Apple of My Eye

Daniel and I went apple picking this past Friday and we couldn't have picked a better day to go! The apples were so ripe, there weren't that many people and the weather was amazing!!! ☀️

I actually didn't realize that Friday was the first day of autumn because it has been so hot these past few days! Given that it rained so much in Toronto this summer, this was definitely unexpected. I'm so excited to be able to extend my summer wardrobe until the end of this month! 😄

We decided to just fill up one bag of apples because we weren't sure how many we could consume before they went bad.

At one point, I thought that we would need a second bag because it was so hard trying to limit ourselves to only a few apples. There were so many firm ones with no bruises and they all looked hella juicy!!

There wasn't a variety of apples for us to choose from because it's still early in the harvest season. That's okay though, we're a big fan of honey crisp apples anyway!!! 😀

I think Daniel and I spent more time munching on them than actually gathering them. 😂

With so many apples in sight, he's still the apple of my eye! 🍎😍

Once we filled up our bag (We collected over 30 apples!) and had enough of the heat, we knew it was our cue to hop on the wagon and head to the exit. I couldn't leave the farm without getting their apple pie though!

On our way home, we stopped by Chatime for bubble tea and Ikea for dinner! Daniel and I decided to have a little fun and play credit card roulette. Guess whose card got chosen by the customer waiting behind us.. 😢

We spent the evening watching How to Get Away with Murder and enjoying the apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

Guys, did you notice my new blog header!!?!! 😄  I'm still in the experimental stage and drafting a bunch more, but this one is a top contender right now. I find it clean, modern and striking! I would love to know what you guys think though! ☺️

It's Time For ...

... an appreciation post for my best friend, Thiya!!!! 🌻 Oh Thiya, I've known you since grade six and you've always radiated so much love and positivity.

You're so humble, so caring, so sweet and sooo funny! I can always count on you to lift my mood, try out new food places with me, and laugh at my super lame jokes. You accept me for who I am and that's all I could ever ask for!! I already know this post is getting cheesy, but I really am thankful for you! ☺️

Although we've drifted apart from a few friends over the years, we still remained a constant in each other's lives. After grade six, I moved away, but we still kept in touch ...and then your family decided to move away a few years later! Closer to me! Like what are the chances?!

You started visiting me every week that summer! Once we hit university, it got a little harder trying to plan outings in the middle of our schedules, but we made it work!!! You know how some people say they'll hang with you, but you guys never set a concrete plan. Well, we always kept our word and made time for each other, whether it's the week after or three weeks in advance!

I love how you rarely follow the crowd, how you're so curious and openminded about everything and how charitable you are.

You always see so much potential in me, support me in everything I do ...and complain about how much we eat whenever we're out. 😂 Looking forward to many more years of overindulging, laughing, and exploring with you! Happy birthday homie!!!!! 💛💛💛


I posted photos of my dinner on my Snapchat story this past Friday, and so many of you asked me where I went! 😄 I discovered Square Fish, a little sushi restaurant, after coming across an article on BlogTO.

This summer, I mentioned that I was really looking forward to trying the sushi burger at SU&BU, but found out that they had discontinued them when I got there. When I saw that Square Fish offered doshi (donut sushi), which seems to resemble more of a burger, I was definitely intrigued and told Daniel we had to check it out! I'm not gonna lie, it was messy to eat. It tasted really good though!! We also enjoyed their signature plate of square sushi and ordered an extra plate of salmon square sushi because we thought it wouldn't be enough. Boy were we stuffed! 😄

After we ate, we ran to the theatre to catch the premiere of IT! 🎈 I never had a fear of clowns growing up, which was why I was so down to watch this movie! Daniel, on the other hand, always told me how much he hated clowns. I honestly have no idea how I was able to convince him to watch this with me. After the movie, he kept saying that he was "triggered" and that he felt "so alert." I think what he really meant was that he's "traumatized" and "will never be the same." Poor booboo. 😂💛

Double Date

Last week, Daniel and I went to CNE with one of the cutest couples, Madelle and Carl!!! We've been trying to set up a date, that would work with all of our schedules, for the longest time! I'm so happy that we finally made this double date happen this summer! ☺️

The last time Daniel won me a toy at CNE, he was playing this water gun game! I really thought that he was going to win me another toy from here again. After losing on his first try, we decided not to put all of our money towards this game and try something else!

One of the games that we were all intrigued about was this bottle up game! Daniel read online on how to beat it and the game operator showed us as well... but none of us were successful in winning a big toy with that game. 😢 We all got lucky with the gambling game, over-under, though!!! 

Daniel was very hesitant in playing a lot of the games and doubted his ability to win, but I really did believe in him!!! I would take him off guard by paying for a few games and urging him to give it a try. And guess what!!!! He won me a Pikachu!!!! Dassss ma baby! ❤️

Thanks for a great time Madelle and Carl!!! Really looking forward to more double dates with you guys! ☺️


I'm not emotionally/mentally/physically prepared to start school this week!!! 😢  The only thing that is making this less dreadful is knowing that I have one more year to go and then I'll be freeeee!!!!!

I finished my internship with TTC this past Friday and it feels surrrrreal. I'm definitely not going to miss waking up at 6am everyday, but I will miss my awesome co-workers and free metropass. 😢 On the bright side, they asked me to come back next summer to intern!!!!!  It would be amazing to secure a permanent position with them after!

I didn't get outta the city this long weekend, but I feel like I had my share of fun when I went up to the cottage last weekend with my family and friends! This has been an annual tradition for many years now!

This is me urging my little cousin, Ethan, to not even dare squirt me with his water gun... he did it anyways. Kids just don't take me seriously?!?!? 😢 Let's be real though, I don't even take myself seriously. 😂

We were able to snag a beautiful Airbnb that had a pool, a basketball court, a playground, a sauna, a nearby beach, a pool table, and a HORSE STABLE! Unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate all of us when it came to the equine activities, but that didn't stop us from admiring the horses from afar!!!! ☺️

I didn't take that many photos during our stay, since I was trying to soak in the last bit of sun and live in the moment. I did manage to get photos of the playground that the kids and I decorated on our last day there!

They spent so much time collecting these pine cones during the weekend that we felt bad asking them to throw it all on the ground after.

We figured that if they decorated the playground with them and we headed home, they wouldn't have to experience the heartbreak when they see the wind blowing them all away... 😂

So I'm quite backed up with my blog and going outta order for a few posts... but stay tuned for a whole lotta updates this week!!! 😉

Funniest Guy

My summer wouldn't feel complete if I didn't see my bestie, Kahiye!!!!! We've been close friends since grade seven, and he was actually featured in my very first blog post! Since he's away for school most of the year, we really cherish the moments when we do get to see each other. We spent hours talking at the park the other day as we devoured indian food and charcoal ice cream. He had me laughing my ass off with his awkward first date stories. 😂 I seriously can't wait for him to be back in the city once he's done his final semester, so that we can see each other more than just twice a year. ☺️