To be honest, when I first created this blog in grade eight... I didn't think I would keep it running for so long! Like c'mon, I was in grade eight! What kind of interesting life did I have then???

OH WAIT.. what kind of interesting life do I have now?!! HAHA

This blog has actually done so much for me and now, it's going to help me get into school!!! :-)

The programs I'm applying to recommends that I show some of my photography! I won't tell you guys what programs I'm applying to yet ...until I actually get into them

to save myself some embarrassment in case I don't get in! Heh.. heh.. nervously giggling here ..

I thought I wanted to go out today but as the morning went on, I realized I was contagious!!! I actually felt so light headed and phlegm building up in my throat so I knew it was a better idea to just get some rest. I'm definitely sure I didn't get sick from not wearing a coat outside the other day... Hehehahaha :-)

Who would have thought that when I'm sick, I am the most productive! Besides sleeping all day, I finally started to go through all my rookie (forever rookie) photos I took... starting when my parents first got me my 7 megapixel digital camera! It's crazy how I own an 18 megapixel one now!!! :-)

This photo below was the first photo that got me into taking photos. I was just so amazed at how the front was all cool and blurry and the back was so focused. Ok, I was not amazed.

I was like, "HOLY SH / /, I HAVE SOME SORT OF PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS!" and I totally abused that photo by posting it on every social network! (CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE.)

..... I also seem to have this weird fetish with taking pictures of feet ....

Feet in the water, feet in the air!

Wavin' it like we just don't caaare!

Don't judge me! Hahahaha

Besides the fact that I chose (I would hate myself if I knew I chose) or was given the most awkward letter position to do... the photo above is my all-time favourite!!! :-)

All the photos you guys are viewing in this blog post right now are the first set of photography I'll be including in my portfolio! :-)

They are also my favourite photos I took (or my timer took) when I was between the ages of 13 to 15 with my two digital cameras (I eventually upgraded to a 14 megapixel camera!). :-)

This is so random but when I'm sick, I have some odd desire (Wow, that was a fancy way of saying craving!) to eat apple and peanut butter over and over again.

You can barely taste the apple though! I think I just eat it with peanut butter to make it look more nutritional, so my grandma doesn't question me if I was to take a spoonful of peanut butter and casually eat it! Hahaha

Oh! Since I brought up my grandma in this post, that reminded me of what my sister said to me yesterday! She used some sort of big word on me and I was like...

"Wow! Big word!"

"Oh sorry, Cindy. I forgot you spoke in only one to two syllables. Hah!"

"That's not true!!!"

Like, how dare she said that!

.... When I just speak in ONE, gosh.
Unknown said...

Omg, Im feeling so nostalgic looking through these pictures. :')

Cindy Adores said...

Good times!!! :-)


Instant Milk said...

I just looked through some of your other posts and really enjoyed visiting your blog! Come by soon, and let's follow each other!


Cindy Adores said...

Wow! Thank you so much and definitely will do! :-D


ro said...

unas fotos preciosas!!

Cindy Adores said...

¡Gracias! x

Alessia said...

Girl you look fab!:) You have inspiring blog too!

Hugs from Finland,


Cindy Adores said...

Aw!!! That's so nice of you to say. Thank you so much! :-)