My sister, Susie and her boyfriend Riri (Ryan) has decided that they will be travelling down the alphabet!!!

In other words, they will visit a country for each letter as they go down the list alphabetically! For example, for the letter A... their first trip was Aruba... and for B... it was Bahamas... C was Cancun and they just got back from their letter D... which was DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Funny thing is, they didn't plan to go to Dominican. They actually went there for a destination wedding for their friend and what are the chances that it would continue their order?!

For every vacation my sister has been on, I always remind her and Ryan to pick me up some seashells to add to my collection! :-) I'm so in love with clams and my collection is growing so big that I'm starting to get confused as to which clams belong to which country!!!

As I was sorting through the shells, this one stood out the most... maybe because of its texture... or maybe because it reminded me a lot like my favourite Guylian seashell chocolates... most likely! Hahaha

Out of all the clams she brought back, this is by far my favourite one and I think the only reason I like it so much is because there are two clams in one! Who doesn't like things in double!! Speaking of doubles, my sister brought back a Bounty chocolate bar and since they come in doubles, she was willing to share half with me! Jokes, not willing. I would've taken a bite anyways!!! :-)

I was so happy to taste some chocolates from Dominican until my sister told me that the Bounty they sold there was no different than here... o.

My sister usually buys the packaged seashells for me at each destination but this time she decided to look for her own! (Ok... more like she made Ryan look for them!!! Hahaha) She told me how he literally dug his hand under some sand in the sea and gathered a bunch of rocks with the shells, so she had to sort through them after! This just shows how much she lalalalaloves me... :-)

When I first took a look at these little ones that they personally dug up, none of them really stood out to me,

so I dumped it back in the bag and that was when I got a better look at all of them

and spotted the PRETTIEST clam ever! I don't think I had ever mentioned this... but I really like zigzags. I even tried convincing my cousin, Linda to paint her walls chevron last Summer!! Hahaha

Thanks so much to my sister and Ryan for helping me add more to my collection! My sister told me that for the photo below, she was trying to take artsy pictures like me and she kept pointing out how she focused it so well and made the background all blurry and pretty! I was impressed!! Hahaha

She is all tanned and fabulous right now... minus the tanned... she kind of pass the border for tanned... and wait, MINUS THE FABULOUS TOO... :-)

Today was her first day back at work and once she entered the doors... she found out that she got PROMOTED to a higher position! Ryan bought her her favourite strawberry shortcake to congratulate her

...and I can't promise her it will still be there by the end of this weekend.
ahoymichelle said...

Oh I absolutely love the fact that you collect seashells! I used to collect them myself, but after moving to so many different homes, I ended up losing them one by one.

I also love how your sister is travelling through the alphabet. Now THAT sounds exciting!


Jane said...

A beautiful set of pictures <3

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!!! I love it!!! So great!

Cindy Adores said...

Aw!!!! I'm so obsessed with them!
Thanks so much for dropping by, Michelle! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Jane! :-)

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much!! :-) x

Unknown said...

words from my dad, who surprisingly still remembers your sister and her boyfriend (weird, I know)... "Woaaah, they're still together?! wow, nice. Keep enjoying life as much as you can before having kids." Not sure if you actually want to tell her that, cause it's still extremely awks that he still remembers them but yeah, LOL