Baby Keyann

I got to meet my future neice in law today, Keyann!!! :-) She's the daughter of Chris (Ryan's older brother) and Reneda. She was born exactly one week ago! Ryan is absolutely in love with her, he's so ready to swag out his niece with Burberry dresses! Hahaha

I wasn't able to hold her since I still have this stupid disease in me but at least I got to touch her little fingers! :-) She's so fiesty, like Reneda. Haha! I really hope she grows up to be like her hilarious mom!

Keyann wasn't the only baby in the house... there was this little dude who has the highest pitched scream ever! He has this little belly which makes him waddle when he walks! I just wanted to squeeze him!!!!! Hahaha

He's also a big fat cuddler and got so attached to my sister!

He saw Ryan lift Keyann up and wouldn't cooperate with my sister until she lifted him up too. My sister was like, "Can you sit down with Keyann so I could put him down! He's too heavy!!!" Hahaha

 We pretty much didn't want to leave her!!! She's so precious - I really can't wait to see her grow up!

We had to eventually leave since my sister and Ryan had to get a good night sleep for their vacation tomorrow!!! They're going to Aruba for the week! We had to have our traditional taco Saturday to say farewell. This tradition happens every two months. Hehe :-) They're actually my bestest friends!

I trust them with all my secrets. We can eat so sloppy in front of each other. (This is why we need a fork when we eat tacos! Haha)

We see each other at our worst ...We're just comfortable being gross with each other!!! I really hope they marry each other and have babies so I can love and squeeze them!!!! (I have a feeling I will probably be the pushover aunt who spoils them! Hahaha) Have a safe and fun trip guys! Don't forget to bring me back a seashell and Facetime with me everyday!!!!!! Like actually... :-)

Family Genogram

I took Family Studies this year since I heard it was good to take if I wanted to get into teaching! Our first assignment this year was to design our own family genogram - it's basically a little more complex family tree. If you had classes with me, you probably already know that I like to go big with my projects... :-) Why not have some fun, right?! :-)

Time for a sour key break!!!!

After all the mess...


here's my final product!

Nancy gave me the idea to use characters from Phineas and Ferb to represent my family members! :-) I also included my pet fishy, Fluffy!!!!! :-)

I came up with the idea last minute to make my legend in a flower pinwheel!!! :-)

I also came up with an idea of placing my paragraph underneath the tree flap! :-)

 "I like to think that Fluffy and I have an affectionate relationship, even though I seem to show it more often than he does." :'(

Thank god it's Friday!!!! 
I can't wait to see what adventure I will have this weekend... Stay tune!!! :-)


Last night was probably one of the worst sleeps I got this year. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit! :-)) I kept waking up every 20 minutes and coughing out my lungs. I rarely get sick (knock on wood!) but when I do, I feel like I'm dying!!! Whenever my grandma hears me coughing, she would cough right after. I'm wondering if she really needs to cough or she's trying to make some sort of symphony with our coughs?! Hahaha

Since I'm sick and my mother claims that I'm not wearing enough layers.. I decided to layer up today! Of course I would pick the warmest day of the week to wear my big and cozy cardigan!!!

Cardigan - Wilfred, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Michael Kors, Boots - Dolce Vita

On the bright side, I wore tights beneath my shorts so I was able to take them off. :-) As I was taking these outfit pictures, I got distracted with...

three leaf clovers!!! I remember my friend Subie used to be able to find four leaf clovers so easily. I'm not kidding! She literally found one once or twice a week! She told me that I'll eventually find one if I didn't try so hard to look for it...

I was trying hard today - so hard!!!! Besides being annoyed with the sound of my own coughing, I'm getting annoyed with my hair. I need change. Maybe this is me being irrational right now since I'm sick but at the moment, my hair needs a little spunk to it!!!

Hopefully I could convince my father to dye my hair for me! I told him to let me dye it multiple colours so I could learn to appreciate my natural hair colour... :-) I can't remember what his response was but I'm prettty sure he won the argument... since I still have the same hairstyle!@#$%

New Template


Flannel Shirt - TNA, Shorts - T. Babaton, Boots - Topshop, Bag - Michael Kors

I actually really like this outfit I pulled together last minute! It's funny how my favourite outfits are the ones that I don't put a lot of thought into! :-) I decided to finally upgrade to the new features Blogger had to offer and I absolutely love it! All I have left to do is fix the large and wonky fonts for a few of my previous blog posts, so please bear with me guys! Hehe :-) I hope everyone enjoys their weekend because the first day of Autumn is tomorrow! :-)

You Make Me Betta

I've been waiting forever to post about the new addition to my family! I haven't blogged about him yet because I haven't been able to find good lighting for photos! These aren't the best either, but they'll have to do since I'm so excited to finally introduce you guys to... my new betta fish, Fluffy!!!

He's six months old, I'm not sure when his birthday is.. but let's just say it's September 12th, the day I got him from Susie and Ryan! Thank you so much guys!!! :-)

He's actually a rare kind since these fishes common colours are red and blue!

(I initially wanted a goldfish but apparently they're a lot of work to take care of compared to betta fishes.)

This is Fluffy chillin' in his jacuzzi,

checking out his sexy self,

and showing me no love! WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MEEE!!!

Just kidding... I make him horny ...I mean, I make him really happy. Like, really. When you see bubbles floating at the top of their tank, it means that they're really happy and comfortable with you :-)

..and it also means they're ready to make babies...

He made so many bubbles the second day I had him, it covered half the tank! My sister and I were so fascinated... and oddly disgusted! HAHA

It was time for some family portraits together - whether he wanted to or not!!! Hahaha

Kissy for ma fishy! :*

Oh Fluffy, you make me so much betta... there are so many adventures yet to come! (I'm not looking forward to cleaning out your tank this weekend though. Please stop pooing!) My sister asked me today if I still loved him... the question is supposed to be, DOES HE STILL ME? Hahaha

& here's my outfit of the day!
Today was pretty chilly, I think autumn is finally here! I love sweater weather! :-)

My friend Safia told me I have nice shoulders - that was probably one of the best compliments I got today! Hahaha :-)

Top - Mendocino, Loafers - Steve Madden, Bag - Michael Kors, Bracelet - Juicy Couture

Autumn Purchases

Here's my outfit for today! This was what I came up with after looking in my closet for 2 minutes! I'm not the type who plans their outfit the night before and if I do try... I always change it once I open my closet door! I'm really unpredictable! Hahaha

I was trying to find an outfit that would go nicely with my new ankle boots - they practically go well with everything! I'm sooo in love! :-) I'm finally able to see eye to eye with my friends!!!

  One of the perks of having a spare first period is being able to give myself a manicure! OPI Red will always be my go-to colour!
  Cream Sweater - Mango, Silk Shorts - Wilfred, Bustier - Talula
Backpack - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Dolce Vita 

Speaking of my ankle boots, I just got them this weekend! I did not plan to get them at all. My main goal was to buy new black knitted Uggs for the season! However... once I walked into the store, my eyes were drawn to these Dolce Vita ankle boots!

After purchasing my black ankle boots from Topshop, I really wanted to find camel coloured ones. These are close enough - maybe even better! :-) I was so surprised that I didn't have to break them in, they're so comfortable!!!

... I also got new Steven Madden leopard loafers! Hehehe :-)

I was actually admiring these over the summer but I just couldn't justify the price to get them but now they're marked down 60% off and it was the only one left in my size!!! I actually think we were meant to be! :-)

The money I was suppose to spend on my Uggs were spent on these  
...which was so worth it!!!