Fab 5

Ever since school ended in June, my four friends and I started this Facebook group conversation to basically make plans and keep in touch! It really sucks when you're not online during a conversation because...

you can have possibly 600+ messages to catch up on!!! Over the past two months, we have accumulated close to 40 000 messages! What I love about this conversation is that we can just share whatever is on our mind / music / photos / videos / gossip / rants at anytime of the day and basically keep in touch wherever we are in the world!

I logged onto Facebook this afternoon to catch up on the messages to discover that Maddy was finally home from Florida, Jere came back two days ago from his trip to Ukraine and Davie was visiting from London but Jessie was still on her way home from her sweet cruise!

David mentioned that he was free this afternoon and so did Maddy and Jere! I was so happy I logged on at just the perfect time to be able to join them for some fun! Instead of wasting time, I just invited them to my place! The next thing you know, we're playing a game of Quelf in my backyard, while eating fresh grapes off my vines!

If you haven't heard of Quelf before, it's simply a game where you roll the die, land on a certain colour, draw that associated card colour and follow the instructions the card says! One of the cards Jere drawed had instructed him to stuff as many items down his shirt before the timer ran out...

in hopes of advancing on the board!!! The struggle was so reaaaal.

For this card, it asked me to pick one of the two topics and we had to go in a circle and say a word that related to that topic. Whoever failed to give an answer would face a penalty and move back two spaces! I chose the first topic and David failed when he said...


Queen Loaft

I bought my Macbook Pro three weeks ago and I have only touched it three times since... 

my mom told me to start using it when school comes around! I decided to bust it out when Megan came over on Wednesday night to take some selfies and to keep it short, my laptop only turned on when the charger was plugged in! After an hour or so, it just stopped working altogether! I took it into Apple the next day and they couldn't solve the issue, so they just apologized

and exchanged me for a brand new one! Sweet!!! At work that day, my right eye twitched and whenever that happens, I swear it foretells something unfortunate will happen to me that day.

Once I got home last night and tried turning on my desktop computer, it just wouldn't start up!!! Are. You. Kidding. Me!!! Not only that, my internet was also down in my neighbourhood yesterday! I love how everything just stopped working yesterday ...and I felt like a pioneer! Hahaha

On the bright side, my internet is back up and my brother specializes in computer and is helping me reformat it tomorrow! So happy, so happy happy happy! I'm also happy that I'm able to use my Macbook to finally share these pretty photos I took of Megan!

Oh yeah!! I finally took my student card photo today (Megan calls me "Queen Loaft") and it's finally hitting me that...


Instagram - @bycindynguyen

Over these last few days, I have been so unsatisfied with my photography on my blog and at the same time, I've never received so many kind comments for it. It's funny how that works right?! I think the more serious I'm getting into photography now, the more I am comparing myself to the other photography blogs I follow. It's good that they're inspiring me and making me strive to be better but I realized that comparison is honestly the thief of joy. I should just cut myself some slack because I'm still learning, experimenting and ...we all have our own photography style right?! What I'm really getting at is... do not compare yourself to other people. Not in photography, but in general.

I'm also trying to get at the fact that I'm foreva grateful for you guys to take the time to check out my blog and watch me learn how to use my camera! Speaking of photography, I finally caved in today and registered on Instagram, so if you enjoy my photography on my blog, 

for exclusive sneak peeks, blog updates and kaboodles of fun! xxx


Last night consisted of twerkin' in alleyways, laughing like hyenas on the floor,
creamy mac and cheese, snuggling in Megan's bed, and
a bucket of heavenly red velvet ice cream!!! Good friends and good (comfort) food
never fails to make me (and my tummy) happy!!!  xxx

Everyone Loves...


The highlight of my day was getting stuck on the first ride we went on, trying a soft pretzel for the first time, Manchu Wok for linner / dunch, petting a beluga whale AND GETTING SQUIRTED BY ONE! I giggled at first and then I saw the smirk he did after and I just cannot -



Meg, Joy and Thiya came over last Saturday and we stuffed our bellies with homemade garlic shrimp pizza before bustin' out an intense game of Taboo! I was paired up with Joy and let's just say, I did not step up my A game at all in the beginning - which was literally pissing them all off! HAHAHA

Like gosh guys, relaxxxx. I kept reminding them it was just a game!! If you hadn't played before, it's simply a game where you have to describe the word on the card to your partner! You're also timed by the opposing team to see how many cards you can go through, while being watched to make sure you don't use the words below the given word in your descriptions!

Yeah... I did not exactly give clear descriptions or really thought too hard about the possibilities, which may have made Joy wishing she wasn't my partner! When I finally had enough of their whining and the fact that they were beating us by 10 points, I started taking the game more seriously. Thiya quickly said, "Oh no guys! Don't jinx Cindy!!! She has super powers."

Megan and Thiya had to leave afterwards, so my sister and her boo thang filled their spots! The game got so intense but y'know - JOY AND I WERE STILL UNBEATABLE BABY!


I still can't forget when it was Megan and Thiya's turn and Megan had a difficult time trying to describe the word "shopaholic" to her, so Joy helped out and asked Thiya, "What is Cindy and Megan?"


k KkKk Kkk!!!

Hairy Feet

It was SO WORTH IT going to work super tired the next morning....

because I had so much fun @ C.N.E yesterday with ma faves!!! Joy managed to snag us all a great deal for the passes which gave us the opportunity to go on endless rides all day!

What made it even more fun was that my sister and her boyfriend came after work and hung out with us for the afternoon too!!!

Let me just sum up what my day basically consisted of! I tried a corn dog + shawarma for the first time,

went gaga over all the endless food options at the vendors (I'm so upset I didn't get a chance to see my friend, Ben @ Tiny Toms Donuts!!!),

my sister bought me these super cute palm tree slushies (and I may have possibly went back for refills without paying! Bahaha!!),

finally found a new phone case to replace my polka dot one,

bumped into some super fabulous dude on Big Brother (show that I don't watch),

got super squished because Thiya made me sit between her and Emmett on the Polar Express,

and the night couldn't have ended better than getting the perfect view of the Toronto skyline, soft served ice cream and coming home to a surprise gift on my bed...

SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!