My media teacher assigned us this assignment two weeks ago and he had been giving us class time to work on it but like c'mon, who really uses their time productively.... :-)

so of course I would start the assignment the night before it was due!!! Heh..heh.. heh... :-)

Our task was to create our own FONT to write our name with (using FontStruct) and our own logo that represented ourselves! I thought that was the COOLEST. THING. EVER. I was so excited to start but... but.. I was uninspired!!!

I think that was one of the reasons I procrastinated until the very last moment! I told myself I would finish this assignment even if I had to stay up all night because I had promised myself that I would never hand in anything late! I wasn't going to let this assignment end this streak I had going on!!!

I was totally calm and jammin' to Britney until I realized it was almost midnight and I had not even completed one letter and that... THAT WAS WHEN I STARTED TO PANIC! Now I was tired and even more uninspired!!!

I realized the problem was that I was trying to create a font similar to the examples I was looking up and at the same time, it just felt like I was restricting myself!

I decided to let myself go and deleted all these random triangles and squares I had on my grid and simply freehanded the letter C..

which eventually grew into this!


Thank goodness I had a double spare this morning for me to finish it! :-) I thought I would come home after school today and take a nap but I already made plans with Joycelyn at the beginning of the week and it's Joycelyn we're talking about here!!!!!


The day ended really well - I got to spend quality time with my best friend and I managed to finish my font and my logo on time! I decided to base my logo off of my bicycle and I even included my Michael Kors' bag in the basket!!! :-) My teacher was saying how difficult and long it must have took for me to do my name in cursive...

which lead me to confessing that I actually finished this assignment last night and what he said made me giggle,

"Are you serious?"