Ruelo Patisserie! She immediately told me about it because she knows how obsessed I am with macarons!!! 💘  We visited the cafe the following week and were really bummed to find out that they were still under renovations..

We completely forgot about this deal, until I logged onto my account a few weeks ago! I saw that it had expired, but was super ecstatic to find out that the Groupon was still worth the value we paid for. In other words, we basically had credit to use towards the cafe. ☺️

Claudia and I finally got around to making reservations for last Saturday! We spent hours catching up and devouring the sweet pastries. To be quite honest, I think I can do without scones for a... while... 😂  We both wished they gave us more macarons than scones!

What I love about hanging with Claudia is how non-judgemental she is when it comes to me taking photos. Better yet, she even joins in on the fun and helps me with my flat lay! 😂💕 I'm so glad that we finally got around to redeeming our coupon three years later - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

But actually, this place was such a mission to get to! 😄 ✨


It's almost 3am right now and I should probably be asleep, especially since I have an early shift tomorrow. But.. I unintentionally took a two hour nap this evening. 😢 Daniel came over and told me that he wasn't feeling so well. We had some spaghetti, he popped a Tylenol and I tucked him into bed. I ended up dozing off with him after I played chubby bunny with my blueberries. Now I'm up and feeling super motivated to blog!! 😄

Last weekend, I had brunch at Wish with my friend, Madelle!!! I literally haven't seen her since second year, because she took a year off and went on vacation last year. (You might remember her from this post or this post!) I don't think I've ever shared the story of how we met! We met during frosh week. That's basically the story ..or all I can really remember. 😂  I can't recall what our first conversation was about or how we even started talking.

After not seeing each other for months, our friendship hasn't changed one bit! We easily picked up from where we left off and talked non-stop. Now that I think of it.. it took us two hours to finish half of our meal. 😄

We also found out that we have a class together this semester and talked about all the adventures we will go on after our lecture! I have a feelin' it's gonna be a gooooOod year!!! 😎

Calii Love

HEY GUYS HEY!!! ✨ I hope your new year is going well so far! I still have some catching up to do on here, since I barely blogged during the holidays. With that said, you can expect another post before this week ends!

So after I got over my food poisoning, Daniel and I checked out this cute little restaurant on King St. West, called Calii Love! I was really digging the beach theme they had going on and thought it was an Instagram-worthy place overall! I'm a little bummed that I didn't get photos of their interior, since the gloomy weather wasn't helping the lighting in there and... I WAS JUST TOO HUNGRY for that. Ok, I said it. 😂

Since they're known for their acai and poke bowls, we had to try both! I thought it was really cool how they named their menu items after feelings. The cashier was like, "DANIEL IS FEELING LOVED TODAY," as she's handing off the tray to the assembler. To be honest, I think he did feel that emotion after I told him that lunch would be on me that day! 😂

We shared their popular smoothie bowl, called Love, and ordered our own salad bowls. Now I'm not gonna lie, our expectations were pretty high for this place after we really enjoyed the last poke bowl we had at Pokeh.

Guys, I actually spelled out my name for the cashier when I ordered.. but I guess she couldn't hear me. Ruining ma aesthetics. Just like Starbucks!! Hahaha 😪

I ordered their "hopeful" bowl because I was curious about the sweet potato noodle they put in it. I realized after that it was just raw potato shredded (like zucchini noodles) and not doughy, like spaghetti. 😭  The portion was also pretty small (or maybe I just eat too much! LOL) compared to Daniel's "grateful" bowl. We agreed that the bowls did not measure up to what we had in Hamilton. 😕

On the other hand, their acai bowl was delicious!! I could totally picture myself eating this every morning in Hawaii. ✨ Some dayyyy.✨  Even though I didn't enjoy my poke bowl, I would still give this place another chance and try something new on their menu!

So.. I think I know what my resolution for this year is. It is to find a way to tame these baby hairs!! Ok, they're more like "teenager" hairs at this length. 😂