I had my education meeting last night, which meant I had six hours to kill with my friend Claudia!!! Our plan was to go for afternoon tea at Reulo's but once we arrived there, we found out that they were still in the middle of renovating!

We were really looking forward to it so we decided to go for macarons at Nadege on Queen Street West. We had lunch at Aji Sai and that's where I finally popped my udon cherry! (It was tasty and filling but I still prefer my bowl of pho!) Afterwards, we made our way to get macarons and as soon as we walked by Cafe Crepe... Claudia was immediately intrigued when she saw the chef preparing crepes through the glass window. In short, the best memories seem to usually come out of the unexpected and spontaneous plans!! 


I was suppose to help my friend with a photo shoot last night but under some circumstances, we decided to postpone it. I actually thought I would be spending my Friday night opening my books because I barely did any reading during reading week!!!

I ended up going out last night for dinner at Wish! Ever since my friend Jaey raved and recommended it to me a few weeks ago, it has been on my list of places to eat (Ok, this list ain't real but y'know!). The restaurant was super cozy, comfy and chic! Besides that, the service was great and the food was divine. Whenever I go out to eat, I try my best to order food that I cannot make at home and so, I ordered their black bean burger! Who knew that healthy could taste so scrumptious!!! I also took advantage of my legality and ordered a cocktail and guess what friends!!! I never got carded. D...d..does that mean I finally look my age????!

Once the weather gets warmer, I'll definitely come back for brunch on their patio!


I actually think this is the first time where there is a family outing happening on Family Day! Linda invited Susie, Riri and I to watch the new Lego movie with her boys, Eli and Ethan! The movie was really cute but I kinda fell asleep half way through and woke up when baby Eli came to sit on my lap! He literally chilled on my lap like I was a beach chair with his arms propping up his head! Too cute! He is also getting to the age where he is aware that photos are being taken of him that he actually poses now. Just when I turned off my camera, I saw him posing for another photo with his finger stuck up his nose and a big smile on his face! Nooo Eli nooo!!! 

After the movies, my siblings and I made a pitstop at Woodbine center for bubble tea ...and that's when we realized how addicted we are to bubble tea this month. I'm not kidding. We just had it yesterday!!! It has come to the point where we consider it as our crack because we all get so giddy / ditsy / drunk / hyper after we drink it!! We checked out other bubble tea places too but we always find ourselves running back to this ghetto mall for their real fruit bubble tea!


Whenever I feel like my sister is annoyed/dislike/rude to me, I think back to the time I accidentally cut my finger while cutting an orange in the kitchen. She quickly rushed out of her room with her first aid kit! Who knew she had such a thing??? There was so much blood gushing out from it and that was the first time I felt sick at the sight of blood. (Thank goodness I didn't pursue any major in the science field!!)

Anyways, the point is, after seeing her perform such an intense bandaging procedure (on a cut that was literally the size of a paper cut), I realized she cares about (and loves) me a lot ...even if she won't ever admit it!!

Holla for a Dolla

Our family has this routine where we go grocery shopping and Costco every Sunday! We switched it up last week by making a stop at the Upper Canada Mall and that's where I found a new black bag and wallet! I love how this bag isn't too big but still big enough to hold my chunky camera! 

For this week's errands, we switched up our usual routine again and made a stop at Yorkdale to try to find my grandma a new winter jacket. We ended up leaving the place with a brand new jacket for her and half a dozen of macarons, which definitely made it an enjoyable car ride to Costco! I actually think the only reason I tag a long on these weekly errands is for the free food samples they give away at Costco! Who doesn't like free! Who doesn't like FOOD!!!

While my sister and mom shopped in there, Ryan and I were busy scoping out the entire warehouse for free samples! You can say we are taste buds!!! (HA HA HA.) Afterwards, we went to the asian supermarket so my mom could stock up on my fruit supply and the only part I look forward to was returning the cart to get back (and keep) that $1 my mom put in the cart slot!

I just realized how sad my life is.


To end off this birthday weekend for my sister and I, my family went out for steak at the Keg Steakhouse! Susie's birthday is actually on February 8th. A day right after mine. I'm not kidding!!! I always joke with her that I must have been the best birthday present she ever received! Hehe

Since my parents and I haven't ate here before, my sister pretty much showed us all the protocols! She told my dad once he tried their renowned steaks, he would not be able to settle on eating my mom's steaks for dinner anymore! By the end of the night, I'm not sure if it lived up to my dad's expectations but I do know that it definitely lived up to mine! Once I took a bite, I remember saying, "Wow, you're right! This is better than mom's!!!" My mom quickly chimed in, "Cindy, say that when I'm not sitting here!!!!" (Oopsies!!)

Before we paid the bill, our waiter was so kind and treated each of us to our own slice of their popular Billy Miner Pie! 'Twas a good night fa real!!!

My 19th Birthday

There was no better way to celebrate my 19th birthday than with all my close friends in one room on Friday night!!! We had dinner at Joey and went to karaoke for the after party. It was actually the first time where I introduced my childhood, high school and Uni friends to each other!

All my friends agreed that I was not allowed to be behind the camera for the night since I was the birthday girl. Since I'm so used to taking photos, the idea sounded weird at first ...but nonetheless,  they had a good point! For the night, my camera was being passed around to different people, so I want to take the time right now to thank all those who took photos for me!!!

I think it's a little cheesy to use this line but it was honestly a night filled with great food and great company! Oh, I can't forget - great hugs too! While we hugged, they would whisper in my ears to wish me a happy birthday or tell me how much they appreciate our friendship or tell me how much I deserve to be happy. 

Ugh, I love my friends so much!

One of the things I did not expect was the amount of gifts that I had received! Thank you guys!!! Thank you for chipping in to get me something on my wish list and remembering the little things I say! More importantly, thank you for coming out to celebrate my special day and making it so memorable!!! 

To end the night, I had to take my annual birthday selfie on my Polaroid to continue my tradition!