This past year, we kicked off 2020 together, had omakase for your birthday, went to an indoor shooting range, kept up with our annual tradition of visiting the Christmas Market and apple farm, solved many jigsaw puzzles online together, checked out the Mac & Cheese Festival, took Covid-19 tests (so that we can kiss hehe) together, baked a lot of banana breads for each other, visited a sunflower farm for the first time, played a lot of basketball and Spikeball, tried a deep dish pizza for the first time, spent way too many hours playing Among Us, Uno and Monopoly Deal with each other's friends, frequented this Filipino joint for halo-halo, celebrated our friends' engagement, visited a disc golf course, made tie-dye t-shirts for the first time together, educated ourselves on the BLM movement, surprised each other with a lot bubble teas, and celebrated my birthday with a ping pong tournament and a getaway to the west coast. The fact that this raging pandemic didn't come between us, I'm sure we'll get through anything!! 💘