I actually thought I would have this day all to myself since I have plans for everyday this week. (I can't believe I finally have a life!! Hollaaa) Jessie snapchatted me at noon to see if I was free for a few hours because we still needed to exchange our belated Christmas presents with each other. If I had to choose between opening the fridge every hour or spending time with my Jessie..

Ohhhh you already know the obvious answer!!! Let me give you a quick break down of what happened when she walked through my front door. We hugged, exchanged, I opened, I squealed, we hugged, she opened, she squealed and we hugged once more! I've been looking for a scarf for a while and she bought me the softest wool scarf from Zara! Ahhh.. my heart fluttered. So in lalalalove.

As for her gift, I surprised her (or sorta did) with bow clips she had asked from American Apparel! It made me so happy to see her put them in her hair immediately and instagramming one in her hair too! Too cute! We went for a walk around my neighbourhood afterwards and even though it was pretty chilly, the sun still worked in our favour for photos! I was gawking at how pretty Jessie looked in the photos I was taking of her and meanwhile, this girl kept insisting to take photos of me! Wtf??

I usually tell my friends that it's okay because I like being behind the camera but then Jessie reminded me something that I always seem to forget - it's my blog.

Infinity and Beyond

While I was in the kitchen searching through the grocery bags for edible food, my sister interrupted me and told me to go back to my bedroom. I just ignored her and thought ...lol no. Once I made my way back to my room, I saw this little Tiffany box sitting on my bed waiting for me and I was so confused!!!!! The holidays just passed, so why would I even get a present?!?! I unraveled the ribbon and I was just staring at this delicate infinity bracelet in disbelief!

My mom bought the same one for herself, my sister and I. It's her early birthday presents to us and I know I will treasure this forever and ever.

Last Time

Our original plan for yesterday didn't go as planned but that's okay! All that matters is that most of us got together (Jessie was unable to make it, boo!) to see our friend David, who was visiting from London!!! I actually can't believe he visited us because a part of me seriously thought last time was going to be the last time we were seeing him! 

Maddy managed to get the car and picked Jere and I up to go to Loblaws to buy lunch! We were gathering pizza ingredients and as soon as we walked by the frozen food section, we saw that there was a sale happening for frozen pizza!! With that being said, we literally dropped our basket of ingredients beside the freezer and paid for a box of rip and dip pizza instead! We spent the afternoon at Maddy's place eating pizza, playing our fave Just Dance game and bumming around on her couch with our legs on top of each other. I realized there wasn't much to catch up on

...considering that we still talk to each other as a group on Facebook daily!!!

Merry Christmas!

As I've mentioned in the previous post, the snow storm has caused a power outage across Toronto on Sunday morning! At first I thought it wasn't a big deal because there was an outage in the summer and I already knew how to occupy myself (read books, order pizza, bother my sister...)!

I eventually realized that we actually needed power to keep warm in the winter! AhhH! The temperature in the house dropped significantly and everyone in my family was bundled up in layers and blankets! We were hoping that the power would come back on Monday morning but nope...

Everyone in my family had left for their daily routines the next day and I was left home alone with a stack of books to keep me company (and to distract myself from how cold it was) for the day! Many people texted me to see how I was coping and long story short, my cousin Linda drove to my house and told me to pack my bags and stay at her place until I get power back!!!

I was so excited because it's always a great time at her house with her family!

My cousin Jenny also came over to visit Ethan and Eli on Monday night to give them their Christmas gifts! You know...

the cousin that always has cute manicures!!

I wonder who's the bigger kid among the three?! HAHAHA

That's Ethan's expression after Linda told him to not open that box because she found the exact game box that I got for Eli last year! I actually forgot that I got them that too!! Haha

Before they went to brush their teeth (and stole my socks!!), the boys and I watched Elf and I read them a bedtime story! I was so happy when Linda told me that Ethan is obsessed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book set that I got for his birthday this year. She had ended up buying him the whole series and matching PJs too!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! Before bed, Eli wouldn't stop calling me Pepper (Ironman's girlfriend) and he would run around, kiss me on the cheek and run around again! He kept repeating this until Linda tucked him in! Cutest thing ever!!! Hahaha

The next day (or yesterday!), my sister texted me at 3 am that the power was back on at our place! I was so excited to go back to my cozy bed after Linda's Christmas Eve party last night!

I want to give a big thanks to my cousin Linda for taking me in!!!

Now it's finally time for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas! 
May your holidays be filled with joy!


The power outage that happened this past weekend has made me fall behind on my updates! Ahhhhh!! With that being said, let's have a quick recap of my Saturday afternoon with my friend, Madelle! Since there was a snow storm approaching, we were unable to make it to Kim's debut! Ughhh. 

We decided to spend the rainy afternoon exploring Madelle's neighbourhood instead! I love how you can learn so much about someone just by seeing where they live. She showed me the elementary school she went to, the inside of her church, the places she frequently ate at and we accidentally bumped into her high school homies as well! We also visited many small shops and there was one in particular that she wanted to show me, the Me to We store. While we were in there, we were offered free hot chocolate and y'know, we couldn't turn down an offer like that!!

While we drank and warmed up, we started having conversations with the hot chocolate maker and found out that she actually goes to the same Uni as us and not only that -- she was one of our Frosh bosses!!! Small world for real! I love how everything is so convenient and close proximity for her since she lives downtown and not only that,

...the city lights from her bedroom window is beautiful!!!


Cammy and Megan came over today to exchange Christmas gifts! We all opened our gifts in front of each other to see each other's reactions and my best friends know me so well!!! Cammy got me a cute cardi (that I quickly changed into and wore throughout the night) and Megan bought me tickets to Ripley's Aquarium! LIKE HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS ON THE HUNT FOR THESE THINGS. I didn't even give them a wish list this year either! 

 Afterwards, we just cuddled in my bed while munching on a box of cereal! (I've actually become quite obsessed with Special K's Vanilla Almond from Costco!!) We didn't do much today but in all honesty, I don't think we ever do... because we're just so happy that we get to see each other! I guess you can say, it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you're doing it with the people that makes you happy! (WOW, Soo cheesy.) Speaking of cheesy, Megan brought up the fact that food tastes better when you eat it with other people ...and I think that's why eating just cereal tasted so good today!!

Cammy had to leave early to do some errands for her annual New York family trip. It sucked how she left because Thiya actually made a surprise visit tonight after she finished writing her last exam! Thiya doesn't celebrate Christmas but I still didn't care, I had to get her a gift!!!!! She admitted it was her first time receiving a gift for the holidays and she couldn't stop thanking me every 20 minutes after she had opened it!!! Oh the joy of giving!

Guy Friends

Wow, I just came home from a nice reunion with my high school guy friends! We actually sat in the coffee shop for three hours catching up on each other's lives. We didn't even notice the time passed until it was closing time! Even though they are guys, I've known them for so long that I can actually be so comfy around them... like fart. Heh.. heh.. heh..


... :-)


Who knew that shopping for Christmas gifts could actually be a workout!?!

Lana, Maddy and I went shopping downtown today and then they introduced me to one of their fave lunch spots!

After we got some energy, we continued looking for Christmas presents for our family and friends (and ourselves... Bahahaha). 

At the end of the day, it actually felt so great sitting on the subway seat after running up and down the mall for five hours! It was so worth it though because I actually finished buying all my gifts for my besties today!!!

Now I feel all tingly and happy inside because I can't wait to give it to them this Friday!!!


One of the things I looked forward to this week was Linda and Charlie's annual Christmas party!!!

We had always celebrated the holidays at their place with a potluck dinner (and that could possibly be one of the reasons why I look forward to these gatherings every year!!! Hehehe).

Afterwards, the family spent the night mingling with each other (while I took my usual creeper photos! Hahaha)

and being entertained by baby Eli!!! 

That's how he cover his eyes for Hide and Seek by the way!!! Hahaha

Speaking of Eli, I was sitting on the couch with my legs stretched out and he walked up to me...

poked at the hole underneath my sock and asked, "Who that?!" After he asked me that, he pulled off my sock...

and I thought he was going to put it back on for me but the next thing you know...

he ran away with it and surprised me by throwing it in the garbage can!!! I died a little inside but I couldn't help but laugh with the family too! His cuteness honestly makes it so hard to be mad at him! Ugh!!

Thanks for throwing such a memorable party Linda and Charlie!!! (I had a great time even if I went home with a missing sock!)

Oh yeah, that was not the only surprise that made my jaw dropped tonight...

I was asked for the first time to be someone's wedding photographer!!!! 
Like are you serious...