Go For Tea

I just came home from Go For Tea with Susie and Riri! I sorta, kinda, maybe love bubble tea so I was looking forward to going there for the first time! :-)

We all ordered the very mango mango slush! It was filled with mango chunks, lychee and tapioca! It's like an enhanced Ten Rens' version! (I gotta bring Nancy here one day!!!)

We also tried their yummy dishes! We ordered their:
  • Spicy Fried Tofu w/Basil, Ginger & Garlic
  • Popcorn Chicken w/ Spiced Salt & Green Onion
  • Fried Rice w/Taiwanese Sausage
  • Sweet Potato Fries

For a bubble tea lover, I really enjoyed this place!!! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Wide Awake

Today I brought Jessica and Lana a slice of my banana cake that I baked yesterday! Those expressions makes me so happy inside!!! :-)

It was the grade 10 literacy test today, so school started at 1:00 and classes were only a half an hour! I don't understand why my school would still hold classes when you can't really accomplish much in that time?!?! I had to go anyways because I "thought" there would be a math quiz but nobody showed up so it got postponed! Woop, woop! :-)

Before school, Jessie and I went to Second Cup for lunch!

We both ate a grilled pita for lunch! I still can't justify the cost for it though, it wasn't worth it!!!

After work today, I decided to surprise my sister with her favourite chicken caesar salad from Ferrero's but apparently... Ryan bought it for her today tooo?!?!

What a coincidence!!! It's amazing how we didn't even plan it to get it for her today! Now my sister has an extra box for lunch tomorrow! Hahaha

My mom is known to buy weird/interesting fruits, like abnormally big strawberries, super tiny clementines and yellow watermelon! I'm not complaining though, I find them really yummy!

Today I tried this new fruit she bought called star apple! She said it was one of her favourite fruits when she was growing up...

and I think it's going to be one of my favourite fruits too!!! :-)


Today Ryan picked me up from school since he had a day off! Lately, his leg has been aching and its gotten pretty bad that he had to go to the doctors. I really hope everything will be okay!!!

He came over after and chilled with my grandma while I baked my favourite banana cake recipe! I was going to bake yesterday but my bananas weren't riped yet! To make bananas ripen quick, place them in a bag with an apple and wait overnight! It really works!!! :-)

After my banana cake finished baking, we went to pick up my sister from work and we also stopped by my favourite macaron place, La Bamboche!

Macarons always make me smile.

After we picked up my sister and my mom, we went home and had dinner. We had corn... and chicken and mashed potatoes.. but I love corn!!! Hehehe :-)

After dinner, it was time to eat my beloved banana cake!

I got this recipe from one of my dad's customers who used to bake it for him every Christmas! I'm usually the one who always finishes it. It's seriously the best banana cake I ever had!!! :-)

For some reason, the recipe she gave me wasn't as moist as the one she made! I think she forgot to write me one more ingredient... I think it's vegetable oil..

It was still good nonetheless! :-) What made me even happier is that Ryan and my mom thought so too!!! I'm going to bring a slice for Jess and Lana tomorrow! :-) After banana cake.. I couldn't forget to eat my macarons!!! I bought for Susie and Ryan too! :-)

I got the caramel sea salt (my sister's favourite) and

my favourite, mint chocolate! It tasted soooo heavenly!!!

I really hope I learn to perfect this recipe one day!

School has been really good to me this week! I haven't had homework to do for two days! Whew! Co-op has also been great, as usual. :-) This week is going to end really great, I just have a good feeling.

Cindy's Rap

Jun and I have a love/hate relationship, ever since I rejected one of our study sessions... now he's sorta bitter. Hah! To express his anger, he and joel wrote a rap about me in chemistry class today, I'm utterly flattered yet, insulted... :-)

Study Dates with Lana

Lana and I used to have morning study sessions on the day of our physics' test. My mom was like, "Wouldn't it be more logical if she came over days before the test instead of cramming it in the morning?"

So today, Lana came over for our ~ study date ~ We spent seven hours studying... but did we really? :-)

It was more like studying, eating beef patties, Timbits, Maltesers and ketchup chips

and ...getting manicures too!!!

Daphne Guinness

Today I'm happier than a bird with a french fry! I'm so happy this week is finally done!!! It was cray cray! I had so much due after the march break, I don't know how i managed! I'm surprised I even squeezed in a bit of blogging this week!

Here's the promised post on my scrapbook! :-)

To end our documentary unit in English, my teacher assigned us an assignment which gave us an option of either:
  • filming our own short documentary
  • making a movie trailer
  • making an interesting graphic documentary on a notable person
It was good that I picked the scrapbook option since I had a lot of spare scrapbook paper and magazines to use as inspiration! I never thought my sister's and mom's magazines would come in handy! Thanks to everyone who also donated!!!

Here's the anticipated scrapbook I spent two days on when she gave us four weeks to work on it!!! It's definitely procrastination at its finest! When I told my teacher I was doing my scrapbook on Daphne Guinness, she asked me, "Are you sure you can find enough information on her?"

I didn't know what or how to do the title page so I decided to keep it simple! You really can't go wrong with a glittery page!!! :-)

Believe it or not, these are my favourite pages out of my whole scrapbook!

My sister's favourite page is the one of the right! (Above photo)

Before I ended my scrapbook, I had to include this little tidbit on the last page! :-)

Yesterday, I handed in my scrapbook and today, my english teacher told me she marked my scrapbook already and asked me if i wanted to know what mark I got! I was expecting at least an 80%... she gave me a 98%!!! :-) She said that's the highest mark she ever gave out for this assignment! I was completely ecstatic and Jessica was SO HAPPY for me!!! I can't believe I got that mark though! I have really high expectations for myself when it comes to art. I actually wasn't satisfied with my scrapbook! I wanted to make a pop-up runway in my scrapbook but I didn't have enough time, how awesome would that have been!!!!

Here's my grandma's cute reaction when I told her my mark! Hahaha :-) Afterwards, my english teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I don't know if it's just me but lately, I've been getting that question a lottt! I told her I wanted to do something in the arts but it's really hard to make a living out of that and she told me I shouldn't waste my artistic gift! Hahaha