Who would have thought?

I'm sorta, kind of, maybe... sad.

The weather is getting warmer and the buds are starting to appear on my mom's trees... and I can also enjoy my bowl of fruit salad on our backyard swing again... so I should be happy right??! :-) Thing is, I can't help but think that June is slowly approaching and I never... thought I would say this... but...

I'm going to miss high school.

I'm really going to miss sharing sushi boats with my girls after school on the park bench and baking goodies for them... especially because I can see how much they appreciate my efforts!!!

I still remember my first year of high school, I spoke to a senior who told me that these four years will go by very fast... and I was literally wishing it would!!! Joycelyn and I would rant to each other how out of place we felt and how we just didn't connect with anyone at our schools ...and I was basically on the verge of transferring schools. My mom urged me to give it one more chance the second year before transferring to my home school to be with my middle school friends....

and I'm really glad I did!!!

My second year turned out so much better! Maybe it was because my schedule was really great or the fact that I followed my cousin's advice. She told me that one of her biggest regrets was getting to know more people in her grade during her last year there... when she had the chance of getting to know them before they were about to graduate!

Who would have thought that I would still be close with the first friends I made on my first day (Maddy and Jeremy) or the fact that I ACTUALLY got really close with the people who seemed like they hated my presence (Lana and Alexandria) during my first year there?! Lastly,

who would have thought I would meet them?

I met Jessie in grade ten history class and we instantly became close after we revealed our crushes to each other and we basically knew we could trust each other after that! We also bonded over the fact that we both did not enjoy our first year!!!! Hahaha

Although we had a few ups and downs like any friendships, she made my high school years. She's the sweetest girl ever and it just makes me sad that she doesn't realize how beautiful inside and out she is! (Jerebear... you better treat her right!!!!!!)

As for Saffie... OH SAFFIE!!! I became super close with her last year... even though we went to the same middle school but we BARELY spoke one word to each other!! We started bonding over boys too... Heh heh heh... :-)

People find Saffie a bit intimidating and I think that's the SILLIEST THING EVER. She's honestly one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met and one more thing...

I cannot forget the time she ate my cookies while I was in math class... and she was running up and down the hallways screaming and groaning!!! HAHAHA. Cutest thing ever!

"Ha, you're not cool Jess."

I'm going to cut this sappy sad stuff now because you know what...

there's literally only one more month left and I'm going to make the best of it by spending as much time as I can with all of them


After Work

I'm so happy that the weather is getting warmer and I can finally pull out these babies to wear!!! Since May is approaching... which is also known as "hell month" at my school, I have been pretty consumed with tests and assignments! With that being said, I haven't had time to snap photos with my favourite camera this week so I had actually been resorting to my iPhone! This photo was taken after I GOT ANOTHER RAISE AT WORK on Saturday!!!! EEEP! This means that I'm one step closer to purchasing a plane ticket to somewhere beautiful! :-) This photo was also taken after I met a stranger on the bus who randomly chose to sit beside me when there were so many other available seats behind me! She started talking to me when I had my earphones in... so I pulled them out to hear what she was asking me. The question she had for me was whether or not I liked her weave???? I had no idea it was weave! When I told her that, she laughed so loud on the bus that everyone turned around and stared at us! We spent the whole bus ride talking and it was just nice having a companion! :-) This is the third time I have made friends with an elderly on the bus! I'm really starting to wonder whether or not they're confusing me as another elderly??! After I got home from work, my grandma stuck her head between my bedroom door and usually when she does that... she always adds in her little random sly comments...

"Cindy, your eyes are so big... 
boys are even scared when they see them!"
and then she shuts my door.


My sister, Susie and her boyfriend Riri (Ryan) has decided that they will be travelling down the alphabet!!!

In other words, they will visit a country for each letter as they go down the list alphabetically! For example, for the letter A... their first trip was Aruba... and for B... it was Bahamas... C was Cancun and they just got back from their letter D... which was DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Funny thing is, they didn't plan to go to Dominican. They actually went there for a destination wedding for their friend and what are the chances that it would continue their order?!

For every vacation my sister has been on, I always remind her and Ryan to pick me up some seashells to add to my collection! :-) I'm so in love with clams and my collection is growing so big that I'm starting to get confused as to which clams belong to which country!!!

As I was sorting through the shells, this one stood out the most... maybe because of its texture... or maybe because it reminded me a lot like my favourite Guylian seashell chocolates... most likely! Hahaha

Out of all the clams she brought back, this is by far my favourite one and I think the only reason I like it so much is because there are two clams in one! Who doesn't like things in double!! Speaking of doubles, my sister brought back a Bounty chocolate bar and since they come in doubles, she was willing to share half with me! Jokes, not willing. I would've taken a bite anyways!!! :-)

I was so happy to taste some chocolates from Dominican until my sister told me that the Bounty they sold there was no different than here... o.

My sister usually buys the packaged seashells for me at each destination but this time she decided to look for her own! (Ok... more like she made Ryan look for them!!! Hahaha) She told me how he literally dug his hand under some sand in the sea and gathered a bunch of rocks with the shells, so she had to sort through them after! This just shows how much she lalalalaloves me... :-)

When I first took a look at these little ones that they personally dug up, none of them really stood out to me,

so I dumped it back in the bag and that was when I got a better look at all of them

and spotted the PRETTIEST clam ever! I don't think I had ever mentioned this... but I really like zigzags. I even tried convincing my cousin, Linda to paint her walls chevron last Summer!! Hahaha

Thanks so much to my sister and Ryan for helping me add more to my collection! My sister told me that for the photo below, she was trying to take artsy pictures like me and she kept pointing out how she focused it so well and made the background all blurry and pretty! I was impressed!! Hahaha

She is all tanned and fabulous right now... minus the tanned... she kind of pass the border for tanned... and wait, MINUS THE FABULOUS TOO... :-)

Today was her first day back at work and once she entered the doors... she found out that she got PROMOTED to a higher position! Ryan bought her her favourite strawberry shortcake to congratulate her

...and I can't promise her it will still be there by the end of this weekend.


I should be crowned the worst person to text!!!
I mean... more often than not... I take ages to reply!

I would let my inbox build up to like 20 messages before I actually start replying and sometimes... I just read them and respond hours later! Heh.. heh.. heh... There are times I would respond right away but then I would randomly place my phone down and just leave the person hanging! I do feel bad, I really do... and the only justification I have for being so tardy... is I'M LAZY. :-)

I just don't enjoy having full on conversations through text messages.... or on Facebook either! I prefer having conversations in real life over anything!!! I actually think that once my phone plan expires, I'm going on prepaid cards of 50 text messages!! Hahaha

With that being said, my best friends and I rarely ever text each other... we basically use it to tell each other to call or to make plans to meet up

and that's what Jen and I did to meet up on Saturday after I finished work! I didn't carry my Canon so all these high quality photos are from my iPhone!!! :-)

She recently got her dolla dolla pay cheque and she wanted me to accompany her while she shop! :-) There wasn't anything specific I wanted to buy last Saturday... (Ok. I lied!!! I was so close to buying these if they had my size!) While my best friend looked around for stuff, I window shopped... painted my stubby nails and tried on accessories while I waited for her to pay! Afterwards, we grabbed a quick sushi bite for lunch

and ended the day perfectly with MARBLE SLAB!!! I definitely recommend the green tea yogurt! (Only if you like green tea!!! Hahaha)



I really enjoy taking photos of my friends and family but thing is... I really don't like it when they take photos of me!!! Funny how that works! :-)

With that being said, I have found so many selfies on my camera that I have been waiting to share!!! Instead of me just showing you guys a bunch of my favourite selfies, I think I should also share one of my favourite memories I have with each of my good ol' pals!

This chick is Lana, y'all probably already know that!! Hahaha

She's probably the only person who has ever seen me at my lowest at school... to the point I was running out of the classroom because I was in tears. She ran after me to the washroom and I literally died with the first thing she said....


"I was so confused! I thought you were just starting to have an allergic reaction...."

This is my closest friend in school, Jessi!!! Honestly, I think she's the only reason I didn't transfer schools after my first year there. We actually became super close after confiding in each other who we had a crush on in grade 10 - I love how boys brought us together!!! Hahahaha

Even though we both moved on from them, I'm so happy we're still tight as eva!!! We have so many memories together but the first one that popped in my head would be the most recent one at lunch... when she insisted on trading half of her sweet tangerine for a slice of my tangy orange! Hahahaha

Gosh, I think I finally know what I'm going to miss most about her next year....

her and her daily salami sandwiches!!!!! Wah!

This is Thiya and gosh, she always brings a smile to my face everytime I open my door! So cheesy, but I'm serious! Thiya thinks I'm a nice person but beneath it all, she thinks I'm capable of being mean... only because of what I did to her in middle school.... This is not exactly my fondest memory... it's more like Thiya's but she has brought it up so often that it has actually become mine now!

We both played on the same basketball team in middle school and one day, while we were playing a game... Thiya kept calling my name to pass her the ball. She recalled that I got fed up with her calling so I threw the ball and it smacked her in the face! What makes it even worst is that I didn't even apologize... all I said was...


Oh god... to this day, I still cannot forgive myself for that. I also find it ironic how Thiya always says to me, "Your kindness will eventually kill me, Cindy!"

Last but not least, this is my childhood best friend, Jen and we go WAY back!

We have way, WAY too many memories together! I cannot pinpoint exactly one memory and Jen is probably gonna hate me for posting this...

 but check out this throwback video I made of us FOUR YEARS AGO! It's also the first video I ever uploaded on my Vimeo account! Time sure flies!

Now I'm off to devour a box of mangoes!!!!!