There were two things I couldn't turn down today...

and that was David's invite to dinner and Michael's offer to pay!!! IT AIN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY THOUGH! Like what. We couldn't decide where to eat and David was literally spinning in circles around the parking lot until we made up our mind and in the end... he was the one who actually decided for us!

The first piece I ate... I was tryna be all polite you know... but like have you ever tried eating a piece of sushi in two bites because it's not easy without having it fall apart!!!

"Cindy, you don't have to be attractive in front of us."

As soon as David said that, I unleashed my vacuum and stuffed the pieces in my mouth!!! With that being said, I don't recommend sushi as a first date! Or maybe it's not the best place for me! Hahahah

The last plate... and the most expensive plate that Michael was willing to pay for us... finally came and we all had high expectations for it but not only did it disappoint us...

I found a piece of HAIR and David found another one... and that was probably the first time all of us witness something so gross at a restaurant!

I complained to our server and saved Michael money on this plate! Boo ya!

We are not planning to come back to Kisoya anytime soon.. or ever again! To save our appetites, the night ended perfectly with ice cream from Baskin Robbins!

The food that I do recommend trying are the grill cheese sandwiches from the Construction Site!

My friend Sarah and I missioned there last week and it was like an amped up grilled cheese and all I gotta say is that... I cannot replicate it... and even if I do, I don't think I would put as much love into it like the man did! So good!!

Gosh, the benefits of having friends with whips is the amount of new food I get to try! As a way to keep track of all the tasty things that has made my tummy happy, I have created a new category for my blog and you won't believe the clever name I came up for it...