I had no idea what a blondie was...

until I baked these brownie-look-alike yesterday for my friends, Sahra and Thiya! :-) I really loved how moist and quick it was to whip these babies up! I think this is going to be my go-to recipe from now on, especially since you could switch up the chocolate chips with other alternatives! Thiya and I were so tempted to finish them all before Sahra came over... :-)

It was probably my first time having someone sit there while I snapped photos of my baking!! I actually thought it would be boring... most of all weird... to watch me take different angles... but Thiya was telling me how she had always wanted to see me in the process! Hahaha

She even asked me if I could give her the honour to sit there while I blog about it! I died. I asked Thiya to come over because I thought she would enjoy catching up with our friend Sahra yesterday too! The reason Sahra was visiting was because she messaged me two weeks ago asking me to help her with a big favour...

The last time I saw her was in grade six and I'm so happy we have been keeping in touch throughout the six years! She has also been an avid reader of my blog during the years and has always been so supporting! :-) With that being said, the favour she had asked of me...

was to help her take some selfies for her University application! There's actually a potential that we'll be attending the same University if she gets accepted!! :-)

I played around with my camera and took some selfies of Thiya before Sahra came in the evening to take the photos! :-)

Thing is, I'm not really used to taking photos with dim lighting in the cold weather so I was really afraid I was going to let Sahra down with her photos!

I adjusted the settings a bit and we were all in awe at how the camera made it look so bright out!!! I gave Sahra the option of either keeping these photos we took today or coming back next week to have them redone since I didn't think these would meet our expectations!

I'm so happy that she loved the results, especially with the circumstances we were in! :-)

We went back to my house after we had a good feeling "the one" was taken. :-) We caught up on each other's lives over KD with ketchup,

bonded over our awesome taste in indie songs,

and our love for good chocolates! I'm so happy I got to start off my March Break with them!!! :-)

Speaking of chocolates, a customer at work just gave me a box of Lindor chocolates 10 minutes ago!!! The perks of working here is so awesome! I have a feeling my day is just going to get even better... :-)


  1. Hi doll! What lens did you use when you took the photos of your bakings! :)

    1. Hey Heidi! :-) I used the standard lens which came with my Canon Rebel T3i, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens! x

  2. You are all adorable! Those blondies look delicious, too!

    <3 Melissa

  3. very familiar faces haha! Glad you ladies had lots of fun <3 !!!