I'm really liking this whole thing me and Maddy got going on... where we bake each other something once a week! :-) Ok, let's get real...

everyone likes free baked goodies! :-) This week she baked me mini banana muffins with chocolate chips and you cannot go wrong with that combination! You go Maddy, you go gurl!!! In return, I decided to bake her one of my favourite chocolate chip cookies! The recipe is known to make chewy and super soft cookies but for some reason, I wasn't satisfied.

They're just chocolate chip cookies, nooo big deal????! So... I decided to CRANK. IT. UP! I added a teaspoon of Nutella in my second batch... and that was possibly THE BEST decision I had ever made!

Speaking of Nutella, it was actually World Nutella Day yesterday! :-) I actually thought I was so brilliant for thinking of stuffing it with Nutella but foodgawker kinda says I'm not... Hahahaha

These babies baked great with no cracks, which makes me a very happy baker! :-) It's sweet but y'know, it's Nutella and chocolate chips! :-) You can never get too much of that!!!

I shared it with my taste testers and all of them approved and swore it was the best chocolate chips cookie they ever had!!! If they think this tastes great, I cannot wait to bake them New York Times' chocolate chip cookie recipe that almost every baking blog has claimed to be the best.... ;-)

I also shared it with my other classmates and so many has requested for the recipe so here you go guys! Enjoy!!! :-) (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.)

In all honestly, I didn't want to share these with anybody... :-)

I'm not that selfish though (Heh..heh..heh..) and since my birthday is coming up, I'll be having a whole lotta goodies coming my way so it was probably a good decision I shared these! :-)

With that being said, I'm off to my birthday dinner #1 ...out of 4!!! :-)
P.S. Stay tune for the upcoming birthday posts!!! 
Bea S. said...

Omg, amazing!! I'm hungry now! :)


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