Centre Island

Last month, Daniel and I made a list of 20 things we wanted to do together this summer. It's actually really useful because it gives us a date idea every week!! So yesterday, we wanted to cross off "Visit Centre Island and ride tandem bikes" off our list!

I haven't been there in so long, so I was super excited to revisit! Once we hopped off the ferry, we grabbed a slice of pizza before heading to the amusement park! Since we both get free access to all the rides, we went on a bunch of them despite how kiddish they were. I think we were the most excited ones on all the rides! LOL

I was really looking forward to going on the bumper cars because I'm currently practicing for my g2 test. In other words, since I know how to navigate a car now, I wasn't stuck in the corner of the arena the whole time!! Woo hoo!!! LOL

We cooled off and had some funnel cake before heading over to the bike rental place. So initially, we were planning to rent a tandem bike together. After seeing that they also offered quadricycles for rentals, we decided to go with that option instead.

It turned out to be a more ideal bike for us because we were able to blast music, take photos while pedalling, lean back and hold hands! Daniel let me steer the wheel for a bit before taking over again because I almost rode us off the pavement. Like gosssshh, he just doesn't know how to live life on the edge sometimes!!! LOL

After taking the ferry back home, we joined Cody and Thiya for dinner at Patois! We ordered everything on their menu and spent the night screaming at each other (the place was just SO loud!). Nonetheless, it was a really good day with good food and good company! :-)

And I'm so happy I got to cross yesterday's adventure off our summer list!!! :-)

You Get Back What You Give

Here are a couple of things I'm trying to do more of:
  • Looking for the best in people
  • Giving more compliments
  • Taking things less personally
  • Sleeping and waking up earlier!!!
  • Enjoying the sun more
  • Keeping in touch with friends
  • Being more punctual!
  • Giving people my full attention when they're speaking
  • Distancing myself from people who do not serve me joy anymore


After my positive experience at Moroco Chocolat last summer with Jess, I was excited to go back for their Summerlicious menu this year! This time around, we invited Maddy and Daniel to join us for lunch. It was actually Daniel's first time meeting my friends.. like about time right?! LOL

Before we met up with Daniel at the restaurant, Maddy and Jess were telling me how they had written down questions to ask him to see if he is qualified for me! I was just a teensy bit nervous of what they had in store for him! LOL

We sat on the patio, enjoyed the sun, and sipped on mimosas! I tried the signature truffled mac and cheese and definitely recommend it! I've always loved this comfort food, especially the Kraft Dinner one. After trying this version today, it made me realize that what I was having before doesn't even measure up to this goodness!!

Jess and Maddy admitted they were kidding about the questions they had planned for Daniel. I guess they didn't need it because they told me they approve of him! Yessss!! Haha

Heebie Jeebies

Daniel and I were trying so hard to look good for each other last night ...that we both ended up being late for our date!! We had a fancy dinner at Toula and it sucks to say that all the poor ratings they had on Yelp were accurate. We weren't really impressed with anything, besides the great view! At the same time, we were getting the heebie jeebies from the spiders crawling outside the window! LOL

We took a stroll around the waterfront after, where Daniel just took endless portrait photos of me. He knows I'm not really comfortable with close-ups of me, so most of the photos consisted of me looking down, moving around, turning around or hiding behind my camera! I'm just so used to being the person behind the camera y'know!! LOL

Behind the Scenes: Sister's Engagement

Daniel and I took photos for my sister's engagement yesterday! It's still unreal to me that they're finally getting married in less than a year, after dating for almost 10 years!!! I have pretty much known Ryan for more than half my life! He has watch me grown up and I've watched him grown up too (I swear he looks the same from when I first met him in 2005! LOL). I seriously cannot wait for their destination wedding next year!!!!

Time to get ready for my fancy dinner date with Daniel tonight! Stay tune for more blog posts this week!


This past weekend, Daniel's friend invited us to Scarborough Bluffs Park! I've been seeing photos of this place all over my Instagram feed, so I was super excited to check it out!!

Coincidentally, we were already planning to come here this week to take photos for my sister's engagement! We realized that it would actually be a good idea to check it out beforehand to scout out locations to shoot at.

We all thought that we were going to be hiking up the cliff. When we got there, we realized that where we had parked was the top of the cliff! To make it a little more exciting for us, we decided to climb down the cliff to check out the lake. After stepping in mud, dirtying our hands and sliding down a bit, we finally made it!!!

Y'know, the whole time I thought that the only way to get down to the lake was by climbing down the cliff and risking your life!!! I finally realized that there are parking spots down there to make it easy access for visitors! LOL

I'm so excited to take my siblings here this week, but I'm even MORE excited to take their engagement photos!!!!!


So Daniel messaged me this morning telling me about his craving for naan, which triggered my craving for Indian roti! With that said, we went on a spontaneous date this afternoon! We checked out the #1 recommended roti place on the blogto site and the place certainly did not disappoint! Dan tried their classic butter chicken roti and I stuck with my usual order (saag aloo). The only complaint I really have about this place is that they really need an AC!! LOL

I'm usually the person who brings a huge camera along when I'm out with my friends but now that I've met Daniel, I pretty much depend on him for capturing the moments! He's also the reason why I have so many photos of myself on my blog now!! Here are a couple of photos from today that I have gathered from both of our cameras!

So after lunch, we went exploring around Kensington Market! We had fancy gelato, [I] bought cute earrings from Anice, tried funky sunglasses, admired cool graffiti, explored clothing stores, drank pineapple & peach smoothies, [Daniel] got a haircut,

...attempted to take an ootd for me (Have you noticed what my signature pose is yet? LOL) and came across odd things (i.e. wasabi gum)!! What a great day with my lil' booger! :-)


So tonight, Daniel and I went bike riding, had fancy sorbet from Baskin Robbins, laid beneath the stars (and full moon!) and lit up a bunch of sparklers that he had brought back from Asia! I'm not gonna lie... when he first showed me them, they literally looked like incense that was wrapped in fancy packaging! After lighting the first one up, I realized they produced a whole lot more sparks and colours than the regular ones! We pretty much went crazy and lit up everything he had in his bag!! LOL

This summer is going a whole lot better than last summer and it's probably because I'm not working crazy long hours this year! I also think that being in a relationship is giving me an incentive to do more activities! :-)