My Birthday Present

What constitutes as a perfect day for me is exploring somewhere with someone! I did just that last weekend with Monica and this past weekend with Rosa! The day would start off with brunch and then we would walk all over downtown exploring the ins and outs of many stores!

I find that every time I walk into Nordstrom, I would always eye the Gucci shoes section. I’ve tried on their slides last summer when I hung out with Monica and haven’t stopped thinking about owning a pair since. I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t be an impulsive buy, so I let the idea marinate for months while I did more research on their different styles, sizing and longevity.

When I was out and about with Rosa on Saturday, I mentioned to her how I’ve been eyeing their shoes. She wanted to see what they looked like on. As soon as I tried them, I knew it would be a purchase I wouldn’t regret. That’s when I realized why not get them now then?!

All those overtime hours definitely paid off! :)

I tried Octopus!

Daniel and I had a farewell dinner last night, before he flew off to Hawaii!!! I'm so jealous! He did invite me to go with him and his friends, but I didn't wanted to use any of my vacation days yet.

He told me to choose any restaurant last night and not to worry about the price. I was so confused, because it wasn't a special occasion. I asked him if he was breaking up with me and if it was supposed to be our LAST DINNER TOGETHER?!?! He's like, "No, but this is our last dinner until I come back next week!" Phew! LOL

We were originally going to try out this Thai restaurant, but out of all days, they happen to be closed on a Tuesday! We decided to go with Menami, since we couldn't think of another place in the area. It was Daniel's second time, and probably my fourth time (I made a post when I first came here with Claudia!). At this point, I know what I like to order.

I tried to change it up, so agreed to ordering octopus for our appetizer, instead of my usual corn fritters. It was my first time trying it and the texture reminded me of squid.

Daniel ordered what I usually get for my main, and I decided to try their black sesame udon for the first time. After trying all these new dishes, I think I'm still going to stick to what I usually order... :)

Sky Zone

GUYS! I lost my Sky Zone virginity today!!! I heard about this place since I was young, but haven't found the right occasion to go. When my friend, Tina, said that she found a great deal for Family Day, I accepted her invite without any hesitation!

For those who haven't been before, it's an indoor trampoline park! We attempted backflips, tried to do a slam dunk, challenged each other in a jousting battle, and played an intense game of dodgeball. It was so intense that I actually got hit in my left eye. I shed a few tears, iced it a bit and "jumped" back on my feet. ;)

I'm not even mad at the person who hit me, I'm just really, really glad I still have my eyesight! Imagine if I wake up with 20/20 vision tomorrow!!! That would be blessssss. Daniel was like, "Of course when I take my eyes off of you for a minute, you get hurt." As soon as I heard that, all I could think was *wow my man still can't take his eyes off of me after 4 years.* Heh heh

After our nice cardio session, we had dinner at Naan & Kabob! I actually bookmarked this place on Instagram last month, so I was excited to find out that we were just five minutes away from this restaurant. I ordered their vegetarian option, Paneer Kabob, and I would totally go back for it again!!!

Valentine's Day

For this year's Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to create a lottery bouquet for Daniel! I actually got this idea from my friend, Rosa, who created something similar for her boyfriend a year or two ago!

My work was actually closed all-day on Tuesday, because of a snow storm that was making its way to Toronto. This extreme weather ended up being a blessing in disguise, because it gave me lots of time to create Daniel's surprise gift!

First, I googled images and looked on Pinterest for inspirations, then I sketched out what I envisioned it would look like.

Next, I made a list of items I needed to pick up to make sure I didn't forget anything. I brushed my teeth and ran out the door, before the storm started to pick up. I trekked to the nearest plaza and picked up all of the art supplies and prizes. After lunch, I rolled up my sleeves and started crafting!

With the help of skewers and clear tape, I created this!

I definitely felt like I won the lottery when I met him! Daniel is on his way over right now, and I can't wait to see his reaction after our taco dinner! By the way, I wrote a clause in his card to make sure he gives me 90% of his winnings. ;)

My Birthday

Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes guys!!! Just like last year, I kept my birthday low key and spent it with Daniel. We checked out this new upscale sushi restaurant at Yorkdale, called TORA!

When Daniel and I found out that they're the sister restaurant of Miku, we got even more excited! We tried Miku two years ago (Whoa, time flies!) and Daniel said that their sushi is similar to what he had in Japan!

It was actually my first time trying a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! I got so giddy every time our plates came. You can only order four plates at a time, and each plate generally had two pieces of sushi.

It was a fun dining experience and all the dishes that the chef recommended tasted good! There were a few memorable plates, like their aburi salmon and BBQ eel nigiri!

I just wanted to end this post by appreciating my man for trying to make my birthday special every year! I'm also wondering how he managed to capture me blinking in so many shots. The only photos where I had my eyes fully open were the close-up ones!@#$!@#

Grade 8 Reunion

YOU GUYS!!!! If you told me that I would reunite with my grade eight friends 10 years later, I wouldn't have believed you! These girls are the reason why I started this blog in the first place!

My parents bought me my first digital camera in grade eight and I would bring it to school to take pictures during recess. Since my friends didn't have Facebook at the time, I decided to start this blog to share photos with them! I didn't intend to keep this blog running for so long, but I found that having a place to store all of my favourite memories really brought me joy!

When I saw the 10 year challenge floating around on Instagram, I decided to go back to the start of my blog and came across so many hilarious photos of us. I shared it with them and we realized that it was time for a reunion! It makes me SO happy to hear that they're both doing so well! We are planning to do a meet up every year now. :)

Let the Good Times Roll

Last Friday, Alpha, Rosa, Tina and I went roller skating at Scooter's! Whoa, I just realized that the last time the four of us hung out was early last year too! What a coincidence! Speaking of coincidence, we did not intentionally plan our outfits. Wait a minute, we also wore the same colour palette a year ago too! LOL

Even though it was Alpha and Tina's first time checking this place out, it was definitely not their first time rollerblading. After 10 minutes or so, they were zipping around in circles. Meanwhile, I'm just there looking down at my feet the whole time, while sticking my arms out for balance. Every now and then, someone would either grab my hand or slap my butt to give me a boost! LOL