You know what I love about birthdays?! The fact that it just gives you the incentive to be nice to yourself, without feeling guilty! :-) With that being said, I'm totally going to treat myself with one of these items on my wishlist!!! The macarons will definitely be the first thing I'll get. (I can't express how much I love them, Ugh.) What makes me feel even better is the fact that I'm ballin' now...a patient randomly gave me a $20 tip today!!! Hehehe

Here's my 18th birthday wishlist that my friends and family have been requesting! :-) Here are some stuff that popped in my head in the last hour so guys, please, please, please don't feel obligated to get me these stuff because there are so many things I like and I just can't remember right now... and things I want that I didn't know that I wanted until someone gets it for me and I realized I did wanted it!
1. Wilfred's Voisin Sweater
2. Leather Single Strap Backpack
So, my sister is sorta convinced that I'm fabulous! Hahahah, I wish!!! She's actually convinced that I'm a hooker.

Here are some good reasons why!!!
1. I enjoy hanging out on the corner of streets... (only to take pictures with my friends!)
2. I like to smile at little kids when I'm walking on the sidewalk... (trying to be friendly!)